Hoosiers, Sycamores agree to future football games

Indiana announced Tuesday that it agreed to an upcoming two-year football series with Indiana State.

The Hoosiers will host the Sycamores on Sept. 13, 2025 and on Sept. 11, 2027. The Big Ten recently revised a scheduling mandate that prohibited teams from scheduling Football Championship Subdivision opponents.

Now, under new league rules, conference programs may schedule FCS teams in years when they host only four conference home games.

According to terms released by IU on Tuesday, Indiana will pay ISU $475,000 for the 2025 game. It will pay ISU $500,000 for the 2027 contest.

The Hoosiers lead the all-time series, 6-0.


  1. This was a bad decision, really stupid. Absolutely no upside to scheduling ISU. The fans won’t turn out to watch this game, a victory will be meaningless, and a loss will be a disaster. More of the same stupidity for IU’s non-conference scheduling and the most recent example of IU’s continued mismanagement of the football program. Please tell me there was political pressure to throw ISU a bone and pay them a bunch of money. Otherwise, this makes no sense and is in fact counter-productive. Glass is just tone deaf when it comes to the football program.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. This just reaffirms the lack of confidence in being able to recruit at a higher level, thus, competing at a higher level. It also indicates that years from now getting to 6 wins will still be the ultimate goal. Very disappointing.

      1. You realize that we also play Louisville in 2025, right?

        With playing nine conference games now, we only have three nonconference games. For next year, we have the seventh hardest schedule in the country. How difficult do you want the schedule to be?

      2. Also, by your own logic, Alabama’s goal will only be to win six games in 2025, because they play an FCS school pretty much every year. This is dumb. It makes our fans look like they don’t actually follow college football.

  2. Not so stupid. ISU may not even have a fb program by then. Then, hopefully, for ISU they were smart enough that a clause was included that money could be transferred toward a tennis match. Then, IU could schedule Butler, Taylor, or Hanover etc.

  3. University of Louisville has Indiana State on their 2018 schedule and they have 50,000 plus fans show up for their games. Maybe a win is more important than we think.

    1. We also have a series scheduled against LOUISVILLE from 2023-2025, but knowing that would require our fans to actually know what’s going on with the program and follow college football, which they don’t.

  4. Yes, and Alabama schedules some weak teams every season, but so what? They’re Alabama! ISU is not the type of team IU needs to be playing. That’s a game that does not compliment the program’s goals. What, we couldn’t schedule a MAC team? How about Miami of Ohio, or Ohio University or at least another round with Ball State. I can’t believe Allen was enthusiastic about this. If he was, that’s an even bigger problem. Does Glass have a clue what it’s going to take to fill Memorial Stadium and make his football program successful? I don’t think he does. We’ll be lucky to get 32,000 people in the stadium for these ISU games.

    1. I swear, every time I read one of your comments, I wonder how much football you actually watch or follow. It’s just a constant stream of ranting and ignorance. Our future schedules are easily available to find online. But that would require you actually taking five seconds to look, which I know you won’t. We play Cincinnati in a few years. We play ball state a few more times starting next year. We have a series with Louisville coming up. And I would say that FG does know what it takes to fill up the stadium, considering we just had our first two sell out season in decades (and I don’t care who it was against, we’ve had plenty of past opportunities against OSU and UM and never did it), and have had our best attended seasons over the past five years since the 80s.

    2. We also have the 7th hardest schedule in the nation next year. Who the heck do you want us to play?

    3. Po,
      I hate to say it but you and Ben are off base on this one. Alabama scheduling is illustrative of why the ISU scheduling is not that bad an idea. Don’t think for a moment that Alabama is alone in this approach in the SEC or among most of the top 25 – 50 Football programs. One of the things Alabama has tried to do in scheduling is put a relatively weak team in between their last conference game prior to their annual rivalry game with Auburn. This is to avoid being quite so beat up prior to a very brutal final conference game.

