1. Listening to Dan Dakich makes me believe I was probably a murderer in a previous life. It is torture listening to him call Indiana games. He haunts my ear drums.

    “I don’t think they shoulda fired Tom Crean. When they did, I thought they shoulda hired Steve Alford.”

    DD is worse than our 3 point shooting.

    1. Dakich has a good critical eye; too bad he cant coach what he sees. Davis does play like he JUST cant QUITE get his motor going.and it’s his ENTIRE game that has degenerated. JUST Pathetic effort…they play like IF we show up maybe that’s ALL it will take….besides they also present with the attitude..” I don’t Know why I’m shooting the ball ; it never goes in”

    2. I gave Dak a pass for years but when I heard the Tom Crean comment I had no choice but to close him out. It’s either for attention or he’s delusional. Pick your poison.

  2. Dakich motor mouth is why I never listen to his show. Also suspect that’s why his teams were average at best. They tuned him out. He’s a legend in his mind.

  3. Davidson wore a sticker he wrote on the back of his jersey.

    “Pain is temporary. Pride is forever”

    Maybe Colin Hartman. Occasionally McRoberts. Other than that, not a single drop of pride on this team. I cannot wait until some of these guys graduate.

    New mantra for this team: “Try giving two craps.”

  4. getting beat by a team with 2 walk-ons , 2 subs, and Happ . Archie needs to remind them whats on the front of their jerseys and why the names aren’t on the back. IF you want to get a “spark” from them maybe Archie should plug them into a Model A Induction coil and turn the crank because they play with NO ENERGY, NO PRIDE, just absolutely F***ING pathetic effort

  5. these players need to get their butts BOOED off the court at next home game introduction ..They do NOT represent the legacy of Indiana basketball

  6. What an embarrassing effort. Well, seems like the only people who are embarrassed are the people who root for this team. These guys are just punching the clock.

  7. Thought they’d be ready for the challenge…Wow, did I strike out on that foolish hope.

    DD- Agree. Dakich is absolutely terrible for the fans of Indiana. He has been a negative force since the day he was rejected as a head coaching candidate. Switching over to ESPN2 and hearing Crean do the Michigan game(You wrecked the broadcast!)…while getting ‘Deeply Scarred Dan’ doing @ Wisconsin added to the mockery of it all.
    How we ever let those two Jack in the Boxes near McCracken is beyond me. To anyone a Hoosier fan, that should forever be the greatest surprise.

  8. Dackich is like several others. He found his niche on how to make money for being the way he is and so far had been supported and given opportunity by his employers. It is an image for his gig that gets him job/s. Sad to say because it is everywhere in various forms of media in this entire society. An early pioneer of this is “big time wrestling” and all the money it has made. We are a Jerry Springer society and it is just very sad.

  9. Dakich would be A LOT more irrelevant if we were great. And we haven’t been great since the days of Coverdale, Jeffries, Fife & a host of others who gave a damn. Until we’re great again he can continue to spew his trash & lies without a conscience. We don’t have to listen….just tune in to Don Fischer. He cares and has far more credibility. I’d imagine he didn’t have much good to say in the last 20 min tonight either. When I have listened to Don via internet or XM, he sounds like he’s in pain too watching this bunch play.

    Notable Dakich lies this evening;
    -Saying Crean shouldn’t have been fired, when he trashed him publicly numerous times the last few years over their style, lack of defense, me-first attitudes, having Bryant shoot 3s, drinking episodes, etc., including directly to me at Carb Day in 2013 when I asked him about IU in person.
    -Saying he was not a coach anymore because he was “too tough on players”. He was part of Sampson’s staff & could have left if he disagreed with the cheating, skipping class & F’s on the report card. No credibility.

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