Hoosiers get Green light in 80-56 win over Gophers

It’s a valuable lesson for any point guard, one Indiana coach Archie Miller has spent this season trying to teach Devonte Green.

There is often more value in striving for singles rather than home runs.

Miller never wanted to smother the soul of Green’s game, the flare and the sizzle that have carried the flashy East Coast point guard to this point. In this year of high and low points for the sophomore, Miller has instead tried to help Green find a comfortable middle ground.

Now approaching the season’s final stretch, Green seems to have located it.

In his most impressive game wearing the Indiana uniform, Green scored 19 points and dished seven assists to lead IU to a 80-56 victory over Minnesota on Friday at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

Green’s performance served as a continuation of the steady play he has authored over the past week and a half, a four-game run that has seen Green stabilize an inconsistent Hoosier backcourt.

“In his mind, I think he started to see to himself that his way wasn’t working,” Miller said. “At the end of the day, he started to come with a little bit more humbleness in practice, a little bit more of an approach that we liked. Once he got his opportunity, he took advantage of it. To me, right now, he’s playing as good as we’ve had a guard play all season.”

Diagnosing the holes in Green’s game has never been difficult. Getting him to see them took time.

During a Jan. 28 loss at Illinois, Green’s play teetered between electric and haphazard, including a game-ending turnover that cost IU a chance to tie the game at the end of regulation. Four days later in a loss to Purdue, his season seemed to bottom out after he saw only four minutes against the Boilermakers.

But in the four games since, Green has enjoyed a rebirth, of sorts. He has become the creator Indiana has long needed running its offense in the halfcourt, while finally buying into his coach’s golden advice.

He committed only three turnovers during his team-high 31 minutes, while also posting three steals.

“(I’m) not trying to make a home run play,” Green said. “Not trying to make a difficult play. (I’m) just seeing what’s there and making that play.”

IU (14-12, 7-7 Big Ten) controlled Friday’s contest from start to finish, though it watched its offense stall for a period late in the first half, allowing the Gophers (14-13, 3-11) to cut what had been a double-digit deficit to five points.

That’s when Green stepped forward with back-to-back 3-pointers, helping Indiana climb back to a double-figure advantage and create the separation it rode to its second consecutive win.

In the process, Green struck the balance that has long eluded him.

“He’s playing within himself and playing within the system at the same time,” said Juwan Morgan, who added 19 points. “He’s just making plays for others, and when that happens, it opens up things for him. As you saw, he got hot from the line earlier today, and as they started closing in on him, he started to drive and making the extra pass.”

There was one moment where Green nearly gave in to his old ways. After grabbing a defensive rebound in the final two minutes of the opening half, he took two steps and lobbed a full-court pass that hit Morgan in stride, as the junior forward caught the ball and dropped in a layup on the other end.

There may always be some inherent risk to Green’s style and approach, but on Friday he hit all the right notes.

“That’s the biggest deal,” Miller said. “It’s not always a home run. You can go for the single every once in a while, and I think he started to go for the singles. He’s starting to make some really good decisions on pick and roll situations. He’s starting to be a guy that has his head up and is looking for people, and then every once in a while, you’re going to see him make a couple plays that a lot of people can’t make because he’s really talented.”

Green’s playmaking was contagious in a game where Indiana assisted on 21 of its 30 made baskets, its ability to share the ball and create for others a large reason why this game was put so quickly out of the Gophers’ reach.

Another reason was defense.

In its two games this week, Indiana held Rutgers and Minnesota to an average of 49.5 points on 28.9 percent shooting. The Hoosiers held those teams to 99 combined points, marking the first time IU has held back-to-back Big Ten opponents under 100 points since holding Northwestern and Penn State to 98 combined points in January 2002.

This week, nearly everywhere you look within this Hoosier team, there has been growth.

“I think you’re starting to see a group that’s really committed to playing a certain way right now,” Miller said.