      Probably the best thing that happened to Alabama this year was losing to Auburn and avoid yet another conference game. It gave them an extra week to heal up from a reported 50 injuries over the year and bring the younger reserves up to speed. Which was most evident in the national championship game. I am sure they would have loved to run the table unbeaten, but which would you rather have? An unbeaten season up to the championship game or not win the final game?

      As for IU, do you want them to play even tougher teams in the pre-conference and run the risk of being beat up before they ever get to conference play? Football is a game of roster depth if it is nothing else. IU doesn’t have the luxury of 4 and 5 star 4th stringers like Alabama. Losing is not the way to build a winning tradition. The only reason to schedule tough non conference games is if you are in a very weak conference.

      You have valid concerns over the attendance benefit of scheduling ISU, but other than OSU and UM how many of the conference opponents brought in better attendance that ISU would? I think the bigger question will be what kind of shape will the IU football program be in 2025? If it has been actually improved significantly, it should be a mute point. The bigger concern is getting the proper support for the football program from Hoosier Nation, which has historically been pathetic even in the very few good years.

      1. thinkaboutit,

        No reason to hate to say it. Just a matter of different opinions. In an era where bloggers figuratively bash a bloggers head in with a baseball bat, set the blog on fire, your approach is refreshing. Constructive while not tearing down the blogger. Your contributions are appreciated here.

        It will be interesting how it plays out. Let me say this though. It’s getting old predicting when IU football will be good again. This is like pre Chicago Cubs World Series. Yes, 2025 is a long ways away but eventually someone is going to be correct when IU is going to be good again. It makes for good talk regardless.

    4. OK not to believe Allen was enthusiastic. Was he supposed to be unenthusiastic about his boss’ decision? I hated selling my supervisor’s dumb ideas to the people I was supervising, and it probably showed, so maybe that’s why I’m self-employed. And there are no self-employed football coaches- unemployed, yes, but not self-employed.

  5. I’m an IU football fan…but due to the consistency of disappointment I don’t invest much time in it. This move seems like the typical scheduling move where IU starts out 3-0 and finishes 2-7 in conference play.

    They should take a good hard look at Purdue. They went out and got a football coach and took an awful team and beat IU to go to a bowl. Fire up the dump truck full of money and go get a proven coach…at least try it one time and see what happens.

    1. Indiana had like the 20th hardest schedule in the country last year. Our schedule next year is the seventh most difficult in the country. Purdue plays FCS teams all the time. We have a series with Louisville coming up. Do any of you actually follow college football at all?

    2. Yes let’s look at Purdue shall WE? Oh, what’s that, they have scheduled ISU three times!

      1. HA!

        Lots of ridiculous posturing and emoting in this thread. Thanks for providing some ballast back into this thread with some facts.

  6. If ISU could elevate there program IU could get an ok crowd. Then, of course historically IU might get upset. However, there are are no indications of ISU elevating program with D.Mallory as coach. Don’t no who coaches will be for either program by then nor who ADs will be for either school.

  7. t is right about not know where each program will be when we play ISU. Mallory believes he will have ISU much better by then. I can’t say I love having ISU on the schedule but we don’t know all that went into the decision so I won’t comment on the decision. I hope IU is so good at that point ISU is sorry about playing for a paycheck.

  8. This is a joke. ISU has no business being on our schedule. What happened to eliminating FCS schools and beefing up our schedule? Why did they revise the rules and allow this type of scheduling again? Seems to me these smaller schools were missing their guaranteed payday. Indiana football at present form has no business playing ISU or any FCS school. We’re beyond that now.

    Wondering if Fred wanted to keep the Mallory thing alive? Wondering if Fred felt sorry he went 0-11 in his debut season? In the event of a loss, Fred Glass will be a certified joke and known for not caring as he should about IU football.

    1. Bama plays an FCS school pretty much every year. They played Mercer this year and play The Citadel next year. Florida has one scheduled next year. I could find numerous other examples, but it would take me an hour to list them all. We have the seventh hardest schedule in the nation next year. We have a series with Louisville coming up. Next time you decide to rant about things that you don’t know what you’re talking about, take five seconds to actually look.

      These comments make our fans look like idiots.

