Trending Now: IU basketball news and notes

By the numbers
Blocked shots by Indiana against Tennesee Tech, the first game with double-digit blocks since Nov. 15, 2013.
20 Points scored against the Golden Eagles by Josh Newkirk, a season high and only his third double-digit scoring game of the season.
33 Career appearances for senior Tim Priller, who played in just his second game of the 2017-18 season last Thursday against Tennessee Tech.

RoJo tracker
Senior guard Robert Johnson made his 100th career start against Tennessee Tech last week, scoring 12 points to bring his average over the past three games to 16.3 points per contest. That outburst comes on the heels of a combined 15 points in the previous three games.

On the season, Johnson is averaging 12.5 points per game and has been in double digits in nine of the 13 games. His 1,141 career points now rank 39th on IU’s all-time scoring list, just 16 points behind Cody Zeller for No. 38.

The Richmond, Va., native hit two 3-pointers against the Golden Eagles, giving him 195 for his career, which leaves Johnson just five made 3s away from cracking Indiana’s all-time top five.

How the Hoosiers stack up
With just one game remaining before the resumption of Big Ten play this season, Indiana finds itself with some ground to make up in the statistical standings. The Hoosiers can only hope some of those numbers are not indicative of where they will finish in the actual standings.

IU is tied for 10th in scoring offense at 75.5 points per game with Nebraska but is 14th and last in scoring defense at 74.2 points per game, leaving the Hoosiers 13th in scoring margin at just plus-1.3 per game.

Sticking with the offensive side of things, the Hoosiers are No. 11 in free-throw percentage (66.8 percent), No. 8 in field-goal percentage (46.6 percent), No. 13 in 3-point percentage (31.4 percent) and No. 12 in assists (13.8 per game).

On the defense end of the floor, the Hoosiers are No. 12 in field-goal percentage defense (44.5 percent), No. 14 in 3-point defense (40.5 percent), No. 8 in blocked shots (5.3 per game) and No. 11 in steals (5.7 per game).

Other notable numbers see Indiana ranked No. 9 in rebounding margin at plus-4.2 and No. 11 in turnover margin at plus-0.2.

Recruit watch
Damezi Anderson, 6-7, F, South Bend (Riley), 2018:
Posted 13 points, eight rebounds and six assists in Riley’s 72-38 road win at Plymouth last Tuesday. That came on the heels of 33 points in a 63-59 win at South Bend Adams on Dec. 15 and 19 points in a 74-62 victory against Portage on Dec. 16.
Jake Forrester, 6-8, F, Harrisburg, Pa., 2018: Forrester’s Westtown squad played in the Chick-Fil-A Classic last week in Columbia, S.C. He had nine points, two rebounds and two blocks in a 71-54 loss to Prolific Prep on Thursday, two points, four rebounds and a block before fouling out in a 62-60 loss to Cannon School on Friday and finished the week with a double-double of 14 points and 11 rebounds in a 77-67 loss to Huntington Prep on Saturday.
Jerome Hunter, 6-7, G/F, Pickerington, Ohio, 2018: Sat out two games after picking up two technicals in the Forum Tip-Off Classic at Southport but after celebrating his birthday on Friday, scored a game-high 33 points in a 100-36 win over Marion-Franklin Saturday.
Rob Phinisee, 5-11, PG, Lafayette (McCutcheon), 2018: Finished with 41 points, including 17-of-20 free throws, in a 78-59 win over Merrillville on Friday. That capped a huge week that saw him set the school scoring record with 50 points in a 91-34 win over West Lafayette Harrison on Dec. 15 and was followed by 20 points and five rebounds in a 58-31 victory at Winamac on Dec. 16.
Grace Berger, 6-0, G, Louisville, Ky., 2018:
Led Sacred Heart into the Nike Tournament of Champions in Washington, D.C., last week. Had 17 points and six rebounds in a 72-66 loss to Riverdale Baptist last Wednesday and had team-high 19 points in a 78-66 win over Mesquite, Az., on Thursday. No stats available from a 72-41 loss to St. John’s College Prep Friday.
Aleksa Gulbe, 6-3, F, Riga, Latvia, 2018: No stats available.
Chanel Wilson, 5-6, PG, Powder Springs, Ga., 2018: No stats available.
Jorie Allen, 6-0, F, Bedford North Lawrence, 2019: 17 points and nine rebounds in 60-20 win over Bloomington North Tuesday, 14 points and 13 rebounds in 65-32 win at East Central Friday.


