IUWBB: Hoosiers fall to No. 16 Missouri, 75-55

Sophie Cunningham’s 17-point third quarter helped power No. 16 Missouri past Indiana, 75-55, at the West Palm Invitational on Sunday.

Cunningham, who finished with 19 points, was limited in the first half because of foul trouble. But after falling behind 13-11 in the first quarter, the Tigers (10-1) pulled ahead 28-21 at halftime. In the third quarter, they outscored the Hoosiers, 28-14.

Senior Amanda Cahill led the Hoosiers (6-5) with 18 points. Classmate Tyra Buss added 14, and junior Kym Royster and freshman Jaelynn Penn finished with eight apiece. But, as a team, IU hit 36.7 percent from the field. 

While Royster hit 4-of-9 shots, Buss was 5-of-15, Penn hit 3-of-10 and freshman Bendu Yeaney finished 1-of-10 from the floor.

Missouri also dominated the boards, grabbing 46 rebounds to IU’s 28. That included 16 offensive rebounds, which led to a 16-3 advantage for the Tigers on second-chance points.

The Hoosiers will play its second game at the invite at noon Monday against Virginia (4-6) before making their way to Yale for its final game of non-conference play on Thursday.


  1. Just reading all of the statistics stated in the article, it is easy to understand why this game turned out the way it did. As has happened a couple of times this season, (Louisville, Auburn and St. Mary’s) we were simply playing a team that is bigger, more athletic and more experienced than we are. Our schedule is strong (which is good) but, our freshmen are struggling at times against this competition. As was exhibited in this game and a couple of others this year, our lack of developing the bench has really hurt in my opinion? We played 8 players, 2 of them (Wickware & Marchasey) played 4 minutes and 8 minutes respectively. Missouri played 12 players, 9 of them played at least 14 minutes which enabled them to be fresher. Our coach keeps stating that we need to develop our depth yet, the minutes continue to pile up for our starters? You can’t develope depth if you don’t play these other players in the game! It was apparent during the second half when we were overwelmed.
    Oh, and BTW Hoosierfan, Buss only took 15 shots and yet still passed out 6 assists. Doesn’t sound like somebody who is solely concerned about that scoring record. Again, you do realize as well as becoming the career scoring leader she will most likely become the all time assist leader also. Doesn’t sound like a selfish player? Go Hoosiers!!

    1. That’s the thing. It’s a can’t win situation. If Coach Moren plays the reserves more minutes she’ll be accused of not trying to win the game in order to build depth. If she doesn’t, she’s not developing players.

    2. I would hope that if someone is one of the best point guards in the country and has the ball in her hands every single possession that she could manage 6 assists in 40 min. Our coach says whatever she thinks you want to hear but doesn’t back up her words of wisdom with action. Where do we rank in assist/turnover ratio nationally? Have we ever played with any real since of consistency? Our starters aren’t playing their best for 40 straight minutes and the reserves aren’t getting better on the bench. Fred should be giving Teri a big raise any day now

  2. Cold shooting from the outside which never improved on this day was the ultimate downfall plus the lack of ability to stay with cunningham who killed us from long rang. I agree the rotation is going to have to get better. Against bigger more experienced , more athletic players inside we need to have the likes of Marchese and Wickware playing more minutes. The technical assessed was no doubt the frustration from the coaching staff of the buss drives that werent getting called for fouls that normally are called. We just got beat by a better team today and our lack of knocking down shots didnt help any. I never thought we could beat this team but I did think we could be competitive with them,,, not on this day. As the freshmen get better with time our consistancy as a team should get better, but it will take some time

  3. As things are unfolding I am hoping that the IU ladies can have a winning record. To me this is the goal…anything above 500 in big ten and overall. Basically, win one more game than you lose.

  4. Theres a fine line betwen developing talent and winning and Moren has been coaching long enough and should be able to find that line.

  5. I am sure in a year or 2 Marchase will be a productive player. She may not be ready to assume very much larger role. 3 star in high does not always translate to a lot at big ten level during freshman year. We tend to over expect especially when not winning the way we would like. This team misses D.F. if only she wanted to stay and commit to it. I am not blaming her rather IU ladies really needed an improved D.F.

  6. the goal for some now is to have a winning season when 3 years ago we were winning in the tournament. But yet our program is on the rise? 20 point loss and our two best players play 39 and 34 minutes and we only play 8? Anybody wonder why we don’t play more players? It’s going to be a long season. They’ll be more players leave. Rinse and repeat.

  7. You people flapping your jaws about depth you keep forgetting that there are 8 players on scholarship and 1 walk on thats it, this was gonna be a rebuild regardless of how you think the season was gonna turn out

    1. And please explain to me why/how lack of depth is not the fault of the coach..its not her first season..or second..or third.

      1. Hoosierfan I have to agree with you on the lack of depth. A grad student or junior college transfer would have been a short term solution but did not happen.

  8. Even as much as I like Tyra , Amanda, and Kym, before this season started I was telling people that not this season but next season will be our best season. This is providing all players stay, but wont be surprised if some tranfer out.

  9. T, When Marchase is in the game, I watch here exclusively. She has played tremendous defense all year long. And, as I have stated before, for some reason, when she posts up, they do not get her the ball. When Royster is in the game, she posts up down low, when Marchase is in the game, they use her differently by having her set screens in the elbow area? I have watched her u-tube videos and at the AAU level and in high school she was a tremendous low post player. Great moves inside and ambidextrous around the basket. I don’t understand why we don’t try to utilize her down low when she is in the game? In my opinion she is being misused.

  10. This team needs guards that can consistently score from behind the arc. It’s great to have athleticism but without any snipers the opponents will just pack it in to eliminate driving to the hoop and it will become a long, long season.

  11. Got to put ball in basket to win. Buss and Cahill had Anderson, McBride, and Gassion last couple years. They were pretty tried and true with other players helping out. They were good players. Especially, Gassion. They are now replaced with immaturity as freshman whether coaching has been good or not. Team chemistry and good experience can make a coach look better. Though some of the freshman are good they are not an experienced more mature Anderson, Gassion, and McBride. These girls were pretty tough.

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