1. Going to the game tonight!! I feel it’s an important game for IU. I will be watching Archie Miller and see exactly how he coaches our players. Will he be tough and bench those who do not play as a Team and with his System? If we at IU cannot beat Tennessee Tech with our 2nd string, we have no depth at all (and we might NOT have any depth!). I’d like to see ALL 2nd string tonight….because Devante Green did not start last game (Ft. Wayne) and I think he’s the Point Guard this team needs…with Green playing firmly under the control of Archie. IF that is the case, I think we can be pretty good. Without that, I think we are going to be as awful as we were last game. (really awful)
    Where is the lead up story for this game???

  2. Newkirk is IU’s PG when on the floor. When he is not normally Green and Durham co-share the 1 & 2 positions.

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