Davis to miss rest of season after undergoing surgery

De’Ron Davis’ sophomore season has come to an end.

The Indiana center will miss the rest of the campaign after undergoing surgery Wednesday to repair a torn Achilles tendon in his right leg.

Davis started the first 15 games for the Hoosiers this season, ranking fourth in the Big Ten with a field goal percentage of .615. The Colorado native averaged 9.6 points and 4.3 rebounds until suffering his Achilles injury during last Thursday’s practice.


  1. This is yet one more reason to hate Dan Dakich (for his racist and hateful slurs about De’Ron during the Wisconsin game). Let’s see if that slimy, vomit-breathed creep has the decency to make a public apology to De’Ron. I won’t hear it unless it’s during a IU Basketball game, so if anyone hears it please post to this site. Thank you.

    Best Wishes to De’Ron for a full recovery.

  2. Hey ROCK, what were “the racist and hateful slurs about De’Ron” that Dakich said during the Wisconsin game? I must have missed that part of the game.

    I’m not a fan of Dakich, but I can’t imagine he’d still be employed at ESPN if he had uttered anything that could remotely be construed as “racist” or “hateful” about anyone, during a telecast or anywhere else. De’Ron may deserve an apology from Dakich, but I doubt it’s because he said anything racist or hateful.

    1. It wasn’t racism or slurs. I certainly do not like Dakich but all he did was state his trait for voicing his overbearing opinions. I wouldn’t listen to his radio show if they paid me $10,000.

  3. I also believe Dakich’s broadcast partner deserves some criticism for not questioning and demanding further explanation from Dakich during the suggestions of “loafing” aimed at De’Ron. His partner should have shut him down….Don’t know who was doing the broadcast with Dakich, but he’s likely a far more experienced and seasoned professional than the obnoxious guy he was sitting next to.

    People treat guys like they’re loafing all of the time…It’s been done on blogs…and done plenty by major sports journalists. Just because the kid is supposedly 100% healthy doesn’t make it right either. Nobody has the right to assess a final judgment of someone’s effort. That’s the coach’s realm. If a player is getting major minutes on the floor, it’s pretty hard to imagine a quality coach is giving them opportunity despite laziness during practice.

  4. I do recall a broadcast partner calling Dakich out for criticizing a player during the Michigan vs. Purdue game last night. Dakich was attempting to attribute two stupid decisions to one player….The second accusation was shut down by his partner due to the fact that the player had no choice to chuck up a bad shot because the shot clock was ready to expire.

    Hmm? Likes to overly criticize IU and IU kids….(passed over by IU for coaching job after Sampsongate)?
    Hmm? Now likes to overly criticize Michigan and Michigan kids….(son passed over by Beilein while still having a year of eligibility)?

    Disgruntled Dan using radio and ESPN to take his cheap shots is what most of this is about. Not like the dude has ever been classy.

  5. Somebody I work with gave me this quote from the Dakich radio show:

    “Archie is the worst IU hire since me.”

    Signature Dakich. Critical…Sometimes self-deprecating. It’s life as a disgruntled shock-jock in Hicksville, Indiana.

    Any of you listen to ‘Ferrall on the Bench’…? You ain’t heard over-the-top until you listen to Ferrall. Guilty as charged….This is the stuff that sells. He’s extreme but I love listening to the guy. Love listening to his mobster-esque whiny/scratchy voice too. “O’Reillyyyyyy AUTO PARTS!”

  6. DD is the LaVar Ball of college hoops. I ignore him in just about every medium he blathers, but I can’t escape his telecasts. Back in the day, we used to sync Fisch with the telecast, but I cut the cord and there is just too much delay via the Internet.

    He went off on “Indiana women,” on Twitter during the Minnesota game. It was super awkward.

  7. I ruptured an achilles tendon. I don’t know if his is a partial or full tear. One of the weird things about the rehab of a full tear is that it grows back at the site as scar tissue, not tendon. Because of that it loses much of the ‘elastic’ properties it had before.

    It takes a good bit of getting used to. You eventually do but it took me a while to walk without a limp because it was so different than before the injury.

    That being said, he’ll receive a level of care and therapy I can only imagine.

  8. I totally agree with all the above comments. Dakich really has little to sell and makes a lot of stupid comments to try and build a following . He has rarely made a few game comments that were almost correct . He is a lot like LaVar Ball They both are doing their best by being ignorant uninformed and legends in their own minds as they try to ruin basketball for their own personal gain. If the media would not report every stupid thing they say and do they would disappear. I do feel bad for their sons who are the true victims . GO HOOSIERS !

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