IUWBB: IU falls to No. 4 Louisville, 72-59

Indiana battled No. 4 Louisville to a 72-59 defeat Thursday at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

In the Big Ten/ACC Challenge contest, freshman Jaelynn Penn led the Hoosiers with 17 points. Tyra Buss add 12 points, and fellow senior Amanda Cahill produced nine points, six assists and five rebounds.

It was a fast-paced game from the start. IU shot 58.3 percent in the first quarter, but Louisville topped that with a 62.5 percent success rate. Louisville led 22-18 after one.

But in some ways, the pace was too fast for both teams. Through the first 12 minutes, the Hoosiers had 10 turnovers to Louisville’s nine.

IU cooled in the second quarter, but was still able to make some big shots to keep pace with Louisville. Freshman Keyanna Warthen hit a 3-pointer to make it 24-21, and Jaelynn Penn hit her second 3 of the first half to close the gap to 28-26.

But the Cardinals went on a 7-0 run from there, and eventually took a 37-28 lead into halftime. IU hit 28.6 percent from the field in the second quarter, but was 5-of-10 from 3-point range going into the break.

That included a miss by Buss on a halfcourt heave with no time left, which IU partisans believed was a foul. On her way to the locker room, IU coach Teri Moren walked toward the officials at midcourt, offering a few words as she pointed a rolled-up piece of paper at them.

An intense game continued to be that in the third. Louisville built a 15-point lead at one point, but Penn made it 51-39 midway through the period with a three-point play, followed by a Buss layup a minute later. IU was still within reach, 59-47, to end the third.

Louisville, which averaged 88 points per game coming into Thursday, always had an answer. After a lay-in by Amanda Cahill and a Buss 3-pointer made it 59-52, the Cardinals responded with six unanswered points push it back to 65-52. A Bendu Yeaney 3, followed by a Cahill drive, cut the deficit back to eight, but that is close as the Hoosiers would get.


  1. I was proud of the way the entire team fought to stay in this one , but was disappointed in the play of some experienced players. Keep in mind the Cards blasted Michigan by 25. Besides their overtime game with ohio state and beating 10th ranked Oregon by 13 no one else has come as close as IU did tonight.

  2. As Steve W mentioned, Louisville has beaten 3 ranked teams this year, #5 Ohio St. at their place in overtime, #10 Oregon and # 25 Michigan by 20. I have seen them play twice already this year and to be honest with you I was very surprised that this game was as close as it was. They were averaging 88 points a game and we held them to 72 which was quite an accomplishment. The game came down to a couple of things, Louisville scored 54 points in the paint which shows how we were dominated inside with their size and they also scored 14 second chance points off of offensive rebounds. we were outrebounded 26-20. It was quite obvious by watching the game that their athleticism was much better than ours when they continuously beat us to the basket in one on one play. we were unable to stay in front of them. They were quicker and bigger at almost all positions. But, as I said, I thought we played them very tough, they were simply a much better team than we were and that’s the way the game played out. Our kids never quit and played as hard as they could. It is really great to see Jaelynn Penn started to become more aggressive and efficient in the last 2 games. Go Hoosiers!!

  3. MIke C’s comments are spot on.
    I personally think that this was our best game of the season, in that the ladies showed more toughness and tried much harder than in any of their previous efforts. They really battled hard.
    I’ll go one step further and say that had they played as hard and tough in their first games, IU would have only have one loss at this point.
    Now if the ladies can keep up the attitude, we will be in for a good season.
    Jaelynn Penn has very quickly shown us what a five star recruit is supposed to look like.

    ps. Tyra did indeed get leveled at the end of the first half. The refs basically didn’t call any fouls on anybody all night long, which played right into Louisville’s hands.

  4. NatHillIV, your observation of the foul issue is right on. Louisville was 10 for 11 from the free throw line and IU was 5 for 9. That is incredible when you consider how physical this game was. Nat, I agree about Jaelynn, she is stepping up to all of the accolades that had been written about her, she is the real deal. Jaelynn is the complete package, she has shown a terrific 3 point shot and has a nice fluid pull up jumper in the lane. This team is going to get better and better as the season moves along. I did think that Warthen should have gotten more minutes that just 9 last night since she was 2 for 3 from the field including 1 for 1 from 3. Just my opinion. Go Hoosiers!!

  5. I think U of L committed to being physical at the start of the game, when they were called for multiple charges early on, and that they just wore the refs down, because things that were ruled charges at the start of the game were ignored by half time.
    I do not think all of those missed calls would have made that much of a difference though. Louisville definitely showed itself to be a very deep, very tough team.

