VIDEO: Miller gives credit to the fans after Hoosiers outlast the Terrapins

Coach Archie Miller fields questions from the media after Indiana beat Maryland at home, 71-68.


  1. I genuinely look forward to listening to Archie’s comments after a game. His attention to detail and insights are not the norm for any coach who usually uses these press conferences to spill coach-speak and nonsense.

    1. You genuinely look forward to it because you’re hearing genuineness.
      How Indiana fans put up with not having the real deal will remain, to me, the greatest oddity/insecurity/self-denial in the history of IU Basketball.
      It was almost as if a cult had descended upon Bloomington…I’m still wondering if the empty seats in Assembly is some sort of group backlash after the cult was dissolved.

      Archie is such a stark and refreshing contrast to it all…It’s as if the program has turned on the brightest lights in the midst of the darkest of hour.

  2. It’s an upgrade locally. After two years I faded the previous coach out. Never really got to the heart of the matter.

    Archie seems not to be too “coach proper ” at the press conferences.

  3. Anybody catch Calipari poor mouthing about how tough it is to recruit a kid to Kentucky against big, bad Duke? Almost brought tears to my eyes.

    Maybe if they put prizes in every degree.

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