1. Dakich is such a clown. He’s going on and on saying, “Everybody wants coaches out of disciplining players.”

    Has anyone ever heard anyone, fan or official, say anything like that? Everyone I know wants coaches hip deep in player discipline.

    1. Crean didn’t know how to discipline. He only knew how to cut guys….There is a massive difference.

      Podunker currently crafting an even more ambiguous, wishy-washy, unassertive post than typical. He’ll find a way to backtrack from the sky falling three days ago better than Houdini escaping a Chinese water torture cell.

  2. IU comes out flat in the second half…..can they get back in the game?? hate to say it but DD is right Robert Johnson is just playing (going thru the motion) the game….With Minnesota missing their main players it would be a shame for IU to lose this game.

  3. In going to start calling RJ “Half-Speed.”

    Guards gave up this lead with some epically stupid play. RJ, Newkirk and Green on successive possessions and lagging on defense.

  4. Dakitch is passive aggressively attacking Archie Miller. Keeps bringing up Crean being fired and then takes little shots at Archie here and there.

    “Can’t get mad at Indiana. That’ll get you fired.”

  5. why is Newkirk in the game versus Green?? IU guard play is horrible?? Archie Miller would be better playing Durham for the future?? Nothing left in Newkirk and Johnson??

  6. Indiana might win this game, but they are playing a very short handed Minnesota team, a team they should beat.

  7. Well, I’ll be damned. That was awesome. Lots of guys stepping up. RJ, your nickname had been deep sixed. You showed a lot of great and hustle today.

    Justin Smith! Where have you been man? This kid has a nice stroke too.

    Winning the at the Barn undermanned? Maybe some leadership is emerging.


    Attaboy Archie!

    Justin Smith -Where have you been all my life….or least for the last nine years!? Chicago kid. Swagger.

  9. I am very pleasantly surprised by the outcome of this game, regardless of whether MN was short handed or not. IU was without one of it’s key starters too! It’s a conference road win against a team recently ranked very high. I am especially pleased given that during the first half, even with a 7-point lead, watching IU miss shots at the rim and going into another mini shooting slump, I felt a sense of dread. Then they lost the lead in another bad start to the second half. But surprise, they showed some heart and pulled this game out. Watching this game was like having a bad tooth pulled without novocain. It was painful while it was happening, but it felt really good when it was all over.

    1. Analogy perfection Podunk…couldn’t agree more.

      Wonder which team shows up at home Tues……

  10. I agree so much Podunker. After halftime was like here we go again. I will take a win on the road any way possible. Especially at the Barn. I think both of these teams tonight have great coaches at the helm. I just hope Newkirk doesn’t get any significant minutes from here on out. Go with the youth and see what happens.

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