  1. Wow…Those statistical standings numbers are abysmal.

    Speaking of abysmal numbers, did anyone else see the hurt that Detroit put on the Pacers tonight? Interestingly, after an atrocious start and falling behind by 21 points in the first quarter, the Pacers did put on an 18-5 run in the 2nd quarter(mainly due to benching Oladipo).

    1. But the Indy Star had a different view. “Oladipo’s absence looms big in defeat” & “Offense misfires at end of game w/o top scorer “. Benching due to sore knee.

        1. Ron stated an opinion voiced in a headline by a Star reporter…It’s editorial. Pesky opinion…Not pesky facts. Facts will be told when we see how far the Pacers go with Mr. Olamagnifico in the future….and in the playoffs. He’s already been around stars @ OKC and he shrunk. Some guys can’t deal with being anything but the “chosen one”/chosen “star.” That’s why Indy is suiting him just fine….but it won’t make for a playoff team worth a damn.

      1. They lost by four points. That’s “looming big.” Yup, it was almost like not having Godzilla show up against Mothra. Dozens upon dozens of NBA guys currently riding pine could have given the Pacers enough to get over that tiny hump. Fact remains, Pacers played more aggressive ball when Olamagnifico was put on the bench against Detroit.

        Pacers are faltering and getting closer to falling beneath the playoff cutoff line. Nobody should be foolishly considered in “All-Star” company if playing on a team hovering around .500.

        Eric Gordon…..17 first half points against Boston! Attaboy EJ! And doing it on a team that is breathing down the backs of Golden State! Somehow I doubt EJ will get any sort of recognition in the Indy Star or the HT…or Hoosier Scoop…though the kid is from where?

  2. I have some further stats for “Trending Now Notes”.

    Oladipo point totals the previous 5 games before last:


    # of posts Harvard initiated discussion about Oladipo during that time: 0.

    1. Apparently one game is all H4H needs to make a judgement and the fact that VO is 11th in the NBA in scoring average means nothing. With the good young talent in the NBA that is balling.

      1. And if placed on the Pacers as a ‘Mr. Go-To,’ there are dozens upon dozens who could put up similar numbers on a team with no real marquee talent. Fact remains, the Pacers played better with him on the bench last night. And they’re playing very adequately with Oladipo absent tonight against the Mavs.

        Just about anybody in an NBA uniform can stuff the stat sheets…But can they create the chemistry and play in a way that makes teammates admire the unselfishness and desire to win before anything else? Or, does the new celebrity “baller” in town simply want to prove his game alone is worthy of the giant chip on his shoulder…?

        Rock- I completely agree. I’m just having fun with those who somehow can’t stop slobbering all over him because he somehow validates Crean beyond the obvious horrific coaching.

        1. No. It’s because the kid has talent. Victor worked hard every year to improve and he did just that. Many people thought he’d just take up a valuable scholarship but he earned it. I believe you’re the only one holding on to Crean. You can’t quit bringing him up and think it’s a chronic sickness in your brain or something. This place was peaceful until you arrived again. I’ve got my money on Chet you just want attention and enjoy stirring the pot.

        2. “…there are dozens upon dozens who could put up similar numbers on a team with no real marquee talent… ”

          That’s the stupidest thing on the internet today.

