IU flips 3-star running back, former Rutgers commit

Indiana added to its stable of running backs on Friday morning, landing a commitment from three-star New York prospect Stevie Scott.

The 6-foot-1, 240-pound Syracuse native gave a verbal pledge to Rutgers in August before decommitting on Thursday. Scott took an official visit to Bloomington on Dec. 1 and recently received an in-home visit from IU coach Tom Allen and running backs coach Mike Hart, himself a product of the Syracuse area.

Scott, who missed a chunk of his senior season at Christian Brothers Academy with a reported ankle injury, rushed for 1,269 yards on 97 carries and scored 18 touchdowns as a junior in 2016. He picked up second team all-state honors and was also named All-Central New York.

Indiana now has two running backs lined up for its 2018 recruiting haul. Scott joins three-star Virginia native Ronnie Walker, the highest-rated commit in IU’s class.

The Hoosiers currently have 21 verbal commitments in a class that could potentially include 25 members by next spring. Indiana’s 2018 class is ranked No. 39 nationally and No. 9 in the Big Ten, per 247 Sports.

The new 72-hour early signing period opens Wednesday.


  1. Here’s the chance for the IU staff to get the “DUAL”-threat QB they want….”Thomas MacVittie”(Pittsburgh transfer) a much better runner than Richard Lagow and a quarterback with a good arm….just very raw at playing quarterback….But he definitely is a duel-threat (ability to run from the pocket) quarterback.

  2. Im maybe this is just me but i just dont value dual threat guys becuz they stay hurt the ability to throw with a little mobilty is much more valuable than a runner that may take 3 yrs for them to actually read a college defense peyton ramsey can run a bit but he cant stretch the field vertically and he cant stay healthy buts thats just my opinion

  3. IU had the best dual-threat quarterback in Big Ten history, but Antwan Randle El never produced a winning season. So I really don’t care if they’re labeled as a “dual-threat” qb, as long as they have enough mobility to escape trouble, extend plays and occasionally run for positive yardage. A strong, accurate arm and good decision-making are more important attributes for a qb than his running ability. But combining mobility with a strong arm, like Aaron Rogers, Derek Carr, and J Winston is difficult to defend. Baker Mayfield is not considered a dual-threat qb, but he is mobile and can run effectively when he has to. Arizona has probably the best dual-threat quarterback in college football, but Khalil Tate couldn’t finish the last regular season game against ASU because in running so much, he got beat-up, and Arizona lost that game.

    1. Good point but jameis Winston is not a considered a mobile qb not even in aaron rodgers category did you watch him against the pats hes about a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10

    2. The fact that Antwaan didn’t produce a winning season had NOTHING to do with him. Cam’s defenses were atrocious. We had two of the worst cornerbacks ever to play D1 football during his era. Also, Cam’s decision to start ‘twaan at WR and gave away the first 3 games of that season sealed his fate. IU went .500 in the B1G that year. Beat Purdue & Kentucky back to back.

      Football. Team game.

  4. You biggest problem with a running quarterback is very simply injury. They may be great for you and your team when healthy, but what do you do when they get knocked out for the season like Florida State? If you have a stable of quality running quarterbacks like Ohio State you just reload, but if you don’t, major problem and lost season. Main reason why the NFL looks for the Aaron Rogers type. Mobile enough to get out of trouble, but always thinking pass first run if they have to. Thinking about a few years ago in the national championship game between Alabama and Texas. Colt McCoy is facing a defense just as fast as he was for the first time. Get’s knocked of the game in the first quarter, game over.

  5. personally speaking I am with you guys, but this coaching staff have said they wanted a dual-threat quarterback. Are a quarterback that can run, that is how Peyton Ramsey ended up with a injury.

  6. For IU, I plus the coaching staff is not thinking of dual threat as running qb. Rather utilizing running backs and passing game first and foremost. Running the qb very selectively if it presents itself….a qb who is athletic, mobile and fast enough to improvise if play breaks down or receivers are covered. Yes, dual threat in terms of focusing on running qb is hard and asking for injury unless they are big and qb deep like teams of OSU caliber. Even Randell El as tough as he was simply got beat up game after game. First half he was effective. However, as usual going into middle of third quarter the game took its toll on him and IU would lose more than win.

  7. Yes DD, you are correct. IU had terrible defenses during Randle El’s tenure at IU. Our head coach was an offensive guy who could not even spell the word defense. Now we have the reverse. A head coach who is a very good defensive coordinator. But the jury is still out as the whether his teams can play offense effectively.

    thinkaboutit is exactly right. If you go with a dual-threat quarterback, you’d better have three or four of them ready to play so that you can “re-load” when one goes down with injuries. All four of Arizona’s quarterbacks are dual-threat guys. They can all run. But the first two both got dinged up at points during this season, and that cost Arizona a couple of wins. I’d prefer a mobile, strong armed quarterback who can escape, extend a play and scramble when he has to. A quarterback who is as effective throwing outside the pocket as he is in the pocket. They have greater longevity.

  8. IU now is focusing on QBs will ability to move out of trouble and run enough to punish defense that ignore their threat to run. As a young QB Ramsey’s stats show he is a servicable QB and with experience he may prove to be better than that. Tronti and Reese were choosen as
    Mr Football for their respective states and we will find out how good they can be. Both had great stats as high school players with both of them on State championship teams. We will have to wait and see if this strategy will work for IU to win more games in the future.

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