    2. In addition, the big 10 as a whole decided to make a change for years in which conference teams only have four conference home games. So this is not an Indiana thing, this is a big ten thing.

  9. That probably has a lot to do with Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State than it does pre conference.

  10. Ben_M, that’s Jimmy’s entire point. Indiana selecting a murderers row of non conference opponents on top of an increasingly difficult Big Ten East schedule is unwise.

    You guys realize you’re getting into a huff about something that’s about a decade out, right?

    1. Amen, 2+2. Po gets abused again and earns it every time. The skinny being the number 6. Why think it means nothing. Attaining it extends the season, more practices, creates excitement, brings more $ and additional player development for increasing team depth. To play 3 FBS opponents to fulfil the OOC schedule to gain what, 3k additional seats per contests. Hell the results would be the same as taking a loaded gun and shooting yourself in both feet. HC Allen and AD Glass know what path is best. The intangible is this; the program cannot afford to make already tough schedules tougher by overreaching with OOC games.

  11. IUJimmy, you are a voice of reason among posters like Po, Brad, and Ben. All of the SEC teams and most of the other major conference teams play games such as ISU on a yearly basis. Tennessee played ISU in their second game last year, and this year they play East Tennessee State, who just reinstated their football program a year or two ago.
    Since the Big 10 has toughened up the scheduling rules and only allows playing an FCS team in years where a team has only 4 conference home games, there is absolutely no reason for Glass not to schedule such a game. It is better to schedule an FCS game with ISU than with some team from Georgia. Which game would attract more fans?
    IU’s problem is not scheduling (except for playing in the East division and having a 9 game conference schedule), but pathetic fan support! I haven’t been following BB much, but did watch the Maryland game on TV a couple of nights ago. Looks like even the BB fans are staying away from the upper decks of Assembly Hall!

  12. When one starts out with the premise that Fred Glass is a big stupid dummyhead, one begins searching for evidence in support of that predetermined conclusion. What follows is boring emotional ranting. But, you know, internet.

    It’s also important that when one is evaluating the athletic program, Men’s Basketball and Football are looked at separately. Each must be managed much differently from the other. Both require a much different approach to achieve success defined by their individual goals.

  13. ISU whipped our butts in hoops….This is pigskin payback, bitches. Sycamores? Syc-a-No Mores!
    Big Brother Inflatable Football gotta protect Little Sweet 16 Hoops Sister…Gotta restore her reputation and get some scores evened. Represent. Everything hinges on Urinal Cake Bowl.
    We should also schedule IUFW (Fort Wayne) in football for more payback! Hopefully IPFW has a football team because Masta Don Fischer is 0-2 against the hurryin’ Mastadons.

    Yeah, it sounds like Fred has this IU Athletics thing under complete control.

    For decades there has never been better attendance nor more frenzied crowds throughout the landscape of college hoops than what would pack into Assembly Hall on any given night the candy stripes took to the floor. But marketing and carnival coaches doesn’t win games in late March. We no longer have the big shoulders in the state in either major sport.
    We quit valuing what made us utmost unique to be a Glass half full in both major mediocre sports. All the dollars are in football…? Yup. Tell it to the empty balcony seats in Assembly now joining the empty seats in Memorial.

  14. Some of you people need to get a grip seriously you all are b***hin and moanin about a game scheduled 7 years from now think about that for a second…so many petty individuals man so sad

  15. I must admit, I didn’t read it was seven years from now…..I sort of got caught up in the thread without going beyond the headline. Never mind.

  16. And don’t we have a basketball game tonight….? Nothing on Scoop but I’m pretty sure we’re playing @ Illinois. Big game. Need to get to 6-3 before Purdue and ‘Clutch‘ come in on Sunday.