  1. Finally a basketball team and a basketball coach. Amazing how many years of BS this program has gone through and now we are finally turning a corner. I understand this team is 14-12, but we are actually seeing improvement with very limited talent much like Coach Knight’s early years. This team hasn’t given up. They are improving. They are committing. They are understanding. This team might not make the NCAA tournament, but they are laying the foundation for future success. Proud to be an Indiana basketball fan.

  2. Ben M, I guess winning two Big Ten Championships within three years does not qualify as a “basketball team” or a “basketball coach” to you. You must be referring to the style of play and not the the number of wins. Otherwise, it would be impossible to forget the most recent IU teams that won two Big Ten Championships, or the three IU teams that made it to three Sweet 16’s.

    As for “Knight’s early years,” I assume you mean his early years at IU. If that’s the case, you might recall that in Knight’s second season at IU his team won the Big Ten Championship and made it to the final four, eventually losing to UCLA. Then his team made it back to the final four the next year. He had plenty of talent on those two teams. It’s probably not fair to compare Archie Miller to the greatest college basketball coach of all time, and I sure you, IU’s not going to make it to the final four in the next two seasons.

    1. Yes two Big Ten championships was a great accomplishment, but finishing 5th or below the other 7 years isn’t exactly proof of sustained success. Missing the tournament 5 out of 9 years isn’t my idea of a basketball coach at IU.

      I’m not saying Archie Miller is Coach Knight. I just like the fact we aren’t surrounded by excuses. He isn’t forcing a style of basketball that can only be successful with elite talent. There is no circus side show and gimmicks. I’m not so sure Archie won’t compete for a big ten title next year. Our current team sits at 7th place. The top teams will be loosing teams to the NBA and graduation while IU will be restocking the roster with more talent then we have this year. In fact, if Langford and another good player fill the two remaining scholarships I’m not so sure a there isn’t a realistic chance at a final four. If we gets Brooks, Jackson-Davis- or Watford I’m not so sure we can’t get there again.
      Knight went in 73 then again in 76. He never went to back to back final 4’s. In fact he went to the NIT his first year and that appears a reality for Archie’s team this year. Then 2nd year in 1973 a final four. Then CCAT champs as only 32 teams made the NCAA in 1974. Then elite 8 in 1975. Then NCAA champions in 1976.

    2. Then his team made it back to the final four the next year.

      Wrong. They didn’t get back to the Final Four until ’76.
      And Downing put the team on his back in ’73. The ’73 team had John Ritter. Buckner was a freshman.
      McGinnis had already gone pro and did not play on the ’73 Final Four team.

    3. 2 B1G Championships in 4 seasons; 3 Sweet Sixteens in 5 seasons. Nothing to speak of in the other 6 years.

  3. Ben,

    Po is absolutely right on this one. Lou Watson hardly left the cupboard bear when he left. I can still remember the HT headlines, “Coach’s Dream.” That was when Lou pulled off the considerable coup of recruiting both George McGinnis and Steve Downing. Add in a couple other key players and all it took was very good coach to make it to the final 4 just a few years later.

    1. Thinkaboutit,

      “If that’s the case, you might recall that in Knight’s second season at IU his team won the Big Ten Championship and made it to the final four, eventually losing to UCLA. Then his team made it back to the final four the next year.”

      I’m sorry but this is an inaccurate statement made by podunker. Coach Knight never went to back to back final fours from 1971-2000.

      In fact it further proves my point that Knight was delt a better team roster than Archie was, and is probably why Crean is no longer the “basketball coach” at IU. Also took night 5 years to win an NCAA championship meaning he had recruited every player on that roster, so before we count Archie out of anything let’s give him a shot to get his own players.

        1. A lot of coaches have a ton of talent and do nothing with it…And that’s the true crime for any coach coming to a hotbed like Indiana if lacking in the real credentials to succeed on the biggest stages.
          We are a resource in basketball. We witness our resource on rosters all over the country fueling teams to deep tournament runs. One would think we could capitalize on our own resource with something better than cue cards from the coaching sideline. The UK coach has been nicknamed “Criminalpari.” What’s truly criminal is how we have wasted our basketball resource….and watched just about every other Midwestern program use it to their advantage and their limelight…and their Final Fours.

