1. Mike Miller

    Under-4: Indiana 32, Iowa 20. Hoosiers on a 15-1 run over last five minutes. Devonte Green with 7 points and an ass

    Huh? That’s no way to talk about 7 points.

  2. Good job Hoosiers. Enjoy watching the progress and your coach’s in game adjustments. He gets it. Hoping Newkirk soon sets and Hartman starts. Smith along with Moore getting minutes good to see.

    1. I doubt they’ll sit a point guard a replace him with a small forward. I don’t think many if us expected Collin to turn into this good a player. Good for him.

      1. Harvard for Hillbillies
        Saturday, June 16, 2012 – 4:28 PM UTC

        I’m by no means a passionate follower of recruits, but after viewing a mix tape of some Hartman highlights on YouTube, this kid looks pretty damn skilled to me.

        Really nice looking jump shot..very smooth release and nice arc/follow-through. We could be looking at the next Steve Green. I wouldn’t call this kid a mistake. You just don’t know how kids are going to blossom. He has good size…solid looking frame(by no means a long twig), fluid movement, and one sweet looking stroke. I don’t see this kid as a flushed away scholarship.

        I really hate being a narcissist….though not as much as being right all of the time.

        1. Yeah, throw enough crap on the wall something is bound to stick. Good to see you got one thing right a mere 5 years ago, though.

      2. Chet that was my thought until last night. Hartman is better at his position (with no thanks to Newkirk) than Newkirk is at his (and he’s not getting better). Now’s the time to cut the cake and let the 2 young guards cross train through OJT. It’ll only be for this year and probably not any difference in performance at PG.

        1. I don’t understand the heavy criticisms for Newkirk….His shot is improving. The kid gives 110%. I think he’s running things rather admirably given all the changes.

          I don’t think we have anyone with comparable speed or ball skills to be a better option.

        2. I think Newkirk is better, he just still makes very noticeable mistakes and they are exactly the kind of mistakes that Archie has nearly eliminated in his teammates.

          The thing is, that away a couple ill advised attempts to drive through a crowd and he had an otherwise solid game. I agree that the youngsters will, in time, surpass his skill set. He’s in the lineup for defense.

          1. Not that he doesn’t drive me up the wall, as well.

            I do think he is much better than last year, though.

  3. Yes, good job in deed. Need to see progress with free throw shooting and finishing at the rim. But the effort is outstanding, and their ability to adjust is impressive. The foundation is being built, and I think it will be very solid.

  4. There was a segment in the second half when the ball touched at least five sets of hands without a dribble. There was a precision and an understanding that I never thought I’d see displayed again by a Hoosier offense on McCracken.

    I actually have a second reason to visit Bloomington again!

  5. I’m a bit confused about the comments pertaining to how good Hartman has been. I’ve always thought he was a very important/valuable player for IU, and that’s why it was so distressing to see him go down with another injury last year. I think I posted last spring that if Hartman had not been lost for most of last season, IU would have won several more games. I’m glad to see his mental toughness and perseverance rewarded and to have him back on the floor making major contributions. He is extremely valuable for a variety of reasons. If Hartman stays healthy and continues to play like he did last night, IU has a chance to produce a winning season. Without Hartman, that goal will be much more difficult to achieve.

  6. Your best work in your Scoop history…When Hartman first came to IU there were numerous people on this site who were throwing him under the bus as a wasted scholarship. Don’t recall too many defending him…outside of a couple.

    Talent is elevated when it is properly coached ….especially without mindless substitutions killing synergy/chemistry. Archie has done a very nice job easing Hartman back in.

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