  17. IUJimmy may be new to the site, but he appears to be about six years behind this debate. I don’t have time to go back over it, but suffice it to say that IU football needs to increase home game attendance, which increases revenue, aids in recruiting, etc. Scheduling ISU does nothing to compliment those objectives. Defeating ISU is virtually meaningless; losing to ISU would be disastrous. That game will not inspire the legions of fence-sitting Hoosiers to attend the game. Is IU going to host 4-star recruits for their campus visits that weekend? That’ll be impressive! Scheduling ISU does nothing to improve IU Football’s brand or image. It’s an opportunity wasted. Bottom line is that IU Football continues to do the same things over and over while expecting different results. I guess the people who disagree with me on this must be satisfied with IU Football and don’t feel the need to change anything. Just upgrade and expand the football facilities and everything will take care of itself. Better athletes will suddenly decide to play for IU and fans will pack Memorial Stadium to capacity. Or maybe those who disagree with me believe that if we just keep cycling new coaches through the program every 4 to 6 years, one day we’ll get lucky. Because IU Football has been so successful over the years, we should not change a thing. Why rock the boat when things have been going so well? If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it, right!? Wow, some of you folks sound like a dog that has been beaten too much.

    And for the record, I don’t think Glass is a dummy. He’s a very competent manager. Problem is, IU Athletics needs a real leader, and Glass ain’t that by a long stretch.

    1. Worrying about losing to Ind. St.? IUFB has to worry about losing to everybody, ’cause when the Hoosiers take the field there are no gimmes. Didn’t IUFB hang about fifty points on these guys a couple of years ago? That was kind of fun!

  18. I’m sort of with Podunker on this topic.(whether it be an ISU series in five years or some patsy we play next season). It would be nice to see some higher profile competition in the non-conference. Understood that we play a murderer’s row in the Big Ten East…but if you want to create some buzz around the program, you have to challenge the norms of old. You have to bring in some match-ups that are atypical. Get some pedigree into Memorial. Have confidence that the pedigree you bring in will respect Indiana Football more upon their departure.

    Playing it safe in non-conference is very boring.

    1. H4H,
      Glad to see you weigh in on the subject, but I continue to be amazed at the short term memory of posters. You suggest scheduling some non-conference teams pedigree and I suspect Po and others would agree. Those of us with long memories will know this has been tried before and the results were disastrous. After the heady success of the ’67 team a series with USC (when they WERE USC) was scheduled. During the Lee Corso tenure a series with Nebraska (when they WERE Nebraska) was scheduled. The results were epic beat downs both home and away. Really helped the program didn’t it?

      Corso’s quip at the time was along the lines of we may get beat down, but we play the best!

      If IU is playing what every thinks is becoming a brutal B1G East schedule, then you have to think attrition. The program is not able at this point to recruit enough depth to handle a difficult non conference schedule. Even then, you do not want to schedule any more than one such game. You do not see top 25 teams playing a difficult non conference schedule unless their conference is weak (i.e. Boise State).

      What can build a program is a change in approach which may be building with TA. Profitable recruiting in southern hotbeds and a cutting edge strength and conditioning program has an outside chance of success. These tactics have not been tried at IU with any success to my memory and it goes back a ways. If, and it is a big if, TA and staff can pull talent from hotbed areas, they have a chance.

  19. It’s one non-conference game in a season. One game scheduled in 2025 and 2027. EVERY SINGLE MAJOR CONFERENCE TEAM SCHEDULES LIKE THIS – ALL OF THEM.

    There will be 2 other non-con games that’ll be scheduled. A team from a power conference and a team likely from a mid-major.

    For all the spittle sprayed about attendance, Podunker, it would be nice if you actually used data. But we know how you are about facts.

    Here are some facts. Paid home attendance:

    No. 2 Ohio State 52,929
    FIU* Canceled
    Georgia Southern 42,886
    Charleston Southern* 35,995
    No. 17 Michigan 52,929
    No. 4 Wisconsin 43,027
    Rutgers 35,949

    Georgia Southern drew about the same as we drew for #4 Wisconsin. Charleston Southern drew a little more than Rutgers. And that game was thrown in last minute to makeup the FIU cancellation due to the hurricane. OSU and Michigan are two of the biggest fan bases in the country and have an easy drive to Bloomington. In fact, many of those fans go to B-Town because they can’t afford to go the games in Columbus or Ann Arbor. There aren’t many non-conf teams Indiana could schedule that would draw that many visiting fans.

