Bob Knight to give speech at Bloomington South in February

Bob Knight will be making another speech at a Bloomington high school.

The former Indiana men’s basketball coach will speak at Bloomington South at 7 p.m. on Feb. 28. It will be similar in format to his visit to Bloomington North in March, again moderated by former Herald-Times sports editor Bob Hammel.

Just like the speech at North, it is being titled “An Evening with Bob Knight.”

Knight, who led the Hoosiers to three national championships and 11 Big Ten conference titles during 29 years as coach, has rarely made public appearances in Bloomington since his firing in 2000. Outside of the speech at Bloomington North in 2017, there was a book signing at a Wal-Mart in 2013.

Otherwise, he has skipped on-campus events to honor his past teams and players. Around the time of his speech at Bloomington North, Knight appeared on the “Dan Patrick Show” and said he hoped members of the IU administration responsible for his firing were “all dead.”

According to a flyer posted to social media, tickets for the February talk will cost $25. Because of a sponsorship, all proceeds will benefit student and teacher groups.

When he visited Bloomington North in March, Knight shared stories from his career, but he also covered topics of the day. He discussed President Donald Trump, who Knight supported during the campaign, describing him as a man who “doesn’t just talk” but “listens.” He also commented on the hiring of Archie Miller as IU’s next coach, saying, “You get behind him, and I think you are going to enjoy a lot of good basketball.”


  1. If Glass wasn’t at IU, I believe he’d love to sit a couple rows behind Archie Miller. But Glass is a lifetime appointee via committee and far too entrenched with Indiana politicians and business moguls for that to ever happen. Knight will pass before ever returning to Assembly Hall.

    1/2 a carnival act remains at IU….and it gets in the way of a man who made carnivalesque candy stripes into something revered rather than mere propaganda wardrobe and window dressing.

  2. Don’t think so and don’t blame him. No choke holds barred nor never believed choke hold nonsense unless a very liberal definition is used to define it. Now, other offenses, yes and very big time wrestling with number one throwing the chair onto the floor followed by pounding the phone during NCAA tournament game when Hoosiers went on to win championship.

    1. Why would he return? He was fired. Depends on the man I guess but can’t blame him putting raid on that wasp nest.

  3. At least there’s another bad guy to lay the blame on. Not the overgrown baby who couldn’t ever dare to hear a contradictory word.

    I can tell you for a fact that Knight doesn’t have an inch of real estate for Fred Glass in his head. That his grudge is deep and he’s likely never going to come back to Assembly Hall regardless of who is AD.

    Bad guys! They’re everywhere!!!

    1. I think there is a better than even chance he has no idea who the current Indiana athletic director is.

      Because it doesn’t matter.

      1. Notice how stories about Bob Knight can’t be ignored…? Where did I hear “ignore him”….before? Gosh, sounds so familiar.

    2. Don’t spoil Bobby’s return….Bobby with his slow majestic stride walking onto McCracken in an Assembly Hall packed to the rafters? There’s never been a more perfect event to pull out a Peter Cetera and Kim Keyes song. My eyes are already welling up…

      1. I guess Cher did the original with Cetera…but they never performed it together live. I prefer the Kim Keyes version….

  4. …like he said, he hoped they’re “all dead”…people with common sense knows Glass ‘ain’t on that list’…but he is a known, ‘Paper Tiger’…

  5. These stories about Knight giving a talk somewhere in the state of Indiana have become tedious. Who cares? He’s been giving IU the finger for many years now, but it lost its impact a long time ago. He is no longer relevant. Nothing to see here folks, let’s move on.

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