      2. Ignore him.

        He’s on the verge of threatening to hold his breath until people pay attention to him.

    1. Many Hoosier fans like to support fellow Hoosiers who compete at the next level.

      Obviously, people who are not Hoosier fans like to diminish their success.

  3. Harv is absolutely correct: the key to a “good basketball player” is whether he can make his TEAM better. Larry Bird was an excellent example (as was Jordan, etc.). The Crean years were horrific for IU Basketball and Harv has every right to point it out frequently AND often. It was during his tenure that IU Basketball ceased to be “team basketball” and became “me me me” stuff. I am one who is hoping that Archie Miller, (after some years of recruiting his players) can forge us back into a TEAM. And 1/2/08 will be a great one-game situation of Greg Garl with a decimated roster against Archie Miller with a depleted and dis-oriented roster….at the Kohl Center. I’m PUMPED for this game upcoming!!!!! (Plus, I’m a big fan of the big kid on Wisconsin..can’t remember his name at present).

    1. Thanks, Rock.
      The apologists can’t seem to discern the difference between hating the narcissistic/individualistic tendencies(and incompetent coaching) imparted on the game vs. hating a person for simply being a fraud. I could far more tolerate the fraud if he hadn’t descended upon Bloomington to ruin our storied basketball institution culminating in cue card hoops by his ninth year.
      If team goals and basic fundamentals to improve a team are at a point where it’s dumbed down to cue cards, that should be more than enough to tell anyone that the mere salivation at wing spans and NBA draft nights was Crean’s only value to a very unsophisticated fan(a fan so removed from the game of basketball that any claim to be a ‘Hoosier’ is sort of an oxymoron).

      And strange how so many that hated on Kelvin Sampson for tiny/meaningless infractions find it so intolerable to dislike a guy who validated such hatred with claims of one man “wrecking” our entire program. Nobody brought “hatred” to Indiana more than Tom Crean on his pious thrown.

    2. Eighth in the league in scoring, 10th in the league in steals, 4 assists a game, to go along with 5.5 rebounds a game.

      Yep, that just screams selfish, one dimensional player.

  4. Yeah ROCK, how about the fact the Pacers were supposed to be at the bottom of the league and they’re wildly surpassing all expectations? I’d say that team is doing WAY better than the sum of their parts. And Oladipo is the one who’s supercharged what was supposed to be a bottom feeder. Lots of hoops left to play, so we’ll see how it plays out. So far, Vic has made everyone around him better.

    It has nothing to do with Indiana University and nothing to do with Crean. Harv is so obsessed with hating Crean, he actually thinks that rooting for Victor Oladipo to succeed in the NBA is a secret way of supporting Tom Crean. Even Oliver Stone thinks it’s crazy.

    1. You weren’t around this blog during the “hating” on Sampson(including anyone wearing a Hoosier uniform who played for him) years. Don’t talk to me about “hatred,” Mr. Double Judgments. You best ask around for the names of the real haters who built their names by claiming one individual could wreck all of IU Basketball because of a 3-way calling investigation spearheaded by a very corrupt NCAA.

  5. I’m glad for the comments! It’s nice to have this time in this lag time between IU Basketball and preceding the BIG opening with Wisconsin to discuss stuff with friends on the Internet. And I do consider all on this site “friends”. I don’t follow the NBA because over time I’ve seen that it has little to do with basketball and much to do with circus and gambling. I did not like Oladipo or Zeller here because, frankly, they did not achieve much team-wise…got destroyed by Syracuse (a result of our ‘tiny guards’ as Boeheim noted and Zeller’s inability to shoot a 10 foot shot against the Zone). Oladipo was non-existant during that game as well in my opinion and was always over-rated. Yes he can pile up stats but so what? I could care less and think Harv is right on this one…he’s not often right and I just wanted to point out he is right on this. Again, all I’m truly interested is 1/2/08 and our Hoosier team (a bad team this year in my opinion) showing what they can do on this night (1/2) against Wisconsin’s depleted team in the Kohl Center. Ethan Happ. that’s his name. I like that player’s footwork around the rim. Can he shoot a jumper this year? We’ll see!!!

