Former Hoosier Sudfeld channeling Brady during Super Bowl prep

Indiana’s all-time passing leader is spending Super Bowl week mimicking arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

That’s right, Nate Sudfeld is playing the scout team role of Tom Brady during the Philadelphia Eagles’ preparations for their Super Bowl LII showdown with the New England Patriots.

Sudfeld, Philadelphia’s backup quarterback, told reporters in Minnesota this week that he’s long idolized Brady, going so far as preparing the meals that Brady outlined in his TB12 Performance Kit.


Sudfeld will mimic Brady’s checks and “gyrations” at the line of scrimmage to give the Eagles the best possible look — always a challenge against the Patriots, in part because their passing game includes a lot of conversion rules on routes, so the cards drawn by defensive coaches based on tape don’t always match the play design.

“Sometimes, the defensive coaches don’t see it as offensive coaches,” Sudfeld said, “so they’ll draw the exact line that [the Patriots] did, which looks like what they did on the field, but then sometimes, the route is changed based on the coverage, so it’ll be like an out-route versus Cover 3, but if it’s Cover 2, it’s going to look like a corner. Then (in practice) it’ll be Cover 2, and it’ll be an out-route — I’ll be like, ‘There’s no way they run that into Cover 2.'”

Sudfeld, who was signed by the Eagles in September, has served as Philadelphia’s primary backup since starter Carson Wentz suffered a knee injury in December.

The former Hoosier completed 19 of his 23 passes for 134 yards in his NFL debut against the Dallas Cowboys on Dec. 31. Sudfeld tops the Indiana record books in passing touchdowns (61), passing yardage (7,879), 350-yard games (6), 300-yard games (11), 250-yard games (13), 200-yard games (19), four-touchdown games (5) and three-touchdown games (10).


  1. It was good to see Nate’s team win the Super Bowl. He has been fortunate so far in the NFL and I hope fortune continues to shine on him as he is a great representative of IUFB.

  2. It’s cool to note that another IU Football alum is going to be getting a Super Bowl ring. I hope Nate’s career lasts a few year’s longer.

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