Highlights from Archie Miller’s radio show

Archie Miller joined Don Fischer at the Bloomington Holiday Inn for his weekly radio show on Thursday night. Some highlights from Miller’s appearance follow:

— On the improvements Indiana has made since the start of the month: “We’ve improved quite a bit since Day 1. We’ve come a long way. Sometimes you need to go through some low points.”

— On IU players developing a commitment to winning: “I think everything that we do is based on winning the game. Winning means more than anything. There’s a commitment level that you have to have in the daily approach and belief that what you do, it really matters. When we watch the film and break down our mistakes, a lot of them aren’t for a lack of effort. They’re for a lack of discipline. … There’s probably 10 plays in that (Duke) game where if we’re better at doing our job, it’ll eliminate those couple points. In a game like last night, every possession is gonna end up mattering.”

— On the big-game atmosphere inside Assembly Hall: “It was what I would call a jaw-dropping sort of a feeling. When you’re standing there representing Indiana and you’re the head coach of Indiana and you look across, up and down, you say to yourself, ‘This is what it’s supposed to be about here tonight.’ You really got a feel for how impressive the building is, the passion of the fans. (The fans) deserved to win last night. … Down the line, that should be the kind of environment you’re accustomed to.”

— On avoiding a letdown in Ann Arbor this weekend: “We talked about it at length today after practice. You have to be possessed right now in terms of improvement. You have to be maniacal in terms of improvement. Our coaching staff, we all have to be possessed with getting better. If we do that, we’ll continue to make small strides sort of like we have.”

— On which Hoosiers are providing on-court leadership: “Collin (Hartman), clearly, has tried his best. When you’re not engaged on the floor, it’s harder. When he’s on the floor, he is our quarterback. You have to look at Rob Johnson and say he’s doing as impressive a job as any guy we have. He’s using his voice in a subtle way, maybe not so much on the court, but in practice. Josh (Newkirk) is a vocal guy and Juwan’s been as consistent as any guy we have had the last couple weeks.”

— Miller says he tracks three stats on both offense and defense closer than others. Offense: field goal percentage, free throw rate, assist-to-turnover ratio. Defense: field goal percentage, 3-point field goal percentage, defensive rebounding percentage.

— On IU’s defensive development: “I think we’re getting better, slowly but surely. Our percentage aren’t very good right now. To be good on defense, you have to be really disciplined. When you break down on positioning and foul, leave your feet on a shot fake and give up a 3 — some of the things we’re doing right now are things good teams don’t do. I thought last night we took a step in transition.”

— A fan asked about Miller’s desire to play through De’Ron Davis and have an inside-out approach: “Definitely when De’Ron is in the game. I think our team really understands that playing inside-out has been good to us. It’s a point of emphasis to get other guys down there like Juwan (Morgan) and Collin because the more the ball touches the paint, it’s going to be good for us. De’Ron has to be on the floor, too.”

— On Devonte Green’s comfort level in feeding the post: “He’s definitely our best creative guard in being able to deliver the ball when it’s a pick-and-roll or on post feeds.”

— A fan asked Miller which player has shown the most practice development: “Juwan has been the most consistent in practice and in games, especially with the rebounding he’s been able to give us. He’s been the most consistent from Day 1 to now. His games have mirrored what he’s done in practice.”

— On free throw shooting: “We’re a better free throw shooting team than we’ve shot in the games. … De’Ron is a better free throw shooter than he’s been in games. Sometimes that’s a bit mental.”