    1. Totally agreed that the 2012-2013 team was a major bummer. No reason for their end of the season flop with all of that talent on the floor. I think the problem has been removed and hopefully we have someone that can take us to that next level given better talent.

      It wasn’t that that team lost, it’s that they were limping through their last few games. Wisconsin hammered them in the B1G tournament. They didn’t exactly look sharp vs 16 seed JMU and probably should have lost vs Temple, but for Watford’s heroics. Enough has been said about that horrendous Syracuse debacle.

      Aside from that, the NCAA tournament is magical and guys can just get hot and ride that wave. Conversely, normally solid players throughout the year can lay an egg or two or three. Arizona’s National Championship team in 1997, their leading scorer during the season was not Michael Bibby or Miles Simon. It was Michael Dickerson. He lost his shot in the 2nd round and wasn’t a factor at all. He was airballing shots. Thankfully for them, Bibby picked up the slack. He got super hot and carried them to a National Championship. Arizona’s 1988 team was #1 almost all year and destroyed everyone leading up to the Final Four vs Oklahoma. Steve Kerr absolutely fell apart in that game going 2-13. They lost. Kerr did ok for himself in the NBA after that game.

      But the tournament is what people remember. And that’s the way it should be.

  6. The ROCK wrote, “The Crean years were horrific for IU Basketball …..”

    Two Big Ten championships and three Sweet 16’s = “horrific.” Wow, given that embellishment, it looks like someone lost their perspective a while back, like about 30 years ago. Actually, from my perspective as a lifelong IU fan who watched his first IU BB game in Bloomington 53 years ago, the “horrific” years for IU BB were the years that preceded Crean’s arrival. How easy it is for people to forget the dumpster fire that existed before Crean arrived in Bloomington. How intellectually lazy it is to scapegoat the most recent coach who failed to meet our unrealistic expectations that were based on nostalgia and not an honest assessment of the condition and management of IU’s Athletic Department. How convenient it is to hold on to that disdain and continue to blame the former coach until IU makes it back to the Final Four. Archie’s got it made! Given the antipathy many IU fans have for Crean, Archie will be coated in Teflon and bullet-proof for years to come. Any time Archie’s teams fail to meet our surreal expectations over the next six or seven years, people will still be blaming Tom Crean. When you stop to think about it, it’s actually amusing.

    1. Crean’s coaching was the only true dumpster fire. Over the last nine seasons, eight different Midwestern programs proved far more expertise by accumulating a collective 23 Elite Eight’s(and many Final Fours) while he topped out at Sweet 16’s.
      Purdue has many Big titles in their history….I’m sure they believe it makes them the prestige program of the last 50 years — while doing near nothing on the biggest stages of March.

    2. You asked for “intellectually lazy?”

      Could McCracken be anymore violated than candy stripes collapsing to cue cards? And this was from a 30 million dollar coach in his ninth season? Using the term “lazy” doesn’t justify such an insult to our basketball heritage(not just a heritage in banners …but in teaching credentials for the game representative of our incomparable statewide passions and traditions rooted in basketball). All of that history…Attucks….Robertson…Milan…..Bird….Knight…dumbed down to cue cards.

  7. 53 years ago…that makes 1964 when you started, Podunker! You’ve got me beat by a few years as I started watching in 1976….(and all my friends told me the 1975 team was even better). Lots of my friends told me the years in the Fieldhouse where actually more fun than when Bobby Knight came, but I have no experience of that. Perhaps you have and I think that’s great!

