IUWBB: IU gets by North Texas, 68-63

Indiana eeked out a 68-63 win over North Texas on Tuesday at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. 

Tyra Buss led all scorers with 26 points. Amanda Cahill added 15 points and 12 rebounds.

After a seven-turnover game against Auburn, Buss was on-point on Tuesday. She scored 18 points in the first half, hitting 6-of-8 from the field and 5-of-7 from the free throw line. Fellow senior Amanda Cahill has some misses from point-blank range, but she finished the half 5-of-10 from the field, including a 3-pointer, for 11 points and nine rebounds.

Freshman Keyanna Warthen added six points in the first two quarters to help the Hoosiers establish a 41-28 lead at halftime. Defensively, the Hoosiers held the Mean Green to 39.3 percent shooting in the first half, including 4-of-15 (26.7 percent) in the second quarter.

IU took a step back in the third quarter, however. North Texas won the period, 19-10, propelled by eight Hoosier turnovers. IU shot 4-of-11 in the period, as well. 

North Texas took its first lead since it was 2-0 in the first quarter, ahead 54-53, following two free throws with 7:53 left in the game. IU trailed 59-56 with 6:04 left, and Bre Wickware came in for Bendu Yeaney, who fouled out of the game. That’s when the Hoosiers retook the lead, 60-59, first thanks to a pass from Cahill to Kym Royster underneath, then via a Wickware layup in transition.

Wickware, who didn’t play in the previous two games, also hit a jump shot to give IU a 64-61 lead with 2:31 left. Terriell Bradley hit two free throws to bring it back to one point with less than two minutes remaining. It was 64-63 when Buss got to the free throw line and hit 1-of-2.

Royster was called for an offensive foul o the Hoosiers’ next possession, swinging an elbow into a defender, but North Texas’ Bradley stepped on the baseline on a drive and gave the ball back to the Hoosiers. Buss gave IU a two-possession lead, 67-63, with a runner off the backboard with 20 seconds left.


  1. Negatives: buss was better today but still had 5 turnovers..as a team we had 20+ TO again for the second straight game at least. North Texas has 2 starters out for the year with injury so they aren’t even at full strength.. Buss and Cahill took almost every single shot (Penn and yeaney both 0-2) and those two aren’t going to be able to score every point against a better team. Still making stupid fouls. Still shooting poorly from FT line.

    Positives: somehow we won

  2. Jon Blau’s reporting has been excellent all season, and in my opinion his recap of this game is spot-on.
    IU beat this team last year at their place by thirty, so I’m more than a little nervous about the rest of the season.
    But when two of your starters combine for zero points and eight fouls, it’s bound to be a long night.
    I was very happy for Bre Wickware, who in my mind gave the Hoosier the spark they needed towards the end of the game to pull it out. I was happy to see a lot more substituting in this game.
    One thing is very clear. Freshmen are up and down, and this season will continue to be very interesting!

  3. Great to see you back Hoosierfan, always enjoy your positive input. NatHill, you are right , Jon’s article was right on and your comment about Wickware was right on! Wickware’s 4th quarter play lead us to victory for sure. Her field goal at the 2.31 mark in the 4th quarter was the biggest shot of the game! Keyanna Warthen played very well with 8 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists. I thought that the play of Lynsey Marchese was very good while playing 14 minutes and supplying 2 points and 4 rebounds, her defense was very good inside. When she is in the game she does some very suttle things that don’t show up in the box score. Jaelynn Penn after being our leading scorer in the last 2 games really struggled tonight with 0 points and collecting 4 fouls. Bendu Yeaney also struggled big time being scoreless while fouling out. Our freshmen are going to have these issues all year long, that’s what freshmen do, up one game and down the next. This is what you get when playing 4 freshmen a lot of minutes.
    All in all, it was good to get a win no matter how difficult it was. North Texas was 6-1 on the season coming into tonight’s game. We found a way to win. Go Hoosiers!!

