1. I really enjoyed this analysis and agree with both of you completely. I felt the observation about Ethan Hap’s willingness to ‘do what it takes to win’ (rather than to short-sightedly attempt to impress Pro Scouts) was really informative. I sincerely hope Ethan Hap can make it to the Pros (and get paid) but really admire him. I have admired Wisconsin for many years…Bo Ryan, to me, really created some great Teams and the observation that Wisconsin has accomplished much more these past 16 seasons is also a good point. Thanks!

  2. Crean once said Happ in stance….was unGardable.

    Ethan will never be accused of being Happeractive. And that’s not Happperbole.

  3. Has he Happ-ologized for the hurt he put on us…?

    Probably more our fault for playing so Happ-hazardly.

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