    Having made that clear, let me ask you if you ENJOYED watching the basketball during the Crean years? I most certainly did not. I like to watch basketball played as a TEAM sport, where the Players have regard for each other. The end result of the Crean years was a mish-mash of individuals playing solely for themselves to become Professional Players. Perhaps that is the way of things, but I look at teams such as Wisconsin and Purdue and their players, (at least to me), have a “team concept” that was lacking in the Crean years. I’ve followed the discussion on this website and have stated that, for me, the success of Archie Miller is whether he can instill into the ‘brand’ of Hoosier Basketball the concept that players are playing for our TEAM…(AND hopefully of the quality to go on to make a living playing basketball, I am aware of the motivation of players who are talented enough to make it to the NBA). You stood up for Crean a lot during his tenure…I guess you enjoyed that style of play…to me, it WAS “horrific” and I am hoping for better, and 1/2/08 is a good date to begin looking at it (while giving Archie a couple of years to recruit his own players).

  8. Reason they were horrific….IU couldn’t defend a glass of water, they couldn’t pass the ball even if they were only ones in the gym…and more than likely would throw the ball away, dribble off their foot ..or lose the ball altogether. Defense, Turnovers ALL NEVER EVER corrected themselves. I don’t think Archie loses anyone from this years team to the NBA. I think D’ron and Juwan realize that with another year in Archie’s system they will improve dramatically ( as well as the others that can return) For the most part they have cut the turnover rate in half. Shooting wise JBJ carried the brunt of that last year. AND…..(wait for it) …the team can ACTUALLY get the ball inbounds in press situations AND they have shown signs of the ability to play against a zone. The weaknesses of this team is their shooting, and learning a new coach and new system. Archie has been patient with the players ; we owe them our patience as well

    1. On the money, TJ! (Tijan Jobe?)….

      Jobe kidding aside, you covered it all very well. It was disjointed basketball to the degree of horrific…If you couldn’t see it, you didn’t understand the game nor valued all the intangibles. the grit, and all of the “little things” the best teams do to make talent collectively stronger than the individual parts.
      And in its finest hour of high rankings and talented rosters, Hoosiers under Crean stalled miserably under a brand of individualistic tendencies, lapses in focus/crisp play,…and “weaves to nowhere” that would always prove inferior in March against teams with far more savvy in rosters and coaching intelligence from the bench.

      They defend the horrific because Coach Galileo used the prestige of Indiana Basketball to place a couple of the candy stripes (who needed extra development time at a team’s expense) in the NBA. No Crean recruit arrived at Indiana with basketball savvy already in the background. Their tales of achievement at the ultimate “next level” are wonderful….but what of our level? Is there no appreciation for Indiana giving the ‘rough around the edges’ phenoms the chance to reach their dreams? Just at the moment it’s all coming together for Crean’s distant star “discoveries,” they wave goodbye with no regard of where they could have taken TEAMS with their remaining eligibility and skills finally coming together and far more refined.

    2. Nobody is arguing that point. I think everyone here understands this is a learning year and fundamentals are back in Bloomington. We’ve all for the most part moved on. I think the majority of us was pleased a change was made. The difference is some can’t let it go. (Jeff Meyer, Mitch McGary and hell even Chris Covington now).

      1. Letting go is a convenient term for apologists responsible for all the additional years Indiana basketball fell behind…..For having so much “understanding,” it sure is baffling as hell to me how anyone could not see the dysfunctional hoops were never going to end under a clueless X’s and O’s blabbermouth. How could such “understanding” of the game be wasted on empty showmanship while supporting a regime for reasons having nothing to do with basketball? If only all of you would have moved on(rather than clung to the fires of hatred in terms like “decimated,” “ashes,” “cancer,” and “wrecked” instead of allowing Indiana to sink under a decade of fraudulent instruction for a game we’re all supposed to cherish.

