IUWBB: Hoosiers escape Yale with a 72-68 win

Indiana ended non-conference play Thursday with a 72-68 win at Yale.

The victory keeps IU (7-6) on the right side of .500 heading into Big Ten play. The Hoosiers had dropped the previous two games on this road trip, losing to No. 16 Missouri and Virginia at the West Palm Invitational.

Senior Tyra Buss led the Hoosiers with 20 points, while classmate Amanda Cahill added 16. Junior Kym Royster, with 15, and freshman Bendu Yeaney, 14, also finished in double figures. Yale (7-4) was spurred by senior Tamara Simpson’s 31 points.

The Hoosiers jumped out to an early 6-0 lead in the first quarter, but the Bulldogs dominated the rest of the period, going up 21-13 heading into the second quarter. Yale, hitting 3-of-5 from 3-point range in the first, did not connect on a 3 in the second, but still took a 35-29 lead into halftime.

The third quarter was all IU, though. The Hoosiers outscored Yale, 22-10, to take a 51-45 edge into the final period. The game of runs continued, and Yale responded to take a 56-53 lead with 5:52 remaining on a layup by Simpson.

Baskets by Buss and Royster put the Hoosiers back ahead, and they would maintain the lead. Yale threatened, however, with Roxy Barahman hitting a 3-pointer with 2:16 left to make it 64-63. Barahman took another 3 on the next possession but couldn’t tie it.

Yale finished 6-of-24 from 3-point range on the day. IU gained some padding from two Yeaney free throws with 20 seconds left to make it 70-65. Simpson made a 3 with two seconds left to cut the IU advantage to two points, but Yeaney made two more free throws to ice the game.

The Hoosiers will open Big Ten play against Michigan State on Dec. 28 at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.



  1. They will probably be sparse from here on out. Thank goodness for the penn state’s, Illinois, and wisconsins of the B1G. Purdue is not impressive this year either but they managed to topple SMC gaels, something we couldn’t manage. Penn only got 5 shots in the whole game, seems like they would want her taking more shots…yeaney is good for making athletic plays but her shot is not pretty.

  2. Hard fought win to say the least. We trailed most of the game, or so it seemed. All of the stats by both teams are almost identical. The difference in the game was at the free throw line. We were 10 for 15 from the line while they were 6 for 7 which is unusual when you are playing at home? We did out rebound them 37-29. Great to have 4 players in double figures. Still wondering why Marchasey and Wickware only get 5 minutes a piece? Again, 40 minutes for Buss, 37 for Cahill, 35 for Royster and Yeaney. I really fear that this is going to be trouble down the line? Hoosierfan, better check those big 10 standings, Illinois, Purdue and Penn St. all have 9 wins. The conference will be tough! 8 conference schools have at least a 700 winning percentage. 8 Big 10 schools are ranked among the top 64 in RPI. We better buckle up, it’s going to be an interesting season. Go Hoosiers!!

    1. Mike, I have seen the standings, but strength of schedule is something you have to take into account. None of those teams I mentioned have done well against decent teams. I thought our schedule was weak this year (it is) but we went and lost a handful of winnable games. Conference is gonna be ugly

  3. Hoosierfan, have to take issue with you saying this is a weak schedule? Western Kentucky is a very solid program, St. Mary’s is always one of the best teams on the West coast. Louisville #3 in the country. Auburn is a very solid SEC team and of course Missouri is #16 in the country. Virginia is down this year and Yale, almost every year is at the top of the Ivy League. I believe this is the strongest schedule we have had in years. Now I am sure you are going to come back with analytics to prove me wrong. Having seen all of these teams play this year (some more than once) I go by the “eye” test.
    And yes we have lost a few winnable games but, when you are playing as many freshmen as we are this is to be expected. And Steve have T mentioned a couple of posts ago, if we can have a 500 season, it will be a good season with our inexperience.

  4. In the process of trending upward there will be bumps in the road, and avoiding the hollers/valleys/ditches/ while maintaining a plateau that will sustain to the next plateau of success. This season goal as I see it a game above 500 is the current plateau though I am sure the team wants to go undefeated in the big ten. Double to triple minutes for Marchase and Wickware for big ten.

    1. T, why do you think that marchese, wickware, and warthen are going to get time against B1G competition when they weren’t getting crucial minutes against inferior teams? Also, you guys seem to lower your standards all the time..when a coach takes a program over usually by the 3rd or 4th season the team has some sort of identity and culture that is recognizable. I still see moren hanging on to her last 2 Curt Miller recruits and squeezing all the juice she can out of them. I can’t believe nobody has been injured yet with the way moren irresponsibly plays all her starters almost 40 minutes per game, even when they have a game the next day or 2…even when we play the little sisters of the poor. She just doesn’t have what it takes to bring this program into the national spotlight and we need to accept it. Patberg is gonna be a step down from buss next year so there will be an even weaker noncon next year and we will perform similarly. The big girl from overseas isn’t very good either so we will be thin at the post as well. I don’t see the lockdown D that moren claims as the cornerstone to her programs either. This team looks like they have no direction. I wonder why fred hasn’t given Teri a contract extension yet?

  5. As Mike noted there is nothing weak about our non-conf schedule and Moren intentially set it up that way . Cant imagine any Conf. teams being stronger than Louisville, Missouri, and Saint Marys and Virginia. At some point in the big ten season Im hoping playing these stronger ranked teams will have made a difference. At some point our freshmen will come into their own, at least thats what you have to hope for . Otherwise why bother making the schedule as tough as it is.

