1. I listened to this (1st half) on 99.1 Student Radio.

    Good gosh awlmighty, was this game as boring in person as it was on the air?

    Or is it that we are playing great defense????

    Me thinks Northwestern simply cannot shoot the ball (but then, they might have been guarded with toughness..let’s hope so.

    Streaking!~ We are streaking and one of the hottest teams in the BIG!!

  2. Rock,

    What you were listening to was shut down defense. Was televised here and was impressed with the defensive side of the ball. Would have been a twenty point margin at half if a better shooting team. It looks like they are becoming much more comfortable defensively with the Miller approach and the results are coming. That said, if the continue to shoot as poorly, there is only so far the limited talent and hustling defense can carry you.

    Did love to effort put forth, that’s about all you can ask this team to do. If they leave all on the floor every night, it will be a team to be proud of looking back. Doubtful if it will be a big time winner, but will certain be appreciated for setting the effort bar very high for future teams. A hustling scrappy team may not win every game but you will never be ashamed of them not trying as hard as they could.

    As for the Freshmen, they looked like Freshmen. Some good and bad moments. Liked the potential I see in Mr. Moore. If he can develop, will be a good addition to the cause.

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