1. So who runs the offense? This is a cure for next year. IU needs 3 W’s this year! Defense get motivated, zero 3rd down completions for first downs. Zero runs of 10+ yards. Offense pass on first down, run off tackle, screens, downfield throws, zero fumbles and drops. Do it!

  1. Debord’s offense isn’t an offense. He’s way too predictable and he’s a recruiting liability. IU’s hurry up offense means they are #5 in the country for number of plays. Are they stretching out the game so their superior talent and depth can shine through? Oh wait, they consistently have the 2nd or 3rd least talented team in the league. Dumb strategy, expected results.

  2. The hurry-up is not to stretch the game, but to ease the pain….
    Less time off the play clock means less time between plays…means less overall length of game….means less time on ABC….means less time to have such a miserable football product exposed to mass audiences.
    It’s a great strategy.
    Quick game…? Lengthy game…? Don’t use play clock..? Utilize full play clock…? Doesn’t matter. We’d still get walloped. Might as well “hurry up” and do our part to get off the air asap.

  3. Take a wrecking ball to Memorial Stadium. The stadium is junky and dilapidated. The coach and staff is a joke. The team is a joke. Indiana Football is a desperate joke.

  4. Indiana (0-6, 3-6) vs Illinois (0-6, 2-7)— (The participation bowl) , both teams are last in their divisions. This bowl game will go far to see who is the worst team in the conference. IMO the University of Illinois football team is lacking in talent and experience. Due to injuries and the lack of talent, they start a lot of freshman and sophomore players. The Illinois offensive line is inexperience and young. I saying this to say that if Indiana loses to Illinois, they have hit rock bottom!

    1. 2 Bowl games in a row are not participation ribbons! A third would be great! “Love the one your with…”

  5. If Allen can hold serve with last seasons W/L at least recruiting should not suffer but be supported and even bolstered by the highly regarded competition of ’17’ along with high profile TV time IUFB has enjoyed. The remaining three games will all be a challenge but PUke will be the wild card because Brohm has them playing with confidence. GO HOOSIERS!

  6. This team lacks discipline , is flawed fundamentally , and has no identity. Until IU Football decides to commit 100% to build a program (improving the stadium does not build a program) we can expect the same old same old every season. If you need a blueprint on how to build a program …. see Wisconsin. Building a program requires great leadership with great vision . Until you know what you will be building ( the programs identity) it’s impossible to establish the proper foundation. You can’t build a skyscraper on the existing IU crawlspace.

    1. Fred is a museum curator …and a promotional artist. He’s brought in circus acts and sideline hopscotch bunnies. He’s not a “program builder.”

      What Indiana University “deserved” was a brand new football stadium and basketball stadium. Tremendous dollars were wasted on immortalizing the past(stadium additions/marketing/statues/reunions/championship halls) and mega salaries for administrators and average coaches rather than taking the programs properly into the 21st century. This is what happens when you allow the cronyism in committee rooms to hand out jobs to friends rather than reinvent and rebuild through the eyes of true visionaries.
      A tiny little 3-way phone scandal opened the door for the usurping of Indiana University athletics by those only licking their chops for the dollars and the power.

    2. Wrong! The “blueprint” is there. Exciting QB/ WR offense, with breakout TE play, and off-tackle running with breakout. Aggressive-take away defense with attacking LB’s and DB’s, plus a solid front 4! Recruit for this plan, hire for this plan, hire coaches for this plan, teach this plan, play this plan!

      1. NW is everyone’s darling at 6-3 with a variation of this plan. But NW has won 3 straight OT thrillers! Think of IU with wins over MI, MSU and MD. 6-3 with IL, Rutgers and Purdue to play.

  7. Maybe IU can stay within a couple touchdowns against Purdue. This is eerily looking like Bill Lynch and some other years. A NEW YOUNGER OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR IS A MUST IMMEDIATELY AFTER SEASON AND MAYBE OTHER NEW OFFENSIVE COACHES ALONG WITH NEW COORDINATOR (hopefully creative and innovative even from an offensive successful smaller college. Debord is awful and a real disappointment including those under him. Plus is Doug Mallory the current d coordinator? Looks like it. Would have Brohm came to IU if IU beat Purdue to the punch and went after him? Or the likes of him *using him as example. K.W. did some good to a point (made a mistake as pressure to hire D. Mallory) but last 2 hires were no significant college head coaching experience as same as some other past hires.

  8. The offensive system is sound the o line is not very good and the play callin is suspect in the red zone they could’ve had 5 wins by now maryland and msu were winnable games

  9. Again, similar comments for the past over half century. “Could of.” However, I agree a plus win or two with simply not totally abandoning Lagow with Ramsey. There were times, many series of plays for each to play.

