1. the inability to shoot is coming home to roost; a butt-kicking is what they need just to remind them how far they have to go….coaching can tell you only so much but when your opponent hands your butt to you ,,,it makes the coach look like a genius.

  2. Michigan State was a preseason prediction for a Final Four team, I U wasn’t picked to be in the top four of the Big Ten, so the game score shouldn’t be a surprise. You HAVE TO HAVE THE HORSES to be in a horse race and I U ‘s stable isn’t in the race this year,

  3. No Hoosier fan should have been surprised by this outcome. The remainder of the season should be dedicated to producing a winning record and improving in Archie’s style of play.

    1. Without Juwan I don’t know if the Hoosiers currently have a player on the roster that should be starting.

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