  4. this won’t be popular among the moren fans, but the fact is that this job is too big for her. She and her staff are going to recruit themselves out of a job in a matter of a couple years. We had a NCAA tourney team that won the first tournament game in forever, returned almost the exact same lineup and didn’t make the tourney field. The caliber of recruits has declined from Cahill and Buss at a time it should have went the other way. Yes we have Patberg and Wise who will replace Buss and Cahill but not at the same level. Why don’t we have a replacement for Jenn Anderson? Kim is great but who’s her backup? We’re just not getting Big Ten type talent to compete at a high level.

    1. @Hoosier86 – You do realize that Jaelynn Penn and Grace Berger (who is in IU’s 2018 recruiting class) are both 5 star recruits, right?
      So I am not sure how you can say that recruiting is on the decline when we have a recruit who is nationally ranked to be in the top 50 of the 2018 class coming in next year.

  5. Hoosier86, and to go along with bvance, the freshmen class that is playing this year was the # 13 ranked class in the nation last year. Ali Patberg who has transferred to IU this year was a 5 star recruit when she came out of high school and went to Notre Dame. And BTW, the other transfer from Pittsburg ( Brenna Wise) was Pittsburg’s leading scorer and rebounder last year. It is really hard to understand your logic in your post?

  6. What gives me encouragement for the future (in addition to all of the highly-rated recrutis) is the attitude I see from this entire group of players.
    Ali and Brenna (who I prefer to call “Patberg and Pittsburg”) simply can not WAIT to take the floor for the Hoosiers.
    They are good teammates already.
    The level of cohesion on this team is fantastic.
    IU’s future is indeed bright.

  7. IU ladies have trended upward since T. Moren has taken over from the minute her feet landed in assembly hall. Bumps in the road are just a part of growing the program. The future is going to progress upward as long as T. Moren is @ IU.
    For this season when Buss scores 20+ = IU victory (or odds increase greatly) for IU ladies victory. It is not just the 20 plus points from Buss, rather it usually means many more good things are going on with IU ladies that increases odds of a win. Not every time but overwhelmingly most of the time this is the case. It will be this way for the rest of the season until her career comes to an end.

  8. Dont know how anyone can say the program is trending downward now. In the past the players that are now wanting to come to IU mainly because of Moren and staff and what they have done with this would not have even considered the possibility. Agreed Patberg and Wise are chomping at the bit wanting to be on the court and Im sure it pains them not to be able to help this team. Both have spent two years at their respective schools so it wont be like two freshmen coming in they will have experience. Even though Wise is only 6′ she is the kind of player who thinks every rebound belongs to her. I saw one video of her after a game as a high school sophomore where she had 21 reb. in the game, never heard of that out of someone that young. Even as good as buss and cahill have been for this program would not be surprised that next years team will be better. But I would add that after saying that we need to get some players of the post variety in the 6′ 3″ class or bigger who are athletic and will help to put us over the top. In time we will get that as this program is headed in the right direction–go Hoosiers!

  9. we’ve already had the level of talent you all speak of and what do we have to show for it? our program has trended up??? we went from an NCAA tourney win to not even making the tourney. You think after we lose the two best players this program has ever had we’ll do better? If you want mediocre results then you all will be very satisfied with what you get from this staff. Since you can’t see the forest for all the trees, I’ll sit back and watch and hope I’m wrong but I know what I’m talking about.

  10. Hoosier86
    I hope you’re wrong too, but I really wonder if you want the IU women to succeed more than you want Coacg Moren to fail.

    1. i don t want her or the program to fail, i’m just saying that it looks like it’s headed that way. If you want to compete for a Big Ten Title, you gotta get the talent that the Purdue’s and Maryland’s are getting.

  11. Wise will fill in nicely for amanda, but Ali patberg is and was overrated..not gonna be able to replace buss’ production. Johnson, marchese, warthen, and Wilson (18) all projects. Berger is an excellent get and I will enjoy seeing her and penn next year on the court. We may lose wickware, warthen, and maybe even yeaney and marchese to transfer..bendu always tweets about missing Oregon and keyanna always tweets about being unhappy. Hopefully that foreign gal that moren called “plan b” is a good big we will need it

  12. So, Hoosier86, you are criticizing the #13 ranked class in the nation because they haven’t produced the way you think they should after 9 games, really? You do realize they ARE freshmen, right? Most freshmen take quite a while to adjust to division 1 college basketball. And I am certainly glad you know what you are talking about? You do realize that this freshmen class is the highest rated class IU has ever recruited? Go Hoosiers!

