1. “0” ZERO points for Johnson a SENIOR….intolerable…all he did was occupy space on the basketball floor. Its NOT that Indiana has a bad team ,,,they have a bunch of GUYS that cant shoot for crap.

  2. TJ, I agree with you. They play hard, they play improved defense, and are reducing turnovers, but IU just does have any real good shooters on this team. They miss way too may free throws, 3-point shots and “bunnies” at the rim. I love their effort, but its painful to watch this team try to score points.

  3. Miller stated that during the preseason 75% of the time was spent on defense. I think that answers some of the missed shot s quandary. They’re getting good looks so I suspect shooting percentage is going to get better as the season goes on. Just as FT are getting a little better. But yes Johnson let his teammates down today. McRoberts is heady and full of energetic drive.

  4. Archie said it plainly in the after-game radio interview regarding our “shooting”. And if we are pinning our hopes on McRoberts we’re in Deep Trouble…he should be O.T.B. (on the bench) along with Hartmann. Painful to watch, impossible to root for.

  5. Anyone with a clue as to Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego”? ooops I mean Clifton Moore??? is he still on the team is he injured and unable to play at all?? whats the latest on him?

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