  9. Absolutely correct! Patience as we watch the drama unfold…this time with some sort of progression towards Team Concept (defense, taking care of the ball, will to win games TOGETHER) under Coach Archie Miller. To me, 1/2/08 is a fascinating game…not because either team is going to win the NCAA (or progress in the Tournament) but because we watch two programs a program of recent real success (Wisconsin) but decimated due to injury, and one a program with a new coach. I’d like to like our team this year but they are going to have to like each other and play like they enjoy being on the same team with each other before I like them. I had thought after the Notre Dame game with Devonte Green trying his best to play like Coach Miller wants him to that the team would coalesce but they did not. It is a Problem Team and we shall see how Coach Archie Miller can change things. He’s paid a lot, too, Harv.

  10. And I totally agree with you, DoubleDown. “The tournament is what people remember, and that is how it should be”.

  11. The ROCK’ sounds a lot like my old Scoop friend, ‘NoMendacity’….I think I finally have it figured out.

    Agree…Archie pretty much inherited a “problem” daycare center….It’s very difficult to undue the dysfunctional aspects ingrained into a classroom allowed to use the game solely as a playtime/playground. Discipline in basketball doesn’t come via shouting or jumping….It comes via pride and brotherhood and missions to achieve beyond the individual performance.

  12. Thank you, Rock. You validate my claim that to many Hoosier fans, the style of basketball IU plays is more important than winning. You provide a great example of the nostalgia I was referring to.

    I’ll say it again. As long as IU BB is a clean program (no cheating) and our players are real students, I don’t give a dead rat’s behind what style of play they utilize. I could care less if certain people categorize their style of play as “a mish-mash of individuals playing solely for themselves to become Professional Players,” as long as they win. And if Crean had won a national championship with his “miss-mash of individuals playing for themselves,” we would not be having this debate, and Archie Miller would not be IU’s new coach. Aside from being an absurdly inaccurate description of those most successful Crean teams, it’s simply irrational to think that a “miss-mash group of individuals playing for themselves” could win two Big Ten Championships. It’s just ridiculous. I guess that disqualifies me as a Hoosier Basketball Purist, but so be it.

    News Flash! Bob Knight is not coming back to coach at IU. The game has moved on and obviously, so has he. With the one and done rule, and the NBA money available to highly talented young players, everything has changed, especially for the most talented players, several of which are necessary for any team to win an NCAA Championship. College basketball has become far more dynamic, and unless the forces in power eliminate the one-and-done rule, the Bob Knight style of basketball is gone forever. So while I respect your preference for the old style of team play, I suspect you and a lot of like-minded Hoosiers are going to be perpetually disappointed. Either that, or when the next IU coach wins a national championship, you’ll jump on that bandwagon and develop amnesia about the good old days of Indiana-style basketball.

    Crean’s only real sin while at IU was not winning a national championship.

  13. Crean’s only real sin while at IU was not winning a national championship.

    Style of basketball under Crean? Napoleon Dynamite has more style on a fashion show runway.

    National Championship? No Crean top-rated team made it to the second weekend in March. All hype, no action/coaching. They were pretty much pounded at their Sweet 16 appearances. Let’s not pretend he came anywhere near sniffing the success that nearly every other major Midwestern program achieved in March during the last seven years.

    Crean’s most notable national “shining moments” of sorts were chasing Jeff Meyer like a lunatic, hopping around and slapping his own arm like Peter Cottontail on steroids during crunch time of a Wichita State game, acting like a lost stalking puppy dog when denied a handshake from Knight, and proclaiming Sheehey’s lucky bounce was the result of halftime prayer.

  14. After a day of working and finally getting home I see you’re still infatuated with Tom Crean. The relationship must’ve been a bitter breakup. You make a teen girl look mature.

    1. I’m infatuated with quality basketball, Ben. Did you know Indiana ranks among the tops in diseases associated with smoking, rates of obesity, and deaths by drug overdose?

