Davis out indefinitely with lower leg injury

A weekend road trip to Minnesota just became a little more difficult for Indiana.

Sophomore center De’Ron Davis will be held out indefinitely after suffering a lower leg injury during Thursday’s practice, IU coach Archie Miller announced before the team left for Minneapolis Friday.

Losing Davis, who is averaging 9.6 points and 4.3 rebounds per game, is a significant blow to an already thin Indiana frontcourt. Davis has started all 15 games this season, and although his production has dropped off across the past month, the Hoosiers will sorely miss his size and potential inside. The Colorado native is fourth in the Big Ten with a .615 field goal percentage.

“It was a non-contact injury,” Miller said. “He’ll be out indefinitely until we have just a very 100-percent clear indication of what that is. That being said, obviously, we’re moving forward as a group and, as we head to Minnesota, we know we have a heck of a challenge.”

The 18.8 minutes per game previously occupied by Davis are expected to go in a few different directions.

Fifth-year senior Collin Hartman, who has come off the bench in each of the 10 games he’s played this season, has occupied the five role on undersized IU teams of years past. Davis’ injury may also open a door for wiry 6-foot-10 true freshman Clifton Moore, who has played sparingly during his first few months with the team. Of course, Davis’ primary backup, senior Freddie McSwain, will also be asked to accept greater responsibility, though McSwain’s game provides limited offensive upside for the Hoosiers.

“It’s going to be one of those things that we’re going to have to sort of go practice by practice, game by game,” Miller said. The biggest detriment to our team now will be obviously foul trouble, something that is going to be huge in terms of us moving forward and being successful, having to try and keep our best players on the floor for the longest period of time. All hands on deck. I think every guy on the team at this point in time is going to have to really raise their level of play.”

Without Davis, a brighter spotlight will be placed on junior forward Juwan Morgan, who has served as the one consistent offensive presence for the Hoosiers. By averaging a team-best 15.4 points and 7.0 rebounds, Morgan has given IU a presence in the paint.

At times during the non-conference season, IU complemented Morgan with four perimeter players on the floor at a given time. Though it may not be ideal for Big Ten play, that could be another option for Miller while the Hoosiers further navigate life without Davis.

Regardless of which players he shares the court with, Morgan will now be asked to do as much or more without his low-post partner.

“There’s a lot of pressure on Juwan,” Miller said. “There’s been a lot of pressure on Juwan the last month or so to continue to raise his level of play. I thought against Wisconsin he wasn’t as aggressive as he needed to be at times. I thought later in the game he got better.

“He was really good in practice yesterday. He’s focused. I think just right now, I mean, he’s going to be a guy that walks into every game, he’s going to get the other team’s best shot. He’s got to be ready to go because we’re going to go through him a lot.”

Minnesota is also entering the weekend without senior center Reggie Lynch, who was suspended from game action this week after a school investigation found him responsible for sexual misconduct.

Lynch, last season’s Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year, remains part of the Gophers’ team, but will not be allowed to play while an appeal process is underway.
His absence will put a dent in Minnesota’s frontcourt, where he is averaging 10.0 points and 7.7 rebounds per contest. The Gophers now will lean more heavily on junior forward Jordan Murphy, who is one game shy of tying Tim Duncan’s NCAA record of 17 consecutive double-doubles to start a season.

“Having (Lynch), not having him, it will be significant for them,” Miller said. “But they also have a ton of good players. I mean, he’s not the only guy on their team that’s impactful. … They have a lot of good players. They’ll be fine.”

But will Indiana? Saturday will provide the first glimpse of how the Hoosiers fare without their big man.


  1. Not having to put out any effort because of an injury may sit well with him as he doesn’t like to put out much energy on the floor. From my observation he’s a big problem with this version of Hoosiers. But could be such a valuable asset. It’ll have to be proved to me he’ll be missed.

  2. I’m at this point of this I U basketball’s season, I have shifted my focus to the I U Baseball’s season.
    This basketball season, is like a bad movie without a good ending.

  3. Minnesota center Reggie Lynch may miss this game to some off court issues. Now that Davis is hurt it’s probably more of a disadvantage for IU than Minnesota being without Lynch. Frustrating we can’t catch any sort of break. So far the only real consistent scoring has come from either Davis or Morgan on the inside and once they pick up a few fouls there is no one to replace them. Ive never watched a team where as a fan you had no clue where the next two points were going to come from. I can only imagine as a coach how frustrating it can be. I still believe if we had one kid like Blackmon who could put the ball through the net our record would be significantly different. Davis and Morgan need a kid like Langford just as Oladipo needed Zeller. This team is just one dimensional especially when NCAA basketball is a game of fouls.

