IUWBB: Hoosiers fall to Auburn, 65-53

Indiana could not handle Auburn’s pressure in a 65-53 defeat Sunday at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

IU (4-4) finished with 23 turnovers. The Hoosiers have lost four out of their last five games.

Four players scored in double figures, led by freshman Jaelynn Penn’s 16. Amanda Cahill scored 12, and Tyra Buss added 10.

IU went into halftime with 14 turnovers, 12 of those in the first quarter. While the Hoosiers did a better job keeping the ball in their possession in the second quarter, shots weren’t falling, either. At half, the Hoosiers were 5-of-21 from the field, including 2-of-13 from 3-point range.

Auburn was more efficient, working off screens for drives to the basket or open 3s. The Tigers were 13-of-29 from the field and 3-of-6 on their 3-pointers. That helped the visitors establish an 18-4 lead after one quarter, an advantage that shrunk to 31-20 by halftime.

It was a slow start, again, for the Hoosiers in the third quarter, coming up empty on their first two possessions, while the Tigers scored twice. But Cahill helped get the Hoosiers started with a putback of her own miss. Then a block by freshman Jaelynn Penn led to an open 3 by Buss. Penn followed that with a 3 in the corner, and an 8-0 run cut the deficit to 35-28 with 4:51 left in the third.

Later in the third, another 3, this time from Bendu Yeaney, cut the deficit to 40-36. IU went into the fourth quarter down, 42-38. It was the second quarter in a row the Hoosiers won (16-13, 18-11) but they were still digging out of that first-quarter hole.

Auburn continued to leave shooters open for kick-outs, and Cahill, who hit Yeaney, hit Penn again for a corner 3 to make it 44-43. A layup in transition for Buss made it 44-43 with 7:59 left.

But the Hoosiers wouldn’t get any closer. One big swing came on a missed bunny by Cahill, which was followed by an Auburn 3, then a steal, transition layup for the Tigers. That put Auburn up 64-53.



  1. Buss 10, Cahill 12. In Louisville game I seen Buss pass/feed to Penn 3 times because Penn had hot hand for a period of time in that game. My question is what are younger players doing to help Buss and Cahill score? Buss is used to having the ball in her hands. Currently, strategy is shut down Buss and Cahill. Make younger players beat you. Buss frustration and confidence feeling pressure when she does shoot on her shot is having trouble getting into flow and is carrying over to Ft line. Or am I speaking nonsense.

  2. This game was the same as the Louisville game. We struggled with Louisville’s quickness and length on defense and Auburn’s length and quickness made their press very frustrating for our girls. Their is no doubt our freshmen have never seen defensive pressure in high school like they faced tonight. And t, as I mentioned after the Louisville game, opposing teams are going to really get after buss & Cahill defensively knowing that if they give those 2 girls problems then it will be much easier for them to win. Well, Buss was 4 for 13 from the field and Cahill was 3 for 11. This is 2 games in a row where out 2 best players have struggled because of the opposition’s strong defense. All you need to do to figure this game out is looking at the turnovers. We had 23 which led to 25 points for Auburn, it is that simple.
    Another thing, I believe that our starters are wearing down due to so many minutes played. All 5 starters played between 36 and 40 minutes (Cahill & Buss). Warthen got 3 minutes off the bench and Marchese got 6. I am assuming Wickware must be injured since she has not seen the floor in the last 2 games? Auburn had 8 girls play at least 20 minutes subbing quits liberally keeping them fresh in their press. We again, for the second game in a row played a team more athletic and bigger than us who both played great defense. It certainly had a lot to do with the result in each game. We certainly need to take care of North Texas because the schedule after that game becomes a bit tough! I don’t know anything about Northern Kentucky but, I watched Missouri 2 days ago and they are extremely tough having only lost 1 game to top 5 UCLA. We then go to Virginia which will be tough and don’t sleep on Yale after that game. They are usually the best team in the Ivy League. Things are not going to get any easier. Go Hoosiers!!

