IUWBB: Hoosiers fall in OT to Virginia, 82-72

Errors in overtime cost Indiana in an 82-72 loss Monday to Virginia at the West Palm Invitational.

Seniors Tyra Buss, with 28 points, and Amanda Cahill, with 17, led the effort for the Hoosiers. But the Hoosiers (6-6) dropped their second game at the invite and will head to Yale on Thursday to end their non-conference slate.

During the game, Buss moved into the top five in scoring in IU history, currently at 1,852 career points. 

IU was able to tie the game in regulation after a Virginia turnover versus full-court pressure. Buss got to the free throw line and made one of two to make it 65-all. The Cavaliers were unable to score on their final possession with 24 seconds left.

In overtime, Virginia (6-6) produced three points at the free throw line on one possession, making one of two on the first set, getting an offensive rebound, and heading to the line again. Their second try was a miss, but a lane violation on IU gave the Cavaliers one more shot from the line to make it 68-66. Another Virginia free throw made it a three-point game.

A layup from Buss cut the deficit to 69-68, but IU freshman Jaelynn Penn missed a 3-pointer on another possession, and while the Hoosiers were able to get a stop, freshman Bendu Yeaney overthrew a pass to Penn in transition. Cavaliers guard Dominique Toussaint converted a layup, plus a foul, to push the lead to 71-68 with 1:28 remaining in overtime.

Toussaint missed the free throw, but the Cavaliers came up with the offensive rebound — one of 13 in the contest — and 6-foot-9 forward Felicia Aiyeotan scored to make it 73-68. Yeaney missed a 3 on the next possession and Virginia’s J’Kyra Brown made two more free throws to extend the lead to seven with 53 seconds left.

Virginia hit 19-of-23 from the free throw line. Turnovers were an issue for both teams, with 23 for Virginia and 22 for IU.

Brown led the Cavaliers with 24 points, which fueled a 40-6 advantage in bench points for Virginia. The Cavaliers also won the rebounding battle, 37-29.



  1. While I agree with Jon that IU lost this game by playing very poorly in the overtime, we could have easily won this game in regulation. three of our last 4 possession’s freshmen turned the ball over while the game was tied or we were ahead inside the last minute. All 3 of those turn overs were between the ten second line and the free throw circle before we could really get the ball into play offensively. This became crucial as regulation wore down. In the over time, our inability to rebound on missed free throws by Virginia was back breaking. Virginia had 13 offensive rebounds in the contest that killed us! This game was very winnable to say the least. Our turnovers and inability to rebound on the free throw lane did us in. One other thing of note, Virginia got 40 points off of the bench from 2 players, we got 6 points from 2 players, 2 from Wickware and 4 from Marchase. On to Yale, another tough opponent. Go Hoosiers!!

  2. Virginia looked bad today. Somehow we looked worse. They tried many times in regulation to give us the game back and we didn’t convert. Still shooting poorly from the line. Amanda travels a lot and doesn’t get called for it luckily for us. This game had the skill level of a high school game. Still not getting starters enough rest. Penn shot a three at the end of the game and missed by 5 feet because she’s playing for too long with no rest. Moren doesn’t know how to utilize bench players

  3. You can throw all the stats out there you want but I have to agree with Hoosierfan on one important issue and that is the lack of rest for the starters and yes we could have won this game in regulation. Twice late in the game regulation I think Buss went to the line missing the first of two by bumping the front of the rim[tiredness] with the first shot and making the second, which would have been enough to win the game . But that also relates back to Moren’s lack of ability to get Buss some rest. So blame the players all you want , I dont. With freshmen you have to expect mistakes but in the present situation we will have to live with it. BTW Cahill and Buss had their own brand of mistakes. Cahill missing everything from the corner and Buss dribbling into triple coverage. If she was really on it she would have found the open player, once again that reverts back to how tired she was.

  4. Can not say enough good things about Buss and Cahill, but I am personally scared to death that they are simply exhausted.
    I appreciate the way subs Wickware and Marchese play the game. They are excited and fresh when they come in, play hard, and clearly enjoy being a Hoosier.
    Loved the effort yesterday (saw the game through choppy internet connection), and could not have been prouder of the fight and want-to shown by the Hoosier ladies. Really tough loss.

  5. Buss played “45 minutes” which means she played the entire regulation and overtime without rest and you wonder why she was missing the all important free throws. Yeaney played “43 min.” and Cahill “42 min.”

  6. I agree with everything said in the above posts. Moren said before the season started that she was going to have to develop the team’s depth this year. Well, you can’t do that when you keep players on the bench or just give them one minute each quarter? I do agree with Steve that Buss’s poor free throwing shooting this year is due to her minutes played. She was an almost 80% shooter last year, she is in the 60’s % this year? Cahill, (my favorite all time player) has struggled at times this year in games I think because of fatigue as Steve stated. Moren is not doing this team any favors by limiting Wickware, Marchasey and Warthen ‘s minutes. All of these players can contribute if given the chance!

  7. Yes Mike– the bench players need more time on the court Wickware showed early on in the season that she can rebound and shoot, such a waste to leave her on the bench so much. Marchese is gaining confidence as she gets more minutes, Warthen also will need to play thru mistakes . Getting Buss and Cahill more rest will be invaluable to us in the long run. These two players are warriors and will not ask to be taken out , but the coaching staff needs to do it for them and the team.

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