          1. Indiana Kids at Top #15 programs:

            Kyle Guy
            Jaren Jackson
            Musa Jallow
            Andrew Dakich
            Trevon Bluiett

            Doesn’t even count the kids from notre dame, purdue, and butler and they’ve all been rank at some point this season.

        2. Downing never did anything noticeable in the NBA…Much like McGary, nobody would have ever known his name without the amazing run to a Final Four.
          MVP in the Big Ten might as well have stood for ‘Most Vanished People.’ But Knight brought the candy stripes to its first light…and he likely brought a lot of Downing’s talent to light via exceptional coaching..and exceptional stressing of fundamentals and defensive purpose. Downing bitch-slapped Walton around until a point the refs had no choice but to bring out their bought-and-paid-for whistles. I’ve never yet heard Walton ever mention the name of Steve Downing. He’s blabbered for countless hours but he’s never had the humility to give some credit to someone who stole his limelight for ever a brief moment in time.

          1. Nobody know Gutterball’s name except the people who see you post it here every other day.

            He was forgotten by everyone outside Chesterville a long time ago.

          2. Why haven’t we called Downing back to Assembly Hall in the same manner we slobber all over Oladipo? He accomplished more for IU. He played deeper into an NCAA tournament. Why is he working as an AD at Marian rather than being offered a high position in the athletics department of IU?
            I would guess Guttermouth Chet didn’t even know Downing was at Marian. I would also guess he never even listened to the Final Four game Downing is most famous. I would also guess he doesn’t even know that my first screen name, Downing’s 5th, was in honor of Steve Downing. You know nada, Mountain Hick. And, once again, you’re proving no restraint. I thought you said you were going to ignore my posts…? Fail. I am hard to resist.


          3. My old college roomie lives on Cold Spring Lane next to Marian. I work out there where I’m in Indy. I’ve probably spoken to Steve a half dozen times since 2012.

            So, yeah, I knew he was there.

          4. There’s a great little Vietnamese restaurant on 38th just north of Marian. It’s a favorite with the AD staff.

          5. Being a bigger fan..or following a team passionately doesn’t mean I have to bump into a former Hoosier in a restaurant.
            You never brought up Downing was at Marian. You never brought his name up on this site until this thread in an attempt to somewhat disparage Knight. You don’t care one iota about Steve Downing.
            You have always demonstrated a hostility toward Knight(or, at best, your typical wishy-washy attitude you have with everything so you can stay on the fence to fall on any side of an argument). You never know, he might hug Crean or Fred someday and you’ll have to pivot.
            Downing remains forever loyal to his old coach. Your arguments are old and insecure(e.g. attacking my fandom is weak sauce). I have no problem with your Kentucky bloodlines. That’s your issue…”Bait and tackle shop”…”bait and tackle”…. has been born from your keyboard a hundred times more than the name Steve Downing. Don’t hear the “bait and tackle shop” eruptions so much these days from you now that we have a bench full of Calipari ex-assistants working with Archie.
            But if the Kentucky bloodlines you’re still trying to transfuse makes you want to call someone less a Hoosier fan than yourself, I understand the insecurity. Or, if my admiration for a kid from the Hoosier state(albeit …from the same town as Mr. Blue Chips, Matt Nover) who is nothing in the NBA but played one hell of a college NCAA tournament makes you feel insecure…? Again, that’s your issue. Did Matt Nover play in an Elite 8 and a Final Four? That makes two Final Fours from Chesterton.
            Chesterton 2, Tom Crean 1. lol.

