IUWBB: Chattanooga drops Indiana, 64-61

After finishing on the right side of a game-winner against Western Kentucky, Indiana found itself on the wrong end of a close one Monday in a 64-61 loss to Chattanooga at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

Senior Tyra Buss led the Hoosiers (3-1) in scoring with 17 points. Kym Royster (16) and Amanda Cahill (11) each finished in double figures, as well. Cahill also had 10 rebounds to log her fourth straight double-double.

Buss missed a 3 with no time remaining to tie the game.

It was an uneven first half. Chattanooga (2-3) took an initial 6-2 lead, but after hitting three of their first four shots, the Mocs missed six of their next eight. IU came out of the first quarter with a 15-11 lead.

In the second period, IU junior forward Kym Royster picked up her second foul with 7:01 left. She had six points and three rebounds, but would not play the rest of the half. Chattanooga pulled ahead, 21-20, less than two minutes when a Molly Melton 3-pointer followed an Aryanna Gilbert jumper. After another jumper from Gilbert, IU went on a 7-0 run to go into half with a 27-23 lead.

Both teams shot around 39 percent, and the Hoosiers had nine turnovers to the Mocs’ nine. Buss led all scorers with nine points at halftime.

But the Hoosiers had an extremely rough start to the third quarter, with four consecutive turnovers. Chattanooga, on the other hand, scored four straight baskets. The Mocs outscored the Hoosiers, 22-15, in the third quarter and took a 45-42 lead into the fourth. Chattanooga shot 62.5 percent in the period.

Chattanooga maintained its momentum and expanded the lead to 51-42 with 8:24 left, but the Mocs couldn’t keep up the pace offensively. IU closed the lead to 52-50 with 3:32 left. Chattanooga would expand that advantage, but the Hoosiers closed it to 64-61 on a 3 by Buss with 8.6 seconds left.


  1. When you depend on free throws to win games you can’t shoot less than 60% at the line. Also, let’s not paint Chattanooga as some powerhouse..this was just a bad night for the ladies.

  2. hoosierfan041931 is spot on.
    They made a bunch of hard shots, we missed a bunch of easy ones.
    Just a bad night all the way around.
    Not having Bentu available really hurt us.
    Should get back on track with the next two opponents.

  3. IU is not a power house either. Rather, an improved decent program currently. IU ladies will try to hold serve from last couple years.

  4. For sure the Mocs are not a powerhouse they just played better than IU from the start. You can call it a trap game, being flat, bad shooting night,, perhaps it is after all a learning tool for the entire team. One thing you can count on, they incurred the wrath of Moren for the first time this season and they wont soon forget that.

  5. Moren’s stated in the postgame news conference that our play was “lethargic” more than any thing else. She said she thought that the team had very little energy and might have been a little full of themselves after the previous game. She also took blame for her not having the team prepared apparently from a mental standpoint. With that being said, the simple fact is as poor as they played, if they would have hit their free throws, they would have won the game! 10 out 0f 18 from the free throw line will not get the job done. It was a bad shooting night all the way around, shooting only 40% from the field and 21% (3 for 14) from behind the 3 point line was crucial! Our 16 turnovers were negated by Chattanooga’s 16 to’s. Cahill has had a double-double in all 4 games this year. The team really missed starter Bendu Yeaney tonight who was out with a minor injury. She has been a real bright spot so far this year. Not to make excuses but, she has played with incredible energy this year and that is something that was sorely lacking tonight.

    The trip to California will be tough being the teams first road games and UAB and St. Mary’s are both quality programs. This road trip will be a learning experience for this young team. Go Hoosiers!!

  6. Like Moren said I seriously doubt having Bendu would have made any difference. Moren also said she didnt see anything she liked from her team tonight. Thats just an expression of her frustration and disappointment in her team. She also didnt leave herself out of the blame . Theres no way to really sugar coat this , there was an entire squad emotional downfall from beating WK, from the coaches on down. Same thing happened to Miss. State after beating Uconn and having nothing left for South Carolina.

  7. How would UCONN do as a WNBA team if they played by college rules or at least alternated rules from game to game or half WNBA and half college rules?

    1. They’d get killed.

      Whenever I see a “this college team could beat some pros”, I chuckle. The very best players on college teams will be very fortunate to make a pro roster. It’s kids playing against adults.

      I don’t follow the WNBA very closely but there probably isn’t a player at the end of any pro bench that UCONN wouldn’t be thrilled to have on their roster.

    1. Yep. Starters in college. Can’t break into the WNBA lineup. Three to five years older and stronger than college players.

  8. Even through the disappointment of the loss something came out. You didnt expect Linsey Marchese to be the lead person on a fast break and “make the layup” and “the and one”. These were her first points as an IU hoosier. Lets hope that opens a door for her.

  9. I don’t follow girls basketball all that closely but it sure seems like coach Moren has this program going in the right direction in Bloomington.

  10. I understand UCONN vs. WNBA rationale. (Keep in mind college rules vs WNBA rules including how refs call the game) However, the last now several years I have watched Geno and UCONN lined up against other college women teams UCONN does look WNBA. UCONN is more physical and athletically than ND and whoever they play. (Plus coaching) what a nice gig he has.

  11. SteveW, I agree with your comment about Marchese, I am hoping coach Moren gives her more oppritunities to play. As I have watched every game, I believe she has played very well defensively with some blocks and a couple of steals. She plays very physically tough inside and her running the floor for the layup the other night was impressive. I would really like her to get more minutes and be allowed to post up, our offfense is more guard orenated. When Royster is in the game they do try to post her up but, when Lynsey is in there, they run a high post offense? Go Hoosiers!

  12. We shot only 55% from the charity stripe ( If we convert 75% of our free throws we’re discussing a win instead of a loss). Our seniors committed 50% of the16 turnovers. Our coaching staff was out coached by the old school – old guy (and yes in my book he is a hall of fame coach). We missed multiple bunnies in the paint, looked stagnant on offense, and gave up way to many easy buckets. In spite of all that we still had a really good look at the end to send the game into overtime.
    Smooth waters will never make a great sailor.

  13. Steve W, I totally agree with your comments on Linsey Marchese. She plays with an intensity I’ve not seen in a freshmen for a good while.
    I just wish the rest of the team had exhibited that toughness against Chattanooga.
    And scwartzie is right on as well. Marchese and Royster both impressed me tremendously, but nobody else could throw it in the ocean.
    I certainly hope it was “one of those nights.”
    California trip will tell us a lot.

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