  13. You guys saying that the talent being recruited is declining do realize that both Buss and Cahill were 4 star recruits, right?
    You make it sound like we are only getting players that places like Northwest Indiana Technical Institute were passing on.

  14. T, you are correct, Buss was a 3 star recruit. Hoosierfan, who is the Wilson you are referring to? I assume you are referring to the guard coming in next year? She is a 3 star recruit that is incredibly quick and a 40%+ 3 point shooter and you say she is a project?? We know this how??

  15. I have the utmost appreciation for this program and am a loyal and dedicated fan. I know the view is always better from the cheap seats. Heck I officiate and coach every game from my seat and can be downright critical and very vocal during the heat of the battle but when the final buzzer sounds it’s over. Move on. It’s a game. These are student athletes where the student part is priority number one. In addition to being good athletes and students they are great people first.

    Back to the game . We left a lot of points (10-15) on the table by missing multiple bunnies/ layups and free throws. If we reduce the turnovers and convert some of those into field goals the final margin could have been 20 to 25 points.
    I am very confident that this team will be well prepared and ready for conference play.
    Looking forward to December 28.

  16. I appreciate reading all of this-whether I agree in some cases or not. I’ve met so many great people at IU and really like and root for the school across the board.

    One of my pet peeves in basketball is star rankings. If you’ve ever heard of Ivan Renko you’ll know Coach Knight and I agree on this.

    I coached high school for a long and run a pretty big AAU club. There are some very good people that do rankings-but as a whole it is incredibly political, money driven, and often the people doing the rankings have either seen the player a few times or not at all. What are the qualifications of the people who do the rankings? Is there any accountability to being right? In reality if you ranked Buss as a 3 star recruit you were wrong.

    1. Thank you.

      I’m guessing that, after the first 25-30 players, everyone else is lumped together. A good recruiter will find the players who fit. If I’m not mistaken, JJ Watt was a two star player coming out of high school. He’s likely headed to the Hall of Fame. One of my kids got one D1 offer. One. By his sophomore year he was competing in the NCAA Championships.

      Unless you are mature well beyond your age, trying to guess how a 16 year old high school kid will turn out is a crapshoot.

    2. But in a team game, you have to be careful in abusing the institution’s lore/traditions/platform in seeking only long term “potential” at the expense of the team’s ascent. I have problems with simply relying on rankings as well. I also have problems with coaches who exploit and often ruin a team game because of infatuations and exorbitant amounts of effort to identify and accelerate raw talent at the cost of a better team. Sure, it’s great. A coach gets identified as a miracle worker for locating talent very behind the curve. IU should not be the Sylvan Learning Center for athletes….simply so a coach can get some sort of moniker as someone who can locate a distant star(low star) and use all that is available at a place like IU to make them the center of his own personal solar system at the “next level.”
      Team sports are not golf. The ‘feel good’ stories of raw talent turning amazing corners once exited IU are wonderful. But IU also used to be a destination for talent that had matured like a fine wine…Mr. Basketballs…Guys like Isiah Thomas. Players with savvy and skills sets…and intangibles..and big game experiences at the h.s. level, etc, etc. that are not simply raw athletic ingredients on recipe sheet that can get you to a next level.

      And let’s not forget the importance of “ranking” coaches….There are a lot of labeled 5-star coaches out there(many labeled as such for locating those distant stars to be who will appropriately blossom and mature just in the nick of too late for IU ) who actually coach the game like -1 stars.

      It’s a complicated business…Identifying talent and turning team games primarily into infatuations with who can play at the next level has nothing to do with quality coaching.