    So again, tell me what benefit Indiana seeks from scheduling really tough non-conference games? There isn’t a boost in attendance. Just more L’s.

    Nevermind. Forgot this thread was really just about baselessly attacking Fred Glass. There are substantive reasons to do so. This isn’t one of them.

    The reason Indiana Football sucks hasn’t had anything to do with non-con scheduling over the years.

  20. DD, I use plenty of facts, but you ignore them when they don’t fit your narrative. And speaking of facts, it’s easy to mislead people using facts. For example, your post above provides “Paid home attendance.” Well it’s nice that people do their civic duty and buy IU Football tickets, but it would be better if all those people actually entered Memorial Stadium and watched the game. Having a ticket and staying home or spending the day drinking and playing corn hole at the tailgate across the street isn’t the support IU Football needs! So I really don’t care what the Paid home attendance stats say, all those empty seats in Memorial Stadium tell a different story. Not attending a home game, even if you bought a ticket, is still costing IU Athletics a lot of money. Staying at home withholds the revenue from parking fees, concessions, and IU apparel, so the revenue from selling a ticket is only a part of the revenue IU needs.

    As for games against Michigan and OSU, I’ll bet 15,000 to 20,000 people inside Memorial Stadium during those games were cheering for the other team! If you’re a PSU, MI or OSU football fan, it’s easier to get tickets to watch your team play in Bloomington than it is to get tickets and watch the team play in their home stadiums.

    Maybe its been so long since IU fans attended a college game at a stadium that was full of enthusiastic supporters that they’ve forgotten what such an atmosphere is like? Maybe they simply don’t understand that seeing even a small stadium filled with excited, cheering fans enhances their team’s performance on the field and enhances the program’s image with recruits and people watching the game on TV. So yes, I’d like Glass to schedule non-conference home games against teams that people would actually like to see play.

    1. We’re just worthless Podunker. If our opinions don’t line up with his I guess we’re just garbage. You make a good argument and love reading your stuff but damn put a gun down my throat and get rid of me already. Do you want us silenced?

      1. Grow up Ben. No one is silencing anyone. I disagree with you and Podunker. I’m breaking down his argument and he’s free to respond, which he has multiple times. Just as you are able to do so.

        Guns, throat, get rid of you…whatever dude.

      2. gun down my throat

        Damn, Ben….Gettin’ rather graphic there. Ain’t this a blog? Disagreement is supposed to be fun. Snide is fun. Masquerading is fun. Being the king of your own comment box kingdom is fun. And it comes without a mortgage payment! This is where we play in a dark room with glow-in-the-dark Nerf guns. We might as well communicate with two tin cans tied to strings from tree fort to tree fort….Sure, Ben might just be your first name….That’s fine. But I can’t see you in your tree fort. And it’s still a dark room. And do you know honestly know anyone named Podunker outside of Hoosier Scoop? Have you had a college professor named Professor Podunker? Guns down a throat? Thankfully, no foam bullets have yet to come through a screen to put my eye out. I will await your response via the string and the tin can…Over and out. I’m going to be a Russian spy today. .Is that cool?

  21. Fact presented, and ignored by you. Would be nice if you actually presented facts to counter my “narrative.” But you’re short on facts, long on emotion.

    If playing Florida State, USC and Texas in the non-conference made us a better team and more successful program, sign me up. Sadly, it won’t. So says 100 years worth of college football scheduling history.

    BTW, you’ve already been wrong on FB recruiting. Allen signed the best class Indiana has had in three decades, in spite of you shouting the same “the recruits won’t come because everyone is in the parking lot!!” Well, you were wrong then. What makes you stick this obsession other than the fact that you have difficulty admitting when you’re wrong? Like the time when you had your meltdown about Indiana losing to Notre Dame before the 1st half was even over.

    1. Dude you need to go to a paid forum. Nobody cares that you graduated from Indiana and you are nose high in facts. This place don’t revolve around your facts. It revolves around opinions and that’s what we will continue to offer. Thank you.