            Lastly , track down Seahawk Tom(I hear you’re wonderful at tracking down emails…Hint: check for colleges near Cleveland. Look of doctorate degree dudes in Spanish studies) and ask him how many posts I would talk glowingly of Downing on IDS’s Basketblog. I made the dude into a mythical sort of figure. I was relentless. Can’t retrieve any of the old posts because IDS flushed away the site.
            I don’t know Downing personally. I don’t eat rice rolls with him. I don’t have a friend who lives near Marian near him. I don’t walk inside the gates of Marian and stop to look at him in his office window. Did you know they have gates? Long ago, I was simply a very young lad who loved the way he played the game of basketball. And I loved the ‘Indiana’ on his jersey…..Later, much later, I would attend the university. Haven’t seen many Hoosier centers play the game better than I remember the way he played against Walton. Did I watch his entire career of games? Nope. Didn’t need to. Loved his game at first sight…..Have you ever loved something at first sight?

          6. Let’s go Retro Scoop…shall we?


            Ask Jeremy who “The New Coke” is…..I’m sure they have that IP address rather highlighted at Scoop International. Wow….This guy named Chet had a lot to say about Downing when he was inducted into the IU Hall of Fame….lol.
            Keepin’ it real. ….in 2009. Wow…Time flies when you’re having no fun.

          7. Glad you got that off your chest. That basement must be depressing.

            Personally, I competed for the Hoosiers and graduated. I understand you just caught lunch or something in Bloomington. It’s a great place. Ever been on campus?

            I certainly can’t say Steve is a friend. It would be a reach to call him an acquaintance. Just a guy I’ve run into a few times who also competed for the Hoosiers. Nice guy. I’ll never share how you like to trash him and other Hoosiers…though I’m pretty sure he’s like everyone else and couldn’t possibly care.

            I’ve met a lot of nice people in my travels but you have to leave the house to do that.

            You mentioned your friend being a doctor…did I tell you my daughter will become one in May? I know that stuff brightens your day.

            You sound like you could use some sunshine and exercise. Maybe lose a few pounds? Or, you could vent your frustrations at strangers and hope you win the lottery and still be miserable but with money. Doesn’t matter to me.

            Have a great day.

          8. You’ve been measured and have been found wanting….You’re on this blog just as much as me. Doesn’t appear you’re finding much sunshine of late. Must be on the shaded side of your mountaintop.

            Did you see where you spoke of Downing so highly on the Hall of Fame thread on Scoop. You’ve been had, bro. I can see why you’d want to avoid that particular link. You’re that dude who pretends to rub shoulders with anything that has shoulders. Oily. No worries, Chester not of “Chesterville.”

          9. I understand you just caught lunch or something in Bloomington. It’s a great place. Ever been on campus?

            You keep trying, don’t you? Still can’t pry my identity away from Jeremy? It eats you up. My basement? It’s nearly as cold and dreary as your personality. It’s still better than my next home under a bridge…..
            You know, it’s really not self-deprecating humor when it’s true. You’ve concluded that I am nothing. You’re not far off. But on the scale of zero to god…who’s really counting the centimeters in a universe?
            But what the hell are you on this oasis of universe dust? You’re like Trump on uppers….Who don’t you know? Who haven’t you claimed to be above? And no…I don’t have a full court basketball set-up in my backyard….but I know I could kick your ass at the game with one armed tied behind my back.
            I actually feel quite sorry for anyone who has to share your space….There must be zero room for them(whether a football field…. or a cold basement…or a doctor’s office). You are one insecure dude….to constantly need to make your world so large.

          10. I’ll never share how you like to trash him and other Hoosiers…though I’m pretty sure he’s like everyone else and couldn’t possibly care.

            Yeah…I would like to be a fly on that wall(no offense, Vietnamese restaurant).

            Chet: Hi, Mr. Downing….My name is Chet. I recognized you by your height and because we’re near Marian. Are you familiar with ‘Harvard for Hillbillies’ on Hoosier Scoop? He trashes you….Actually not true. He trashes Oladipo….He only gave a link to a sportswriter from Boston who trashed you. My kid is a doctor. She would love to look at your knee.
            Downing(whispering to his lunch partner): Security….? Is there security at this egg roll hole in the wall?