  6. They have some dynamic women on the perimeter but their lack of size is gonna hurt them in the long run and i may catch flack for this but Tyra Buss can be a lil too reckless with the ball but i like her want to though

  7. This was a rugged physical foe which is deserving of their ranking and IU hung tough, but in saying that only playing 6 players against such a team will wear you down as it did IU. The open looks from deep that missed [cahill, buss] especially late can be directly attributed to their tiredness. Wickware and Marchese need to be in the game if only for a minute to rest some players. Also there were times when buss was trying to do to much, when Royster had position and calling for the ball and they didnt get it to her are missed opportunities. Credit to Yeaney for her job on Durr[held to 9pts]. Hopefully this team wont fall flat against Auburn and take a lesson from last time.

  8. Steve W, I normally don’t criticize our coach but, last night only playing Marchase only one minute and not playing Wickware at all really hurt us. Moren mentioned in her post game press conference about how badly we matched up inside and were dominated by their center. Then why not give Marchese more minutes since she is very physical defensively? And Wickware not even seeing the floor with her athleticism? It was obvious we were tired at the end with our starters playing so many minutes. Still say Warthen should have had more than 9 minutes? No doubt they were the best team but, think we may have been out coached a bit. On to Auburn.

  9. I am personally nervous about Sunday’s game against Auburn.
    It could very easily reveal the same let-down we saw against Chattanooga.
    Auburn is tough….

    On the positive side, the ladies showed how hard they CAN play against Louisville, and if that keeps up, this could still turn into a very good season.

    It’s for sure going to be interesting, with all the raw freshmen ability.

    Go IU!

  10. Louisville locked down Cahill and Buss. IU ladies weren’t able to play much team ball especially midway through second half thru end of game. Everything was a struggle to keep it under 15. Louisville had another gear that they did not need. This resulted in a lot of dribbling one on one against quite a bit better team of athletic physical players. Plus IU ladies were wore to a frazzle and frustrated. Even Penn was to tired to make another 3. Is Marchase simply not ready. It would have been nice if Darby would have worked out better. Louisville vs. UCONN by 15.

  11. Currently, IU ladies program in my opinion fall somewhere between a ranking of 35 to 50. After the top 35, put about 50 teams in a paper bag and shake it and the next 15 that drop out gives your 35 thru 50. The key to success is how much can T. Moren and staff get continued improvement from this team while maintaining high level of play from Cahill and Buss which I hope this does not become a problem as season continues as this would become a frustrating season to end each of their careers. Buss and Cahill cannot be sacrificed for assertion of play by some of the younger new players.

  12. T, It really is quite apparent that all teams that play IU will concentrate their defenses on Buss & Cahill in order to beat us. This is simply going to give the young players more of an opprituity to show their wares. It was quite obvious last night that Louisville was not going to let Buss drive drive to the basket and they were athletic enough to stay in front of her and clog the lane. At the same time they played very tight on Cahill keeping her from shooting 3’s which is one of her strengths. This allowed her to contiuely drive the baseline to the basket which is not her strength. As the season moves on and other teams employ this strategy, the younger kids will have to pick up the slack. T, I don’t think Buss & Cahill are intentionally “sacrificing their game” but the defenses are dictating our response. Therefore, the kids will be forced to pick up the slack.

  13. Have personally really enjoyed this thread.
    Civil intelligent responses by people who care about their team more than bashing ex-coaches or generally behaving like knot-heads.
    Well done fellow IU women’s basketball fans!

    GO IU!

  14. I don’t mean Buss and Cahill are intentionally sacrificing their game at all. Rather, the coaching staff (which the staff does) and rest of team must understand the hierarchy order. For the most part it has to go thru the seniors with the younger players supporting close behind. Also how many teams are as good as Louisville? 3

  15. t , among the ACC alone in which Louisville plays, # 3 Notre Dame 6-0, #4 Louisville 6-0, #13 Florida St. 6-0 and # 14 Duke is 5-1. I have seen all of these teams play at least once and they are all really good. Last night I watched Duke beat Ohio St. and early last week I saw Florida St. beat Michigan at their place. Notre Dame plays U Conn tomorrow on ESPN 2 I think? You are correct, there are a bunch of really good teams out there but, Louisville is as good as most teams and we din’t get to see them at their best since Asia Durr did not have a good game against us, trust me, she is as good as any guard in the country but Yeaney did a great job on her. I saw her score 47 against Ohio St. a couple of weeks ago. A lot of good teams out there.

  16. Yes I too have watched most of the games mentioned by Mike C. Also watched Durr getting 47 against Ohio St. hit 7 3 ptrs in that one. This makes the job done on her by Yeaney even more respective with at least one block on Durr. Yes the ND vs Uconn at Uconn is at 4pm on ESPN on sunday. That game should be the premier game of this early season.

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