Wisne gives IU women 2nd 2019 commit #iuwbb

The Indiana University women’s basketball team picked up its second commitment for the 2019 recruiting class late on Tuesday night from 6-foot-3 forward/center Arielle Wisne of Thornton, Colo.

She announced her decision via Twitter: “Excited to announce my verbal commitment to the amazing INDIANA university!!!! Can’t wait to be a Hoosier!”

Wisne emerged over the course of this past summer, earning her first scholarship offer in May from Nebraska-Omaha and following that up with offers from Cal State-Bakersfield, Indiana and Colorado.

As a junior at Horizon High School in Colorado, Wisne is averaging four points, seven rebounds and two blocked shots per game for the 10-1 Hawks, ranked fifth in the state in Class 5A.

Wisne joins Bedford North Lawrence’s Jorie Allen, a 6-1 forward, in the Hoosiers’ 2019 recruiting class.


    1. Her team is 10-1 and ranked 5th in 5A (actually they are third this week). I’m guessing she is doing all that is asked of her. Seven rebounds and 2 blocks isn’t bad.

      Three players account for 46 of the team average 63 points per game.

  1. IU being an undersized team IM still waiting for that elite big that will put us over the top.

  2. I too am waiting for us to recruit a 6’5′ or 6’6″ or bigger girl is athletic and won’t be pushed around in the post. I like Linsey Marchese but would love to see her grow a couple more inches, also love the way Kym Royster is playing.

    1. For what it’s worth, Wisne’s AAU team lists her as 6-5, another publication 6-4 but the majority of sources, including her high school roster, goes with 6-3, so she may be that 6-5 or 6-6 true center by the time she gets to IU in two years.

  3. Inches mean nothing but being pushed around by a strong aggressive 6’2 or 6’3. ( leverage , getting lower and into her )
    Plus your 6’2 and 6’3 Post player typically is quicker and faster. With much better feet work and moves.
    Pick up that 6’5 early and keep her away from the rim with aggressive play.
    6’5 and 6’6 can be a shot blocker

  4. Why….another Danielle Williams? Another body to practice against and may play a little after a couple years. I don’t see any impact. Need better than that. Having said that one school if Colorado recruited her that is about the best thing I can say.

  5. Dude this isnt ohio state or maryland they can’t just get any big girl they had a great class this year but alot their bigs graduated or left the team so again if she can work on her game then its a diamond in the rough type of deal they have to take chances on a few people from time to time they’re not uconn

  6. No this isnt O. S. or Maryland yet but the program is on the rise and sooner or later an elite big will give us a look.

  7. Another scholarship moren will be trying to get back just like laken wairu, danielle Williams, Alexis Johnson, and soon to be chanel wilson. Hastily offers project players and then gets upset when they commit quickly..thats what they’re going to do when they get a good offer they probably wouldn’t get normally. Most schools will show interest for awhile without offering but moren likes to offer them when they are still in middle school after watching a highlight reel

    Honestly think the Allen girl is a project too. She’s undersized so they will try to make her a wing most likely. Helps having a sister who is good to get you exposure you wouldn’t normally get

    1. Comments like this make me wonder why you even have the word “fan” as part of your name.

      You say you think that Jorie Allen is a project, and that her exposure is only due to her sister?

      I guess that Jorie is the leading socrer on her team, which happens to be ranked #12 in the state among 4A teams, means nothing.
      How about that according to MaxPrep.com, Jorie Allen’s scoring average puts her at 23rd in the country among junior centers (or among the top 50 with forwards).
      But I guess none of that matters as long as you get to say something that bad mouths this team.

      Makes me wonder why you even have the word “fan” as part of your name, because you certainly never seem to act like one.

  8. Hoosierfan, how predictable, not a peep after the win against Purdue and then, here you are after a defeat. I would really like to know why you refer to Wilson as a project? Everything I have read about her on several scouting services and seen on u-tube show that she is REALLY good! And yes Hoosierfan, Allen is really a wing comparable to Cahill, what’s your point? Cahill turned out pretty good. And would you like to go on and on about our weak schedule which this week is rated as 8th most difficult in the country? As several people seem to think who are on this site seem to say, most of the things that come from you are just words with no facts to back them. Me thinks you just protest to hear yourself. Go Hoosiers!

  9. I did comment on the win at purdue, you just must not have seen it. Its laughable to compare allen to cahill. I’m sure she’s a great kid with potential but these kind of kids have to be developed they aren’t ready to play 40 minutes as a freshman like some are such as buss, Cahill, gassion, penn.

  10. If wilson is ever healthy long enough to play we will see how good she is. I think she plays on a loaded team and that helps her look better

  11. What I was trying to say is that Allen is a Cahill type player, I did not say she would be Cahill? She is comparable to Cahill size wise, she is a strong rebounder, very capable perimeter shooter and a good inside player. All the traits Cahill has. Saying she is a project is quite a stretch. And by the way, no comment on the schedule?

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