VIDEO: Buss, Moren and Miller weigh in on the senior’s record-breaking night

Senior Tyra Buss became IU’s all-time leading scorer on Wednesday night against Penn State. In this video she talks about the bucket that put her past former Hoosiers Denise Jackson and Karna Abram. Coach Moren and Coach Miller also comment on the new record.


  1. Thanks for posting the video.
    What a tremendous player and person.
    IU should be very proud that she picked this program.

  2. After saying that you would think Miller would have the courtesy to congratulate Tyra personally and he was leading you to think he did, but Tyra said he did not , only said hi,, Lame to say the least.

    1. Steve, what exactly are you talking about? Tyra said coach miller didn’t congratulate her?

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