    3. @Coachjcahill – I agree that the ranking system leaves much to be desired. I only brought up the rankings due to someone saying that the program’s recruiting was going downhill and the rankings of players coming in gives an easy metric for comparison.
      I have not seen a single set of rankings that measure a player’s passion for the game, commitment to working hard in the gym, and all of the other intangibles that allow someone to work past what others might see as their limitations.
      It is a player’s drive and passion that allows them to go beyond what their natural skill level would allow.
      Both Buss and Cahill came in as gifted ball players, but they are leaving as exceptional ones due to their drive and passion, and my comments about their rankings does not have any bearing on the respect I give them for what they have brought to our program.

  17. coachjcahill– Yes I have been having the same thoughts about the rankings. I have known that Buss was pigeon holed as a 3 star by espn and not in the top 100 players too. So in my book those involved with the rankings were not only wrong once but twice.

  18. The star rankings are not anything close to perfect but in a macro all inclusive since it is pretty much simple percentage. Though some players are missed regarding a higher rating and some are over rated, percentage of players who are rated higher on the star scale make up the better, best, elite programs in all sports. Sometimes the coaching is underachieving, or the players underachieving, or whatever or lower stars are well coached and over achieving, the reality is overall the teams with higher ranked stars over a period of time are going to win more provided the coaching is competent.

  19. IU ladies and T.Moren continue to increase into higher star recruits and T.Moren is a very competent coach.

    1. I agree. This BS about recruiting being ‘down’ and the team in a spiral is laughably disingenuous. This is the ‘golden era’ of IU women’s basketball by any metric. Twenty win seasons? Post season tournaments. Previously unheard of.

      So, they didn’t make the post season every year. They used to NEVER make the post season.

      If you have a personal issue with the coach be a man and admit it. To claim that the women’s program is somehow trending downward is completely unsupportable with facts.

  20. Jon or Jeremy, I was just wondering if you were going to continue something that you have done over the last several years? Each week during the basketball season you posted the IU recruits (Men & Women’s) stats updates to let us know how our recruits were doing. Is that something that we can look forward to?

    1. MikeC,
      I will be including the recruit updates again this year. Will probably start later this week now that football and soccer are both done, and I can focus more on basketball.

  21. This full court pressure is a real issue for this team currently . It really showed itself against auburn , then it reared its ugly head again vs north texas. They have to get this problem corrected.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Brenna Wise, I am a big fan of hers and have been for a while. I have watched every vid of her on you tube and there are many. Moren will not have to ask for a leader to step forward next season as Brenna is a natural in that field and anyone who has watched her game knows this. Truly looking forward to Brenna, Ali , and Wilson get on the court and see what they can bring. But this season want to see more Brie Wickware on the court , she has proven she can add to the team,

  22. Just watched #17 Missouri vs SIU Edwardsville . Hope Moren has a good game plan ready. Cunningham at 6′ 1″ is a sg wing who loves to shoot from deep and I mean deep. Against this team she was red hot , had 20pts in first half. They also have good size a couple 6′ 3” inside in the porter girls. They also will use plenty of full court pressure which IU has not proved they can handle as yet. As for Virginia they lost to Maryland by 1 pt , enough said.

    1. Steve, we usually tend to really show up for big games..it seems like the low/mid major teams tend to be more of a problem for us. Playing down (and up) to the level of the competition. I do believe they are gonna have problems sharing the ball until buss hits her scoring record

  23. I wouldnt be surprised to see IU be competitive against the tigers , but they have won 8 in a row. Moren sent a message to Penn by benching her to start the second half, Im all for it since they sure looked pathetically flat in the first half, actually 3 qtrs. Its going to take some time for the freshmen to develop into consistant play, they will be up and down , lets hope more up as they enter the Big Ten.

  24. Am I the only one having a problem viewing the “Inside IU basketball” on facebook live. I was able to watch last weeks with Brenna Wise as guest. but this weeks with Moren keeps cutting off about the time Moren starts to talk. After several tries it tells me I need an updated version of adobe which I now have the latest version installed,,, makes no difference same problem for me.

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