IU adds former Georgia Tech linebacker Roof

Indiana is adding to its linebacking corps.

The program on Wednesday announced the transfer of former Georgia Tech linebacker T.D. Roof, who will have three years of eligibility beginning in the fall of 2019.

Roof played his freshman year under his father, Ted, who spent the past five seasons as the Yellow Jackets’ defensive coordinator before joining North Carolina State’s staff in December.

The 5-foot-11, 215-pound transfer played in all 11 games this past fall, making 17 tackles with a pair of sacks. He posted a season-high six tackles at Duke on Nov. 18 and collected both sacks against Jacksonville State on Sept. 9.

“T.D. Roof is a young man that we recruited heavily in the previous recruiting cycle,” IU coach Tom Allen said in a statement. “We are thrilled to have him join us as a transfer from Georgia Tech. We’re really excited about what he will bring to our linebacking corps and ultimately to our football program.”

Roof is currently enrolled at IU for the spring semester and will begin practicing with the team in the coming weeks.


  1. Betting he ends up at Husky or Safety. IU has been working for 4 years to get LB’s bigger than Roof.

  2. Yes, my thought exactly. Seemed a bit undersized for Linebacker. But maybe his reported weight is old information. If he gets up to 225 lbs. and can run, that will probably suffice for a linebacker. Regardless, getting transfers with this type of experience is good news for IU.

  3. Roof played ILB in High School and played well. He was an OLB in GT’s scheme and played in 8 games. We will have to wait and see how much weight he puts on to see what position he ends up in. I think IU is getting much bigger up front and going with athletic LBs that can run and get to the ball which Roof seems to do. Ball will be back at Husky with Fitzgerald being eligible this year being slated in at Husky too. IU is after another Safety so I think they plan on Roof playing LB since he has anothr year of gaining weight and strength before he plays.

  4. H4H, it certainly seems like Roof will have a high ceiling. The way he plays along with growing up with a dad that coaches defenses in college give him the football knowledge to play fast. How much strength and size he gains in the next year will tell how high he can go. I see him as being another Scales who came in as an undersized LB. His HS tape show a player that hits and runs to the ball never giving up on a play. He played in 8 games for GTech this past year as a freshman.

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