  3. Busss, Cahill, and Royster have all seen this kind of pressure before so I wont give them a pass but the freshmen do have to learn from it. It also bothers me that buss and cahill are shooting so poorly the last couple of games when they have open looks. They should be the ones leading their charge instead of a freshman , I mean they are the seniors and should be leading and playing like it. We just need to accept the fact we are going to lose even more games untill the freshmen improve and learn how to play against tougher competition. At least warthen and marchese did see the floor however briefly. Auburn was subbing 3 players at a time and this is going to take its toll on our players going nearly 40 a game. BTW it was Western Kentucky who knocked off Missouri first game of the season and Missou hasnt lost since.

  4. We could have 17 players on our roster and CTM has proven that she will only play about 6-7 players and only for about 1-2 minute stretches. Anyone that scouts us with half a brain would press the whole game and tire out our starters with fresh players in always playing at 100% intensity. We have shot terribly this season because unlike us, our opponents are playing lockdown d. We are too tired not to make mistakes. Penn is better than buss at shooting and needs to start taking more shots and buss needs to focus on facilitating the offense and less on playing 1 on 5

  5. Hoosierfan, I see that your criticism of Buss continues but, one thing should be noted about her play. She is leading the team with assists at 5.5 per game and this year if she remains healthy has a shot at setting the all time team career assist record. BTW, second on the team in assists is Cahill with 3.3 per game. Just sayin……..

  6. Mike, I don’t recall saying anything about amanda..she was the only player with more assists than turnovers yesterday..despite not shooting well she played a solid game and didnt make questionable decisions with the ball. tyra had 1 assist and 7 turnovers..we had 23 as a team. Unacceptable. The other day tyra shot more FG than she had points…not counting FT, she isn’t really a great shooter, so why the excessive shots? Penn is a better shooter, but tyra is more concerned about being the leading scorer in iuwbb history and keeping her average PPG up. Also, im gonna say now that keyanna will probably be transferring “to be closer to home”

    1. and probably Bri Wickware. Why would she stay? We’re only playing 7 and she’s not one of them.

  7. you could see the frustration in the eyes of the seniors after the game. It’s not going to get easier as the season progresses. They are playing far too many minutes per game and there’s nothing that can be done about it because we severely lack depth. The Big Ten season will be a disaster if something doesn’t change and we’ll have wasted the talent of two of the best women’s players in the program’s history. I see no answer in this roster and no glimpse of great hope in the recruiting future. Jorie Allen is a good 6’1 high school post player but where does she play on a big ten team? I’ve seen her play multiple times and I just dont know. Meanwhile Maura Munsterman and Jess Walter are having the season of their lives. These are facts and I wish they weren’t.

  8. Buss strength is not shooting longer range even though she can hit shots occasionally. However, her strength is creating buckets within a shorter range and driving to bucket. She needs some screens, shot clock needs to be utilized and a few plays to set up for Buss and Cahill for scoring before younger players put it up on their own early into shot clock. Of course this requires passing, moving without ball, and not turning it over. Patience needed. Alexis was really good and last couple years had a physical center. Bless their hearts. IU ladies miss them this year.

  9. The team is not quite settled down and may be lacking trust which may be making the two seniors a little unsettled/anxious making it hard to get into flow causing poor shooting. Lack of confidence can play havoc with Ball going through the bucket. The disturbing issue is IU ladies are losing at home somewhat decisively.

  10. I like Allen as a player I just don’t see how her game translates into the game that we play here at IU. She will have to develop as an actual wing/SF if she wants to be useful at the next level..developing players is not our specialty from what I have seen. All I know is that if Patberg and Allen don’t have good experiences here we can kiss indiana recruits goodbye for good. Too many leaving the program with negative experiences as Hoosiers. Word gets around

  11. Dont forget besides Patberg we also have Brenna Wise available next season. As a sophomore for Pitt she was captain, leading scorer and rebounder. She set a school record 13 for 13 at the free throw line without a miss, another time was 11 fro 11 and twice went 10 for 10 all at the FTL. I keep wondering why Wickware is not seeing the floor as when she played rebounded and shot the ball well. Hopefully she is just under the weather. To keep playing just 5-6 players is a recipe for disaster one way or another. I think we all saw that in the previous game.

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