1. Was at game. De’ron Davis has a lot of pain with his legs….very sad to see him in pain. Otherwise….well….if we win any games in the BIG it will showcase just how mediocre the league is.
    We have a very bad team this year. Sorry to state that, but it’s the truth. No “team” chemistry amongst the players,,,, at all. A bunch of dispirited individuals going through the motions….badly.

  2. Regarding Simon-Skojdt Assembly Hall: The Big Heads are (thankfully) gone. That’s a positive!
    The big screen ALWAYS has advertising on the right-hand side, even during play! That’s new to me: it is ALWAYS a Commercial happening, many times the prominent sideboard has integrated commercial: Honda ad on the sideboard of the big screen, H O N D A on the sideboard. Another result of that Huge Screen is that it divides the crowd; you can no longer see the Hoosiers on the other side of Assembly Hall (RED — WHITE, etc). Remember how Bobby Knight fought to the bitter end against any advertising in Assembly Hall? He was right to do so, of course. A vastly different crowd experience than the past……

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