  4. I think we all just need a hug….

    All of our eggs were in one basket….Thomas Bryant would have walked through fire for Crean. Who will take the same walk for Archie? Crean couldn’t coach worth a damn…but he did know how to crawl into the hearts of his most prized players. The fires of that loyalty made up for a lot of incompetence from the chalkboard.

  5. Excuuuuuse me, but I believe that I called this accurately when I saw De’Ron Davis play against Tennessee Tech. It’s not that Davis is not giving “effort”…he’s HURT. He has an INJURY and CANNOT MOVE.

    Now….moving forward….Reggie Lynch is out due to an April 2016 allegation of Sexual Assault.

    Let’s play Minnesota without our big man (who could not play well prior to the injury being identified properly) and let’s have Minnesota play us without their big man who is under suspension for Sexual Assault.

    This season has drama! I’m PUMPED for The BARN!!!!!

    1. If it makes you feel any better the first thought I had when I saw the headline was your comment about him being hurt.

    2. Rock,

      I have to agree with you and Chet regarding the Davis injury. My first thoughts too were remembering those observations you posted at the time.

  6. “Incompetence from the chalkboard”………….Crean’s teams averaged 17 turnovers a game ..BAD for a team with multiple NBA draftees…..and they HAD TO keep scoring because Crean’s teams couldn’t hold water in a sieve (even if that sieve was coated with Vaseline).

  7. Dare I say it? It’s time for Tim Priller to break a sweat. If he’s not able to contribute 12 minutes, even if it’s just for defense and rebounding, then what has he been doing in practice for the past three years? My question is, would he foul out within 12 minutes?

    1. Priller fouls out before he breaks a sweat….How did we let Jeremiah April get away? How did we let Hanner Perea get away? How did we let Guy-Marc Michel get away…? How did we let Luke Fischer get away? Vonleh too early? Peter Jurkin? Tijan Jobe forever…couldn’t play? Bawa Maniru? This post play inadequacy has been in reruns more than the Andy Griffith Show.

      McRoberts will be the guy who will have to play as if it were an out-of-body experience.

  8. Lack of chalkboard = lack of direction = lack of understanding = lack of breaking down zones = lack of simple execution for post entry or in-bounding a ball from the baseline = cue cards = TURNOVERS.

    But let’s not confuse the lack of basketball teachings with the lack of heart. Most of Crean’s prized players would walk through fire for him. Nobody ever accused Hulls, Oladipo, Bryant, Yogi…..(even VJ III) of lacking in effort or loyalty to their coach.

    Can Archie find that sort of loyalty to go with the stronger acumen for the game from the sideline? That has yet to be seen….I’m seeing attitudes that look rather indifferent….and that also produces indecision and turnovers.

  9. At the last two home basketball game Priller didn’t dress and had a boot on his foot. I believe he wasn’t in uniform for the Wisconsin game. Doesn’t look like any run to the telephone booth for a change of clothes for Priller and IU.

  10. Oh my freakin god Tom Crean is not the coach people move on jeez he might i get it he might as well have been a toddler saying goo goo ga ga right?its time to talk about somethin else dude because thats gettin really old and stale its 2018

  11. Blah blah blah, Coach Crean couldn’t coach, we have his crappy recruits, etc. All true. But it’s time to let it go people, he’s long gone. As Urban Meyer said, when he walked in the door, they were his players. Yep, Coach Miller was dealt a rotten hand. So we suffer through this year and maybe another one or two. Why keep harping on the past coach? Do you people need to keep ranting on Crean and raising your blood pressure? Focus on what this team is, good, bad, or otherwise. And yes, they are painfully bad.

  12. Thanks, Chet! When I first watched this game it was an Nick’s without sound. An ugly side of “sport” was shown when I watched (and listened) it just now on YouTube. Dakich, of course, is already ugly in it’s purest form, but his racist rants about Davis “not playing hard” etc.etc. ad nauseum is the purest racist bs possible, and in my opinion hurts our recruiting. Oh how fun it is to pick on the big black boy whose dogging it when you’re the undersized white guy who held Jordan to 11 points or whatever (after vomiting). Dakich has CONTINUED to vomit all these years, that’s for sure, and his rant against Davis was one of the lowest I’ve heard (and that’s saying something!). Still!!! On to the Barn where the Criminal Justice System is at work against Reggie Lynch (!) and De’Ron is out….gosh can it get any better for drama in this amazing Season?

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