IUWBB: Hoosiers fall to No. 23 Michigan, 84-79

Indiana fell short of an upset Wednesday in an 84-79 loss at No. 23 Michigan.

Senior guard Tyra Buss and freshman Bendu Yeaney led the Hoosiers with 18 points apiece. Senior forward Amanda Cahill, who fouled out with 7:07 left in the game, finished with 16 points on 7-of-9 shooting. Junior Kym Royster added 13 points.

The Hoosiers (8-10, 1-4 Big Ten) lost and regained the lead five times during the fourth quarter and had the scored tied, 73-all, with 2:46 remaining on a Yeaney layup. But IU couldn’t build a larger cushion, and the Wolverines (14-4, 3-2) seemed to always have an answer.

In fact, the Hoosiers’ largest lead was three, ahead 58-55 late in the third quarter. Michigan freshman Hailey Brown converted a second-chance bucket to cut the deficit to one. That was the Wolverines’ third shot to beat a quarter buzzer, including a banked 3-pointer from Deja Church to give Michigan a 17-11 edge after one and a Church layup to make it 37-31 at half.

On the game, Brown scored 23 points on 10-of-12 shooting. Senior Katelynn Flaherty also finished with 23 points for the Wolverines.

IU took advantage of the home team’s 22 errors for a 22-8 advantage in points off turnovers. But Michigan hit 54.5 percent of its shots to IU’s 50.8 percent, along with 9-of-18 from 3-point range. Twelve offensive rebounds also gave the Wolverines a 17-6 edge in second-chance points.

The Hoosiers hit 5-of-14 from 3-point range, including a trey from sophomore Bre Wickware to make it 69-67, IU, with 4:52 left. Flaherty promptly tied the game with a layup, answered by Buss, and then answered again by Brown with a jumper.

Flaherty put Michigan ahead with two free throws prior to Yeaney’s layup with 2:46 left. Hallie Thome, who finished with 11 points, gave the Wolverines a one-point lead with a free throw, but a missed layup by Buss gave Thome a chance to build the lead to three with a post bucket.

A rebound on a missed Buss 3-pointer went to Nicole Munger, who hit two free throws to put Michigan ahead, 78-73, with 1:15 left. IU freshman Jaelynn Penn hit two free throws, but the lead was back to five after a Flaherty layup with 46 seconds left. 

Munger added 16 points for Michigan. Church scored nine. Penn also had nine for IU.


  1. Good effort against a top 25 team but no one could seem to guard Brown who always seemed open and always hit 10 of 12 shots I believe.

  2. Really good effort by our ladies. Michigan shot 54% from the field, 50% from the 3 point line, 94% from the free throw line, out rebounded us by 20 and we still had a chance to win in the last 2 minutes because we didn’t turn the ball over. Hailey Brown was unconscious for Michigan and all of her buckets were nothing but net. I also thought the officials served up a good portion of home cooking but that’s to be expected. All in all it was a good game to watch and the growth of our team is nice to see.
    Let’s pack the Hall on Saturday!

  3. Incredibly proud of this team.
    #23 Michigan was very happy to get away with a win on their home court.
    Yeaney exploded for 18 and Penn found her game in the second half.
    Wickware filled in admirably for Cahill when she fouled out.
    We all knew this was going to be a tough season with our difficult schedule (Sagarin says currently 15th toughest in the country, second toughest in the BigTen).
    I believe the team took a step forward last night.

  4. I agree with everything the above posters said. Thought we did a terrific job on Thone by holding her to 7 shots. I thought the kids played exceptionally hard and competed at the highest level. We had a chance at the end but, playing the last 7 minutes without Cahill made it doubly tough. I just question Cahill being on the floor early in the 4th quarter with 4 fouls? Obviously the rebounding deficient (38-18) was crucial in the loss leading to 17 second chance points for Michigan. I have seen Michigan play 4 times this year and have never seen Brown play like she did last night. I can’t believe we were as close as we were when you consider the rebounding difference. NatHill, I read an article yesterday stating IU has the 8th toughest in the country regardless of what a couple of nay sayers are saying on this website? It is quite apparent over the last 2 games that this team is improving dramatically! Go Hoosiers!!

  5. You have to love the defense the team is now playing as its allowing us to stay in games like Mich. where we were out rebounded by 20. We were in this thing almost till the end . Of course having Cahill foul out with 7 min to go hurt us big time. Yes I agree probably should not have had Amanda in the game during that period with 4 fouls. But the bottom line is we we played them tough and as Mike said Mich. was glad to com away with a win on their home court. Im hoping we can steal one of these 3 tough games against ranked teams. You might think that would be more likely to happen at home against O. S. with our crowd support but they have not lost in the B10.

  6. Foul trouble cost us this game. Did anyone notice the extremely inconsistent calls of charge/block made in that game? A charge on one end was a block on the other and vice versa. Bad refs but that’s what you get on the road.. wish the girls would show up like that every game. Esp how flaherty was shut down in the first half. 40 minutes of consistent play will go a long way i just think our starters get too tired and warthen seems to be a turnover liability so the guards aren’t getting as much rest as they need to play 40 min of lockdown d

  7. Hoosierfan, I usually don’t complain about offficials but, you were spot on in your post. The officials stunk!! Buss did a GREAT job on Flaherty in the first half but, you can’t keep a player of her caliber on their home court down for 40 minutes.

  8. I agree the officials pretty much stunk it up like you would expect if you are the road team. Cahill fouling out with 7 min to go is the clincher in that regard. I will say though that Buss appeared very tired in the late going , making mistakes she doesnt usually do like running into people when not meaning to. She worked extra hard in this game but needed a break. Theres just not someone Moren trusts enough to spell her against tough teams like Mich and will be the same on saturday.

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