1. Live ticker? Dick Cheney has more of a live ticker than Hoosier basketball right now.

    Can somebody nail a kiddie pool to a backboard for Freddie McSwain to drop in a ball…?

    Holy cow this is ugly. This looks like the OSU Globetrotters vs. The Indiana Generals…(minus Bobby, of course).

  2. Nightmare on Elm Buckeye Street starring Freddie McKrueger. It’s like the guy is trying to make one in close with 8″ fingernails.

  3. Jeremy tweet:

    Starting backcourt of Johnson and Newkirk with a combined zero points and zero assists

    Check the record books…That has to be a first.

  4. One word for tonight’s I U ‘s play “FATIGUE”, Too many games in a short period of time, thanks to the Big Ten Commissioner’s bunched up schedule. I hope the commissioner enjoys NEW YORK CITY.

    1. How true. I sit back shaking my head and say how the hell can the B1G be so patronizing to the East Coast for only slightly more advantage than playing the BTT games in Orlando, Phoenix, Salt Lake City or Portland. How can playing in the Apple draw more eyes than Cleveland, the Circle City or the Windy. The advantage they see in marketing is so stealthy it totally evades my radar. A futile waste of planning, expectations and resources, big time.

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