        1. Chester you’re trying to throw a wide loop. I offer strong opinions on here and post accurate facts without a sheepskin from IU(or anywhere else)and FNC is real. If that is tough to handle, here I am.

          1. No offense intended. I was responding to a comment which inferred that somehow having actually graduated from IU makes you a second class fan. I should have used another example. You are certainly entitled to your beliefs.

          2. No harm, no foul. Thanks for the reply.

            PS: From a few days ago you had thoughts about Red Combs and the ‘High Country’, I could not agree more.

    2. Btw, I enjoy reading your football analysis on recruits and the business side of basketball and football. Keep it up.

  22. And just as I hit send, Indiana picks up another 3-star commit. CB Jamar Johnson. Had Purdue, Wash State, Va Tech and Wake Forest offers, too.

  23. Schedule Notre Dame now! ND plays NU this year (in Evanston), so whoever wrote that ND is done scheduling more than one B1G team after it made its mongrel deal with the ACC was wrong. Seriously, I’d rather see IU play a beatable Power 5 team (whomever that might be eight years from now) than play Ind. St., but as stupid as the Urinal Cake Bowls of the college football world seem to be, the fact is that they matter- especially to the players, who get trinkets and more experience, not to mention get to have some fun, which is the whole point of sports. Which is why sporting contests are called “games” that are “played.” (I had FUN at the Pinstripe Bowl, and I didn’t even play!) And which is why that one extra win over the Sycamores of the college football world have their place for teams such as IUFB. The Ind. States of the world may have different reasons for being on the schedules of the Alabamas of the world, but there they are and there you have it.

    1. As much as I’d love to see this, it’ll never happen and it has everything to do with ND. With ND’s hybrid-move to the ACC, they lost their two biggest B1G rivalries in MSU and Michigan. Also, Purdue and Northwestern are there with a long history. When they schedule out of conf, those will likely be the only schools from the B1G they’d schedule.

      Still love your “Urinal Cake Bowl” label. LOL!

      1. Michigan is back on the ND schedule for 2018, and I think Harvard gets credit for the “Urinal Cake Bowl.” I cribbed it from someone on the Scoop.

  24. The reason to schedule ISU is a few years ago we did hang around 50 to 60 on them to about 40 for them thus demonstrating our productive offense. By 2025 IU may win 10 to 3 demonstrating a productive defense. Always a challenge to have both at the same time.

  25. DD, the facts you presented are secondary and somewhat irrelevant. It’s not tickets sold that matters most, it’s attendance; the number of people who attend the games. Playing ISU is not going to increase home-game attendance. If anything, it will diminish attendance. Playing ISU is not going to get any IU fan excited. Glass might as well have scheduled an intra-squad scrimmage and saved the $500,000 paid to ISU. Are you satisfied with ten consecutive losing seasons? Are you satisfied with thousands of empty seats for almost every home game, in one of the smallest stadiums in the Big Ten? If you’re satisfied with IU football, then I must apologize for any discomfort my comments have caused you. But as a lifelong Hoosier Football fan who got hooked the year IU went to the rose bowl, I’m not satisfied! I’m not satisfied that such a great University can’t seem to “break through” and produce a winning season in football. I’m not satisfied when key administrators keep doing the same things over and over again and feeding the fan base their lame justifications. And I’d like to see the people who are paid to lead IU’s Athletic Department improve performance and results. I’d rather those administrators fail trying something different than continue to fail doing the same things they’ve done in the past. I hope I’m never satisfied with losing.

    1. I’m satisfied with IU Football? Pure bovine fecal matter, dood, and you know it. We’re talking about scheduling, not how one feels about the status of the entire football program. AD Podunker doesn’t have a strategy that I believe will put Indiana Football in a position for success. A few folks have brought facts up and you blithely ignore them. Tell us more about how recruiting efforts are being adversely affected. Meanwhile, as I’m typing responses to you, Allen is strengthening what is already IU’s best class in DECADES. You’re digging your hole deeper and deeper.


