1. Could it possibly happen two years in a row? Is this the same group of young men who beat ND on Saturday? Let’s see, at least 12 turnovers in the first half, several bunnies missed, and too many bad shot selections to count. Against Ft. Wayne. F T. W A Y N E!

    This may be the worst shooting IU team in history.

  2. My best Joey from Blossom. “Whoooaaaa”. I really thought this game would be totally different. Back to work.

  3. they ARE the worst shooting team IU has EVER had …4 of 24 from 3 pt range. they couldn’t hit a 3pt shot even if the backboard was hit for 3 pts.. Hey ARCH!!!! line up a row of chairs at 3 pt distance and make the players get USED to seeing what a 3 pt distance is….and then shoot behind. EMBARASSED …just a Horribly, terrible game up and down the bench

  4. and BTW anyone thinking Langford commits to IU is in dreamland…he will go to Vandy to Play alongside Garland. so you can forget the 5 star shooting guard coming…even next year looks like another team that shoots 4 for 22 from 3 pt range.

  5. Humbling is not the word I would use, Chet. IU’s performance was so bad, it became comical. IU looked like the Washington Generals playing the Harem Globetrotters. I’m sure some IU team in the past has played worse than IU did tonight, but I can’t remember when. One thing is for certain, this is the worst shooting IU team ever!

    This was a debacle. 24 turnovers, 3 from 24 shooting from the 3-point line. Numerous missed layups. Total humiliation on our home court. Losing by 20 to Ft. Wayne. Losing to Ft. Wayne for the second consecutive year. Well, hopefully this represented IU hitting bottom.

    Anybody still think IU has a chance to sign Romeo Langford?

    1. During the waning moments when the Hoosiers were making funny videos with their play, my wife, a Tennessee grad, yelled at the television, “Have some dignity!”

  6. Well, at least the Scott brothers have something to tell their grandkids one day. They are 5-0 against Indiana.

    Letdown game…? I’ve seen paved parking lots come out less flat.

  7. Look, this is flawed roster. There’s little leadership from the seniors. RJ had 6 turnovers!

    No one ran the offense tonight. Didn’t see them run a decent set, but for maybe 4 possessions. The defense broke down in the 2nd half because Ft Wayne kept getting out in transition after turnovers and long bricks.

    Don’t worry yourselves, Indiana will be fine. “Oh No! We won’t get Langford.” Yeah, the other school recruiting him is 3 – 7 right now. Phinisee is better than Garland, and our other commits are tearing it up too. Indiana is going to fine. I think we’ll get Langford, but I don’t really know about recruiting, so I’m just pulling it out of my butt. Either way, Miller was left with a turd sandwich for a roster. He’ll build it back up.

    1. I don’t get the argument that IU isn’t a great fit for Romeo. This team could be a serious threat but they are skilled shooting guard away from success.

      Vanderbilt is merely a giant paradigm shift in the foundation of all of college basketball from greatness. They have won their sorry conference once since I was in high school.

  8. After the ND euphoria of surprise this was certainly a possibility for a young team looking for identity and chemistry under a new coach. Sustaining thought for me is with Crean coaching last night IU drops the game by 30. So, humbling is the proper descriptin. Not devastating, as is being bled all over this thread. I see no reason why RL would consider Vanderbilt the better BB future for him. Phinisee is reason enough for him to pick IU w/o even mentioning the other talent developing under Miller. Next year is promising for IUBB and Romeo can see the chess board too.

  9. Chet, please convey my appreciation to your wife. She articulated my thoughts exactly.

    There’s no way to sugar coat last night’s performance. It was embarrassing. It was disconcerting. It was as bad as it appeared, and as bad as I can remember. Hopefully, it represented IU hitting bottom. But I’m not sure that’s the case because of how lethargic and uninspired IU’s players seemed to be last night. They showed no signs of having any passion, fire or pride last night. They were soft. And while IU is eventually going to be “all right,” I think it’s going to take more time than most people think. One stellar recruiting class, with or without Langford, is not going to fix this mess.

    One other thought that dawned on me while watching last night’s game. I think we’re going to see more players transferring after this season ends. And that might not be a bad thing.

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