Hoosiers still haunted by shooting woes

It’s not getting any better.

Indiana’s shot-making ability, particularly from beyond the arc, remains one of this team’s most glaring weaknesses. After enduring yet another poor shooting performance in Tuesday’s 71-61 loss at Wisconsin, the Hoosiers are still looking for someone to step up.

“We continue to be a team that’s really inconsistent behind the 3-point line,” IU coach Archie Miller said. “You gotta be able to make some shots, particularly on the road. You gotta step up and make some shots. We just haven’t done it.”

Not only does Indiana enter Saturday evening’s game at Minnesota ranked No. 13 in the Big Ten in 3-point shooting percentage (.305), it ranks No. 319 nationally.

Statistically, this is Indiana’s worst 3-point shooting team dating to the NCAA’s universal implementation of the 3-point line in 1986.

That’s a sobering, yet puzzling fact to ponder. Although this team doesn’t have a long list of quality distance shooters, there are some. Collin Hartman’s four 3-pointers at Wisconsin served as a bounce-back performance for the fifth-year senior, though the rest of IU’s team combined to go 0-for-7.

That includes an 0-for-4 3-point shooting night by Robert Johnson, who entered the year with a career shooting percentage of .396 from beyond the arc. This year, Johnson is making merely 30 percent of his perimeter shots.

“Eight minutes to go, you gotta find a way to score the ball and stay close and relevant,” Miller said. “I thought we had some good looks, too. It’s not like we’re forcing them. I know Rob had a really good one. I think Collin had a long one, but another good one after we had some stops. Couple of those shots go in and we’re right there. They just didn’t go in.”

Ultimately, getting them to fall is proving to be a challenge this team is struggling to meet.

Since shooting 38 percent from the perimeter in the overtime win over No. 18 Notre Dame on Dec. 16, the Hoosiers have shot merely 24 percent (21-for-85) from beyond the arc in their past four games.

“Our perimeter guys are better shooters than that. I’ve been saying that,” Miller said. “We just haven’t been able to get it clicking. We need some confidence. When some guys step up and make a couple, I think it’ll help. That really, at the end of the day, has been the thing. Can you score against really good teams when you need a basket with eight minutes to play?”


  1. Send them to Lebanon (at least the underclass players) let Rick Mount teach them shooting

  2. Your weakness is your greatest gift, number one son.
    It’s is never too late.

  3. Speaking of weakness…I’d sure love to see Archie Miller follow Mr. Vomit’s advice and start “5 players who will give effort”. As we all know, Dan Vockich then mentioned Jimmy Jager as “a guy who will give you effort” (I’m assuming because Jager is white).

    OK! Let’s start 5 white guys! Oh how I’d love to see that!!!!! Hartman, McRoberts, Priller, Jager…do we have another white guy?

    We’d be down 30 by the time THAT experiment was shown as the Reason we don’t play ‘only’ guys who “give effort”.

    It’s time for Dakich to be let go from ESPN for his barely-concealed racist rants (but then, who owns ESPN???? I think Disney LIKES the racist rants!!!) Past time for the vomit to be expelled from the airways! In fact, the one thing that came out of Davis/Sampson being fired was that Dakich was also fired (though I am certain Mr. Vomit gave ‘more effort’ while coaching than his precedessors.

  4. Come on. Tell us what you really think….

    Good shooting has always and will always hide a lot of flaws. We don’t have that luxury this year.

  5. Banake Kanote! Senior. Where is he from? Mali (Africa…. south of Libya). Has the tendency to foul, but is 6’11”. What about that 7 footer who is also on Minnesota’s roster (not Lynch). Ohyeah, that guy from NORWAY (Senior transfer from LOUISVILLE!!!!!!!) He has not played in the BIG this year (had some clean-up minutes in early Minnesota games).

    Oooh…I’d just LOVE to see Priller go against that guy from NORWAY!!!! Let’s hope that happens sometime this game (perhaps at the end of the 1st half). Would we pass it into the post?

    However, it seems to me Priller was not suited up to play against Wisconsin (might be wrong).
    In ANY event, at 5:14 I’ll be ready to watch this one!!!!!!!

  6. How’s this for drama? Barake Kanote won a SPORTSMANSHIP award from the BIG 10 Conference! So, Lynch is “responsible” for sexual misconduct and suspended, and Minnesota can insert in his place a Sportsmanship Award recipient! Does it get any better than this?

  7. Two questions:

    If Banake Kanobe is thrust (or would it be more polite to state as I did previously “inserted”) into a starting role for Minnesota, is it a matter of him getting his just deserts (because of his Sportsmanship Award)? Could this be why it’s happuning, Harv?

    And, (late in the first half), IF we feed the Post with Priller standing tall against Matz Stockman, Oslo, Norway, 7’0″ Senior transfer from Louisville, would Minnesota double-team or block out (anticipating a rebound)?

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