1. can anyone; ANYONE shoot AND hit something other than a layup…the INABILITY to shoot and hit anything over 5 ft is getting embarrassing .

  2. This must be the worst shooting Hoosier team in history. They are simply terrible shooters. There were three air-balls in one 3-minute stretch in the first half. Numerous shots that never got above the rim. Mid-range shots that slammed against the backboard. You can see that IU’s players lack confidence to shoot the ball. They hesitate, pass up open looks, and wait too long in the 30-second clock and then throw up bricks. They look like they’re playing a game of hot potato. This game was over before half time, simply because IU’s players can’t hit water from a boat.

      1. ^^^Give him a break, DD. He’s still in supreme apologist mode for Crean.

        You know how we won this game? Archie never called timeout after the first missed free throw from Torres. You would have been guaranteed a timeout from Crean. Archie made Torres think about it on the court rather than allowing Brey and his teammates to settle him down in a timeout. Dumb coaches always use conventional thinking. Archie not a dumb coach.

    1. IF he did Ron….its because CAM is just as frustrated as we are over the inability to put the ball in the basket…..Someone should tell Morgan that’s why its called BASKET BALL

  3. Excuse me……..I’m struggling to chew and swallow the crow that I’m forced to eat right now. My wife is serving it up in large portions of it right now. Never before have I been so happy to have been wrong. This game was a train wreck half way through the first half, but they kept fighting and found their pride. Love the effort, love the perseverance, love J. Morgan. He took over the game and carried IU on his back today, becoming the unquestioned leader of this team.

    How does a ref call a foul with .8 seconds left to play in regulation?

    How does IU’s senior guard step out of bounds twice while waiting for a pass?

    Winning in spite of such terrible outside shooting has got to give this team a boost of confidence. But we’re going to need better shooting and better productivity from our guards if this team is going to produce a winning season. Great win, and with the next three games against inferior competition, IU has an opportunity to improve their offense.

  4. Great win, but there’s a lot of mental lapses by our guards. Priller, should give up his free ride and give the scholarship to McRoberts.

    1. Glad you said it. Last time I suggested a scholly should go to a walk-on who works his way into the lineup as a team player and solid contributor off the bench vs some fan favorite who has done nothing but collect dust for four years, I was called slime.

      Congrats Josh. Hope your degree will get you a good enough gig that will pay you enough to pay off your loans in a decade or two. Perhaps Priller will hit a three after we have Rutgers crushed by thirty at home in the last 4 seconds. Then everyone can cheer him like crazy and start waxing enthusiastic about his up coming senior speech.

      1. I said the same thing during the free rides for the “Tijan Forever” years…..and the Bawa Muniru years…and the Peter Jurkin years…and the Guy-Marc Michel years.

        I guess there’s a double standard of sorts… Most of the aforementioned were bigger toe-trippers than Priller.

  5. I U South is exactly right. “Mental lapses” seems to be the exact right term to describe the problem with our guards so far this season.

  6. ^^^^SHUDDUP. They won. Green hit two clutch free throws. That sure as hell wasn’t a mental lapse. Ice in his veins.

  7. If the mental lapses hadn’t occurred the last few seconds needed to win would NOT have be necessary, we gave away a bunch of scoring chances with the lack of being mental aware. Winning isn’t the only measure to review a basketball game.

  8. I thought Devante Green was trying to play the way his Coach was instructing him to do. I like it and was wrong in an earlier post. And #15 came up with a big hustle play, just like some on this site liked about him. I was wrong about that too and am really glad to have seen this win.

  9. I’d like to see a closer replay of the second call against RJ for stepping out of bounds. Personally, from the distant view I saw on replay, it almost looked like his heel never came down to touch the line.

    Still have to clean up the turnovers, but the team played a superb brand of disciplined and collective defense with no quit.

    Great win. Great board and assist from McRoberts. Grit. Signature Archie.

  10. McRoberts played a crazy good game. All he does is make the perfect deflection at just the right time.


  11. IU wins with McRoberts(31 minutes)and without Newkirk(9 minutes). That additional option in the rotation is attributable to players with strong BB IQ developing under AM. IU-41(31 on the D end)rebounds, The Fighting Amish 32. Credit the packline D kicking in. Becoming a familiar, consistent and potent weapon while the offense evolves. Surprised ND’s defense was not stronger. W says much about the progress and improvement that has been processing all through the early 1/3 of the season. Miller will optimize this win to the programs advantage moving forward in the B1G. Something Crean struggled with. Biggest benefit of the game is players grow confidence through their own efforts. Probably the best IU W in a Cross Roads Classic.

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