  26. DD, I’m not digging any holes, so stop with that sophomoric analogy.

    Allen is doing great. I have no problem with Allen. My problem is with Glass, and I’m losing confidence that he can provide the necessary leadership for IU Athletics. What is IU’s signature athletic achievement since Glass has been AD? What IU sports teams have had great success since Glass got the AD’s job? Let’s hope his aversion to risk does not hobble this promising head coach’s ability to break through and lead the program to the next level. As for IU’s 2018 recruiting class, it appears to be a good class and is currently ranked #43 by 247sports.com. I think Allen and staff should be commended for taking full advantage of the early signing period.

    1. I commend AD Glass for hiring the football coach who recognized the early signing period as a positive opportunity for IUFB. Vertical is a block at a time.

    2. How about the first Big Ten baseball team to make it to the College World Series in 30 years?

      Or the first NCAA tournament victory form the women’s team in decades?

      Then there was the NCAA Championship (and anoher runner up) in soccer.

      1. But then there’s that men’s basketball program thing…. 23 collective Elite Eight’s by nine different Midwestern basketball programs over the last seven seasons(and many of those programs went on to Final Fours).

        How many Elite Eight’s for Indiana? Zilch.

        Virginia over Duke today…Virginia’s Kyle Guy had a team-high 17 points….including two clutch free throws to seal the win. Guess where he’s from, Fred?

        Purdue undefeated with one of their best teams in decades…
        OSU with only one conference loss…
        MSU loaded with talent and a likely going deep in the NCAA tournament…

        Yippee…We swim and wrestle real good. Lilly King can swim a mean breast stroke. That’s gonna pay the bills and bring national prominence.

        Our two major sports have been huge disappointments under Glass. We’re currently back at square one ….and hitting the same soundbites of 10 years ago…Asking for patience. Resetting. Reloading. Stumbling along…and talking how we gotta give these new coaches plenty of time. Sure sounds familiar. Most AD’s would have been long gone with such mediocre results in big revenue sports.
        Not getting basketball right in Indiana is like Boeing forgetting how to make airplanes.

        1. Harv, IUFB is only a disappointment in terms of where we would like it to be. It’s a lot better off than ten years ago.

  27. “What IU sports teams have had great success since Glass got the AD’s job?” IU is ranked 4th in the Capital One Director’s Cup, which measures athletic department overall achievement. Tennis, wrestling, baseball, soccer, etc. are all part of Glass’ job, too. In 2012-13 IU was second.

  28. Glass hired the football coach…but he sorta didn’t hire the football coach. Didn’t Wilson pretty much bring in Allen? Wilson got into a power struggle with his AD over allegations of berating a couple guys who were sidelined but medically cleared to play.
    Allen had improved the defenses significantly after only one first season as DC…Wilson gets fired abruptly. Best possible transition was Allen by default.

    I guess you could argue that after witnessing the leadership skills and the improvement in defense, Glass decided he wanted Allen at the head coaching job all along …..Not too farfetched after seeing OSU had zero problem with hiring Wilson.

    1. Exactly, Harv. As I wrote when it happened, if IUFB had gone 8-4 that year, Wilson would have been free to berate as many players as he wanted to berate for the next season. Wilson had peaked, Glass knew it, and lawyer that he is (non-leader or otherwise) he worked his loophole to take the program where he thought it needed to go. I can just picture Glass in the shower one morning thinking, “Darn, wish I could get Allen to take over. Hmmm . . . wait a minute . . . hmm . . . paragraph two, sub-paragraph six, clause two . . . yeah, that’s the ticket.” OK, I don’t want to picture Glass in the shower, but you get the idea.

  29. I agree davis. I wonder if Glass would have been a little more tolerant of Wilson’s “tendencies” had he produced a couple of winning seasons. Then again, given the scandal that is enveloping Michigan State University and their Athletic Department right now, maybe we should be grateful that Glass is so hyper-risk averse. Problem is, aside from a few well-healed University Administrators “resigning,” none of these scandal-ridden universities ever suffer any serious consequences for the “sins” their employees commit or cover up. UNC’s decades-long academic fraud resulted in no serious penalties. Louisville’s sleaze quotient gets the coach fired but they’ll get a slap on the wrist. Anybody think Izzo’s going to suffer anything worse than a few hard questions at a few uncomfortable news conferences?

