Green riding latest wave

Devonte Green played merely four minutes in Sunday’s loss at Purdue.

He followed with a career-high 20 points in Tuesday’s loss at Ohio State.

So goes the rollercoaster that is Green’s sophomore season.

The flashy guard continues to search for a middle ground between the crests and troughs that have defined his second year in an Indiana uniform.
Green’s performance against the Buckeyes was the latest peek into his potential production inside IU’s backcourt, but getting those results consistently remains the challenge as the Hoosiers enter the final month of the regular season.

Last week was a tough one for Green, who had both good and bad moments in last Wednesday’s loss at Illinois. Although he finished with five assists, further demonstrating his ability to make the kinds of passes few, if anyone, on his team can complete, Green also had a wild final three minutes. The end of the game saw Green score five points, but also commit two turnovers, including one on an ill-advised fastball bounce pass to Juwan Morgan in the waning seconds.

The recent tough stretch motivated Green to find a fix ahead of IU’s trip to Columbus, Ohio. In shooting 4-for-5 from beyond the arc, 4-for-5 from the free throw line and 2-for-5 inside the arc, while posting two assists against zero turnovers, the New York native authored his most efficient game of the season.

“I just stuck with it,” Green said. “I came to practice and competed really hard.”

But is Tuesday’s performance sustainable? And in what capacity will he get his next shot?

IU senior guards Robert Johnson and Josh Newkirk didn’t give the Hoosiers nearly enough production against Ohio State. Newkirk has been especially ineffective in recent games, following a stretch of two strong outings against Penn State and Northwestern in mid-January.

Newkirk posted an efficiency rating of zero at Ohio State, and across his past five games, the senior point guard is averaging 5.0 points, while shooting 26 percent from the field.

Green started over Newkirk to begin Tuesday’s second half. Does that mean he could be in the mix for a starting assignment when IU hosts Michigan State on Saturday night?

IU coach Archie Miller isn’t revealing his hand.

“We’re searching,” Miller said. “We’re searching for consistency. I think Devonte had a really good approach coming off the Purdue game, where he didn’t play as much. He took advantage of the opportunity to get out there and concentrate. He got himself into a good rhythm and if he does that, he’ll play more, for sure.”

Miller has been asking his guards all season to increase their production to complement the expected nightly output from Juwan Morgan in the frontcourt.

Green, while attempting to find his fit within the framework of IU’s offense, is trying to take that plea to heart.

“He stresses it enough,” Green said. “We run a bunch of plays to try and get open looks for our guards. … I think I just got on a little bit of a hot streak. I was feeling it a little bit and making shots.”


  1. First sentence? C’mon, man!

    You must have been at your live twitter feed so passionately that you forgot the game was in Assembly Hall (not at Purdue).

    Devonte Green played merely four minutes in Sunday’s loss at Purdue.

  2. talk about missing the point of the article! What I want to know, Harv, is whether you have unbounded enthusiasm for seeing Green at the helm the rest of this season????

    1. Do you want the honest answer…? No. I actually prefer Newkirk. I don’t trust Green with the ball. And I actually think a cold day in hell is more likely than an NCAA berth, too.
      But I do like Justin Smith’s potential…and Freddie McSwain is sort of fun. McRoberts….? Lukewarm. Morgan is certainly increasing his stock for the NBA draft…but I hope that’s far from the only reason he’s bringing a lot more game. He does sort of disappear at times. It is what it is….and it is what Tom Crean left behind as Indiana was abandoned of all recruiting interest.

      Did you catch Kyle Guy lighting it up for Virginia last night? I forgot…Where is he from?

  3. I had to look it up. Lawrence Central.

    A 6’10” freshman from LaPorte is going to play for Michigan State Saturday…….

    You regaled Izz for keeping his starters in up in E. Lansing….this game is for recruiting in the State of Indiana and I think Izzo is going to attempt to throttle us. I am excited to see the defense Izz diagrams IF Archie throws caution to the wind and rolls with Green…….

    1. He’s originally from Carmel, IN…and attended Park Tudor …Moved up to LaPorte to go to the prep school.

      MSU lists him at 6-11.


      Born Sept. 15, 1999 • Son of Jaren Sr. and Terri Jackson • Father, Jaren Sr., played college basketball at Georgetown and 13 years of professional basketball, including being a member of the 1999 NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs

      Good catch, Rock…There are so many great players from this tiny state that you simply can’t keep track. And Crean missed on nearly all of them…or didn’t even recruit them. It was always about finding his next D-Wade…and raising his own personal banner for being a Galileo with an NBA telescope pointing everywhere except what was right outside his front door.

  4. Excellent. I bought a ticket from a student (who was going out of town this weekend) and he proudly told me that Jackson was from his home town (LaPorte).

    Again, I think this game (Saturday) is all about recruiting…..Izzo is going to want to crush us (again).

    Purdue seniors have gone 5-1 against us and proudly proclaim they are “the best team in the State”.

    Archie has his work ahead of him, and it’s going to take some Time before anyone is going to choose I.U. over MSU or Purdue (I am sad to say).

    that’s why Saturday’s game is important. Yes, we’ll get the Call just like against Purdue, but can the referees keep this close? We’ll be able to rake them without fouling, but can our guys put it in the bucket except when we are on the foul line? Exciting!!!!!

    1. Don’t be sad. Robert Phinisee (out of Lafayette) was expected to attend Purdue before he flipped and signed with Indiana. It’s already happening.

      1. My thought exactly. I don’t care what anyone says, in total, IUBB recruiting is at the worst fluid while at the pinnacle opportunistic and Phinisee is proof positive.

  5. “fluid” in Indiana is good….considering there wasn’t even basic plumbing with Crean.

    Pipelines to the East, BABY!….Pipelines to the East!

  6. You know…

    Purdue has a nice team this year but they’ve never made it past the Sweet Sixteen with Painter as coach. Just because they are good at the beginning of February this year doesn’t mean there is some sort of a paradigm shift in college basketball.

    They are still just Purdue until they have done something of note. Painter has achieved less than Crean as a coach.

  7. Excellent, well-said and yet another reason I read this site. I’m hoping you are right, but my feeling is Purdue is a Final 4 team and possibly NCAA Champions this year.

    Time will tell!

  8. No way Purdue is a final four team this year. They’re having a good season in a down year for the Big Ten, but I doubt they make it to the round of eight.

    1. I’ve watched enough BB this year to recognize PUke is as viable to be a FF team as 10 or 12 other current potent teams. They are dangerous because they possess many needed pieces to the puzzle for a deep run. They are damn physical and play tenacious D.

        1. Bingo! Thanks. In the paint where a a big man is spose to be. Not wasted out in the land of long range.

        2. Also as far as Painter is concerned about coaching, we all saw in the huddle of a 2nd half timeout when he got in Big Haas’s face and told him he didn’t care if he was being hit, pushed and fouled, he had to do his job. No arguments offered.

          1. I think Painter is a middle of the pack coach in a basketball rich environment. He will usually produce a competitive team. Win a conference title occasionally. Seldom be nationally relevant.

            He can last 25 years at Purdue or 5 at IU.

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