  10. brownbomber, you are correct Maryland and Michigan State were winnable games…but IU did not WIN!! The O-line is not as bad as everyone is saying, the blocking scheme has changed an the O-line is adapting. All these offensive woes fall on the offensive cord. Look lowly Rutgers beat Maryland this past weekend. The excuses get old, this coaching staff inherited a decent to good IU football team…the coach was talking about BREAKTHROUGH at the beginning of the season…IU fans on this blog where talking about a 7 to 8 win seasons. This team is now hoping for a 6 win seasons, which at the present time does not look good. A lot of you will blame the loses on injuries and officiating, but the fact of the situation is all teams suffer injuries and all games have some poor officiating. Let face the fact this is Tom Allen first year coaching and some of the coaching staff that he put together is not doing the job. Simple question, If Kevin Wilson was the coach of this team would you the IU fan accept a 5-7 or 6-6 team this season?????

  11. I fully believe if Wilson we’re still around this team would definitely be in a bowl. I think not making bowl eligibility – if that’s what happens – has to be viewed as underachievement and regression.

    1. You are absurd! Wilson was good offense and terrible defense and had 5 years. Allen is good defense and unimaginative offense in his first year! Get a grip!

  12. Allen was told the fumble was given to Wisconsin because the official did not whistle the play dead. I replayed the play. The official whistled the play dead 3 times and pointed to the ground each time to indicate the player was down. Yet another example of Big Ten officials are corrupt. No other way to explain that level of lying- they are corrupt.

  13. Let’s be honest Wilson wasn’t getting it done either… he was calling vanilla plays and if we had a running back with half the talent of the last three a long with Feeney or Spriggs and things would be much different. I wonder what Seth Litrell (sorry on the spelling) is up to these days… He was the reason for Wilson’s offensive explosive power.

    1. If both are healthy I’d mix the 2 QB’s playing time in the last 3 games. Preparing for 2 QB’s will tax these 3 talent challenged teams more than they can efficiently do and certainly would give IU an out increasing advantage more each game. I don’t think any of those 3 D’s has the depth to fluidly adapt from 1 to the other. Lets go Bowling.

  14. “Winning solves everything.”

    While every Hoosier fan would have liked IU to have a winning season this year, how many of us really expected that to happen? Come on, guys! A new head coach without any previous head coaching experience? A completely new offensive coaching staff? Playing in the toughest division in the toughest conference in the country? It was not realistic to expect IU to improve its record given all the changes that occurred. But if IU wins out, finishing 6 – 6, and goes to another bowl game, that would be a major accomplishment for this new coaching staff. Purdue will be the toughest test that remains, and hopefully that game will matter beyond who gets the Old Oaken Bucket for the next year.

    Seth Latrell is the head coach at North Texas. He’ll be a head coach at a major conference program within a couple years, hired by an Athletic Director who understands the value of head coaching experience.

    If, over the next few years, Allen fails to lead IU Football to a breakthrough, it will be 100% on Fred Glass. I hope Allen is successful, but if he is not (and we’ve all seen that movie before), it’ll be time for IU to get a new Athletic Director who is more than just a bean-counting, facilities-building department manager.

    1. Since when is IU Athletics making a solid profit every year bad? Is attendance at IU Football going down? No, a modest increase each year. Is football recruiting going down? Nationally it is going up, within the B1G holding in place. Give Allen 4 full years, not 9 games!

  15. BP, too early to tell if recruiting will continue to “go up” under Allen, and I think that depends on how IU finishes this season. Are you talking ticket sales or attendance at the games? Ticket sales is one thing, but I’m not sure attendance has increased. People who buy tickets but don’t attend home games, don’t pay for parking, don’t spend money at the concession stands, don’t buy IU apparel, and don’t donate money to IU are costing IU millions of dollars in revenue each season. Besides, it’s not like Memorial Stadium has 80,000 seats to fill! It’s the smallest or second smallest seating capacity in the Big Ten and I can’t remember the last time Memorial Stadium was filled to capacity. Do the math: six home games with an additional 14,000 people in the seats at an average ticket price of $30 (that’s conservative), plus each person spending an additional $10 on concessions (again, conservative). That’s an additional $3,360,000 in annual revenue before additional parking revenue, apparel purchases and donations are included. With that additional revenue each year, IU’s football coach would not need to be the lowest paid coach in the Big Ten conference. IU Football has been stuck in a vicious cycle, and sooner or later IU’s got to get an A.D. that is willing to break the cycle.

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