  4. Not sure why the comment moderation, but as to my original comment. Would be negligent to not mention McGinnis didn’t stay for Knight’s first season, but there were a couple other good players in Joby Wright and John Ritter.

          1. I don’t know Chet, I had my first comment in this string suffer the same fate. Not sure what’s going on to find oneself in “moderation purgatory.” I wonder if there are certain words used triggering it until one of the guys can release us.

          2. Hey HC,
            You realize there are some parameters in place to keep the spam and trolling to a minimum here? As a result, sometimes things get caught up in moderation, but thanks for adding your two cents.

          3. Hey JP, You do realize they’re working, maybe too well. Loosen a tad. That’s 2 bits worth.

  5. I for 1 am happy that next seasons PG responsibilities won’t land totally on a Frosh. Even a Hoosier PG as talented as Rob Phinisse. Ben I give your thoughts some strong credence by offering this support in saying TC could never have coached Green to this successful transition. Also need to give well earned recognition to Asst. Coach Ed Schilling as his area of expertise is guards and wings. Bruiser Flint handles the big men. Miller and Tom Ostrom are the principles coaching the D.
    I like how the rough edges of talent are being honed.

    1. Yes our entire coaching staff does deserve credit. Ed Schilling was a major hire especially taking him from Alford and UCLA who just landed last years Indiana Mr. Basketball. His ties to the state are invaluable. Coaching Brooks father is a plus too. Schilling, Flint, and Archie are all from a Calapari tree. Like him or hate him Calapari has experienced success at every coaching job. Obviously there is much speculation about Calapari’s programs, but you still have to coach the talent.

      Green may of flourished in the dribble drive weave, but I don’t feel the team as a whole would be very successful in that setting. Millers style allows a less talented team to be successful. If Newkirk, Hartman, and Johnson (all seniors) hadn’t been so inconsistent in scoring this team could of won 5-7 more games. We had real a real chance against MSU, Duke, and Purdue (all top 5 at the time. Should of beat Ft. Wayne, ISU, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Win 5 out of 7 of those and this team is 19-7 and going to the NCAA. Although we didn’t, this years team is not giving up. Last years team gave up. At 14-12 with the demanding big ten schedule and traveling on top of personal, professional, and academic distractions it would be easy for this team to give up. Credit the kids and staff for that.

      1. That’s an interesting point regarding Calipari’s coaching acumen. Another point of view would be that, considering the ridiculous amount of talent he lured to Lexington, isn’t it fair to say his teams have mostly underachieved?

        1. Definately a valid argument. Bringing 5 new freshman in every year and sustaining in the top 25 is probably harder than it looks. Freshman are still freshman even if they are very talented freshman. In 8 completed years he’s won the SEC 5 times, 3 final 4s (1 resulting in an NCAA championship), reached the round of 8 twice.

          1. Winning the SEC is a middling accomplishment at best. Rarely are there more then one or two other quality teams.

            I noticed on a broadcast a while back the announcers referred to him taking two other schools to the Final Four. I wonder if they got their wrists slapped for that. It officially never happened.

  6. Tom Crean is gone and he didn’t, make it to the Final Four with an I U team so we need to move forward. We now have Coach Miller and ruling out I U not making the Final Four in the next two seasons and making light of Coach Knight’s success to make Tom Crean into an I U success story is getting old.

  7. making light of Coach Knight’s success to make Tom Crean into an I U success story is getting old.

    Don’t you know it…The man reached one Final Four in nearly twenty years of coaching. Putting his name anywhere near that of Coach Knight is insanity.