  30. And we are part of the problem. We still watch the tube and buy the tickets. Jail is probably the only real answer/deterrent. Agreed that responsibility/accountability should flow uphill, but enlighten me to how Izzo is caught up in the MSU affair. Was Nasser the bball doctor, too?

  31. I’ll gladly enlighten you. He’s had players who have assaulted women. He had a former player(Walton?) who left the program after an assault and rape charge. The player went to Europe to play hoops…In a recently televised “gotcha” moment with a reporter, Izzo claimed he did not know why the former player left the program? A head coach doesn’t know why one of his guys leaves the team? Are there more incidents? Don’t know….I do know former Spartan, Brandon Dawson, was arrested on domestic violence charges while a member of the Clippers. Not sure how that case ended…or if there has been further issues of violence against the spouse.
    Given the rest of the issues at MSU, there are certainly more questions concerning the overall culture and how much programs/coaches will look the other way because of the dollars being put ahead of decency, safety, and dignity toward women. That culture begins from the top…as it did with Penn State.

    Izzo certainly didn’t do himself any favors by playing dumb and being evasive with a reporter concerning his former Spartan(I believe facing rape charges) who left the program abruptly for Europe.

    Bobby Knight now looks like the most dignified coach in college history….Bullying a handful of players at practice…or grabbing a disrespectful fan by the arm sure seems quite minor compared to the ugliness in college sports that has gone down over the last few years. Sexual assault of hundreds of girls at MSU? Taking boys into showers with a pedophile at PSU? The latter should have received the death penalty…The former should receive it.

  32. Thompson countered: “He was on your staff throughout 2010. An allegation came forward later that year from a woman and her family to the athletic department that he and two other players raped her. He then left the program later that year in 2010. Why?”

    Izzo said: “To be honest with you, I don’t know why he left. He went to Europe to play, and as you know, I’ll still say I’ll cooperate with any investigation that’s made. I did it then. I did it before, and I’m not going to answer any questions that aren’t pertaining to basketball or things that I am not going to talk about right now.”

  33. Consider me enlightened, Harv. I didn’t know any of that. I don’t follow basketball except what I see in the sports pages looking for football news, and didn’t know what questions to Izzo were being referenced by PO in his 29-JAN-18 post; I thought PO was writing about the Nasser thing.

  34. davis- Just thought I should state that the charges against Dawson were eventually dropped. But then there is also this case of yet another ex-Spartan which is currently in some form of legal battle….


    Cleaves led Michigan State to the NCAA championship in 2000 and played in the NBA.

    Obviously, two of the allegations/charges are a few years back and were against former MSU players…The recent questions from a reporter confronting Izzo involved assault and rape allegations against a grad assistant who left his staff abruptly. I said it was a player above, but I think I had that wrong. At the time of the assault/rape allegations, the accused was a grad assistant…. who subsequently left the country and pursued the game(as a player) in Europe.

  35. Thanks, Harv, and I appreciate your care to the facts. By any chance are you a natural born citizen have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States?

    1. Facts…as published. Beyond a reasonable doubt to be determined.

      Beyond that, I’m as qualified to avoid hanging out with Billy Bush as the next guy.

  36. Can’t believe this thread is still going. It’s kind of like the thread that never ends. To the tune of, for those of us who remember, “the song that never ends.”

  37. You mean “In a gadda davida?” Or just any song that sticks in your head and you can’t get rid of? in German, its called “ohrwurm.” (“earworm”)

    “Do the Hustle.” There, now everyone’s day is ruined. But you can always try driving it out with “Funkytown.”

  38. ‘Whatcha See is Whatcha Get’ by the Dramatics….Been stuck in my head for the better part of a week.
    My go-to, ‘Band of Gold,’ by Freda Payne coming in a close second. And this mini skirt is also stuck….which I don’t really mind.

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