    1. I will give you Missouri and Louisville** (we didn’t pick Louisville it was drawn)..but SMC and Virginia are not the powerhouses you want to act like they are. Other B1G teams played the likes of uconn, Tenn, syracyse, Marquette, usc, green bay, drake, south Carolina, Stanford, miss st. And notre dame. We played north Texas and NKU and almost lost both.

  6. Before T.Moren the schedule was weak enough where IU ladies (including this year’s group would be like 12 wins and 1 or 2 losses). Maybe undefeated at this point.

    1. The schedule is really not much tougher/tougher at all now but if you want to live in a dream world I’m not going to stop you. Bet we don’t reach 20 wins unless we get to host the whole NIT again

  7. Regarding minutes for the frosh they are on a pre big ten season learning curve and may see increased playing time. Penn will take over for Buss and other players will be better at respective positions. You don’t have to squeeze any juice out of Buss nor Cahill. Buss is a warrior and would love to play til she dropped. That is just the way she is. Cahill is a warrior also.

  8. Wow Hoosierfan, you are really going out on a limb when you suggest we don’t win 20 games Mr Obvious? I really don’t think anybody in their wildest dreams thought that was within reach! Hoosierfan, do you remember Curt Miller’s pre-conference schedules? OMG, seems like almost every team was below 150 in the RPI so we would go 10-1 or 11-1. That sure did us a lot of good. Then as Moren toughened up the pre-conference schedule we started moving up in the conference standings. Now that we have lost really good starters and bench players from last year’s team, and have added inexperienced freshmen to this year’s team who are struggling to gain their feet to big time division one play, you are all over the coach and the team. Very nice.

  9. Don’t let hoosierfan get to you guys.. sports is this wonderful vehicle that enables all to voice there opinions. Some of what he says is obvious and others are speculation.
    I’ll throw you guys some crazy truths.. One of the things my kid thrives on is playing for the fans that believe in her and just wants to keep improving for you guys. You’ll see that in BIG TEN play. ( I promise you that )
    Man, you really don’t know what positive vibes do for an athlete , especially for a female athlete. Mike C .. don’t loose your positive vibe….
    Also, this team wants to win every night they step on the floor and always play with heart and guts. Its a battalion going into battles with two tested leaders and raw , but very talented solders. ( Its one thing and its called confidence)
    They are and will continue to find that word…..

    So, hey Merry Christmas to all……

    Roll hard ..IU

  10. This was easily the toughest non conference schedule that I can recall. I predicted an 8-5 record and we went 7-6. My prediction for conference is 9-7. If we can steal 1 win more along the way and win 1 game in the conference tournament the NIT will be in play. If we had played the 2013-2014 non conference schedule we would likely be sitting at 12-0 just as that team was. However we would likely end up 5-11 in conference (there was no Maryland or Rutgers then or it would have been worse) just as that team did because of that pathetic weaker than weak schedule.
    This team is a prepared . Now it’s time to execute.

  11. The only thing important now is conf. , how we fare in conf play will decide our fate. Are we ready for conf play , as ready as we can be , who knows maybe we are maybe not. Freshmen are still making mistakes, but I also see bits of improvement. Better play from Yeaney and Marchese for the minutes they get. Would like to see more consistancy but it will take time. Remember the inconsistant play we got from Royster her first two years , now she is a solid performer. Still would like to see more minutes for warthen and wickware.

  12. Archer, excuse my ignorance but, who is your daughter? BTW, thanks for the kind words. I always try to never be to negative about individual players. I will on occasion say that a certain player needs to do certain things but I will not tear a player down for things as some do. Go Hoosiers!!!

  13. Jeff Sagarin has our strength of schedule at 42, third toughest in the “Big 10” (behind OSU at 23 and Rutgers at 33). This was a TOUGH pre-“Big10” schedule.
    I agree with Archer.
    The girls need support, not nay-sayers. Personally, all I ask is a good solid effort from the IU women.
    If they win, great. If they don’t (but they’re giving it their best), I’m still a happy camper.

  14. Nat– That is an interesting find being the 3rd toughest pre big 10 schedule. Now it remains to be seen if that benefits our girls for the tough conf. battles that lie ahead. Go Hoosiers!

  15. Well Hoosierfan, more evidence to refute your statement of the weak schedule” , 3rd toughest in the conference and 39th in the country out of over 300 division 1 schools. Hmmmm, me thinks you do protest to much. NatHillV and Steve, thanks for the information. Nice to see some people on this site providing solid information instead of just words. As Steve, T, NatHillV and others have said many times, this is going to take time as the freshmen acclimate themselves to this level of play. Go Hoosiers.

  16. Merry Christmas to the IU Women’s Basketball Team and the entire Hoosier Nation. Let’s all get to the Hall on the 28th and help our team kick off the BI0 season. It’s time to get wild , crazy and very loud.

  17. I have one more comment before this thread is closed out. Hoosierfan made a comment that “Patberg is going to be a stepdown from Buss” of which I disagree with. For those that dont know or arent aware Patberg was ranked by espn as #1 at her position sg and #13 overall in her 2015 class. So if Ali can stay away from the injury bug I see no let down and being a bigger guard could do other things a smaller guard cant.

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