      Maybe quality basketball was one of the few tiny rays of sunshine for people of such boredom, economic stagnancy, and personal despair. Happy distractions don’t cost a thing but they sure help ease the pain of the daily grind upon the constitution. I guess I shouldn’t be too critical of Oladipo filling just a bit of the many voids of a place where the facts haven’t been kind to those emotionally and financially suffering.
      Let’s hope Archie can do his part and bring the Hoosiers back to something worth watching again.

  15. Rock- It’s all good. Nice to finally have some company. Your style does remind me a lot of NoMendacity. Maybe it’s just the fact I rarely see anyone stand up to the “It
    Crowd” here.

    1. Harv, if you’d actually read through the thread, you’d find that ROCK and most of us here were in agreement. It was your false portrayal of what me, or anyone else for that matter, was saying that was at issue.

      But please, tell me how much I love Crean some more. Because I’m complete unaware of these thoughts and feelings. You know, ’cause I hope Victor Oladipo has a great career in Indy. And that I find it odd routing for the University of Michigan over Indiana because the coach is weird.

      But please, keep “standing-up” to us. Us folks who regularly have differing opinions about everything, but generally like to get along besides the disagreements about things that don’t really matter.

  16. Gosh, Harv, you have a soft spot! Nice to read! This has been a great thread of basketball thought. Happy New Year to all. On towards the Kohl Center on 1/2/08!!!!!

  17. The problem daycare center was inherited by Crean. I clearly remember the thugs on Sampson’s team. Refusing to practice, not attending classes, F’s genuinely earned, drug use and flower pots being thrown in the office.
    Nothing ruins a thread like the multiple incessant posts of h4h BS. The absolute record holder for strong smelling, novelish diarrhea.

    1. Have you ever thrown anything when you were 18 years old? Ever smoke any weed? Ever get caught with any stash in a dorm room? Ever thankful you didn’t get caught? Ever climb into a car after too much booze….? Ever acquire a fake ID to get into a bar. Ever get so wild and crazy that you jumped up onto the hood of a moving vehicle? Ever do it while on an athletic scholarship? Ever sit in a convenience store parking lot with jugs of vodka purchased for your teammates? Ever do it after you got kicked off the team? Ever weave recklessly down one of Bloomington streets drunk?
      Ever have to spend your nights sleeping in the backseat of a car because you had no home? Ever had one ounce of compassion in your heart…or is everyone simply disposable other than your glorious self?

      Throwing a clay pot and cutting out of classes…..Throwaway people. If we could only throw away all the inner city “thugs.” Gosh, what a better world a bunch of Clarions would make.

      1. Sampson’s ‘thugs’ each made their own bed then did not like laying in it. Their problem is in their own mirror. Waiting for the diarrhea reply.

  18. Harv’s personal protector is ever vigilant.

    Don’t criticize Harvey or you’ll get the ax. It’s a one way street, though. I get personal attacks directed at my family members and Jeremy has no problem with that.

      1. That’s beyond laughable.

        Doesn’t matter. You’ve staked out your ground. We all know where you stand.

  19. Chet- I never intended to criticize any of your family members. I sarcastically mocked your tendency at overkill and the manner in which you claimed to be so humbled by their achievements. They are not nauseating. I don’t know them. You are nauseating. Beyond that, your attacks are far more vicious. Not just with me…I’ve seen you go after others in the same manner….as if you’re some sort of “Enforcer” here and ultimate judge of character. Get over yourself, dude.

  20. I must have missed a lot of Chet’s posts on this site, because from what I’ve read, he is one of the most reasonable and consistent participants on The Scoop. Most of his posts are thoughtful, and I don’t recall Chet making nasty personal attacks. We don’t agree on everything, but who wants to participate in a forum where everyone agrees? Echo chambers get boring very quickly. “Group think” is much too common and breeds a “pack” mentality that can get nasty. Chet seems to avoid either trap.

  21. have to agree with Harv on this one . I have witnessed chet doing exactly what Harv accuses him of over on the women’s side . Grow a pair .

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