  8. Sorry, too much wine at last night’s dinner party before I posted my comments. Meant to say that Knight won the Big Ten Championship in his second year at IU and then won it again the following season. He made it to the final four in his second season at IU, but did not make it to the final four in his third season. Too bad Scott may broke his arm in 75, or Knight’s teams would have won back-to-back National Championships in 75 and 76, and probably would have gone undefeated in both seasons. He had plenty of talent and a brand new basketball arena being built when he arrived in Bloomington, which is one of the reasons he took the IU job over another Big Ten team that wanted to hire him.

    1. Po,
      The saddest thing is to think about the what if’s of the Knight tenure, with the Scott May injury being the highlight. What if the officials had not had “UCLA-Wooden disease,” and rightfully called a blocking foul on Walton instead of charging on Downing in that final 4 meeting? What if Larry Bird would have stayed and been teamed with Mike Woodson? What if Landon hadn’t got hurt? What if the officials had called the second half of the IU/Duke final 4 meeting in the 90s as they did the first half?

      It always a game of fortune, but sometimes one wonders.

    2. Well Knight went to the NIT his first year 17-8 and lost in the first round. Granted only 32 teams made the NCAA tournament in 1971-1972. So if Archie Miller advances past the 1st round of the NIT it’s a legit argument he had a better first season than coach Knight.

      Our current team can’t score. 6 of 12 losses have been by 10 points or less. Anderson, Phinisee, and Langford can score. Match that with a junior Davis and senior Morgan and I honestly don’t think a final four is completely out of the realm of reality and a big ten championship contender is definitely a reality. So like I said let’s see how the chips fall and at least let Coach Miller coach his 2nd year before we cast a predetermined future upon him.

      1. Ben_M- Well stated. And Archie has Knight’s endorsement. It’s been a long time since Knight has endorsed anything at IU. But let’s be honest. He’s endorsing the basketball mindset/mentality/competence/defensive focus that Archie will bring to the game….and not the institution, or the head administrators/director, per se.

        Knight could never endorse a fraudulent version of the 5-man game….(add in a “Super-sub” or two).

  9. And IU should have had a new basketball arena and a new football stadium built during the last decade….instead of facelifts. Facelifts are for old washed-up actors rarely getting interesting and new roles. Old stadium facelifts…giant scoreboards, reunion parties …and the endless attempts to compare farts in the wind to Knight?
    Doesn’t sound like a university’s athletic program blossoming like a garden in springtime. Sounds like midlife crisis.

    The dollars Knight brought to Bloomington and IU in terms of economic vitality(and the jump-start for TV networks/channels/radio/advertisers covering the Big Ten) will never be quantified…It was enough to build three stadiums for both major programs. At minimum, a new basketball stadium should have been offered to the community and a “new generation” of students/fans.

    1. Duke
      Cameron indoor – 1940
      Allen feildhouse – 1955
      Dean smith center – 1986
      Pauley Pavilion – 1965
      Ripping Arena – 1976
      Assembly Hall – 1971

        1. Ripping Arena …gave me a chuckle.

          Maybe it’s time to do away with candy stripes…? I mean, supposedly, they were originally Knight’s idea…or approved by Knight. Wisconsin has ripped them off anyway…And take down the banners. Donate them to the Indiana Historical Society. Time to start fresh. Spring cleaning. No more museums. What you were yesterday has no purpose in what you’ll be today. There’s a point when the history and the “legends” becomes suffocating. It doesn’t mean a hill of beans to most recruits anyhow. We need an entire makeover….

    2. H4H,

      I don’t think it is so much the age of the building as it was a rotten design from the beginning. A face lift on Assembly Hall was like trying to put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. Should have been replaced totally, not updated. If memory serves only two schools ever adopted this model, IU and Illinois. Don’t think either has a fan base particularly happy with the decisions. Kind of hard to enjoy a game when your nose is bleeding in the rafters squinting through binoculars to see the floor. I suppose that was somewhat a hyperbole, but it is what it is.

  10. I’ve often thought about a 24-25k seat RMK Hoosier Fieldhouse but am 100% satisfied with the updates and modifications of MS and AH.

    1. Building it just for the sake of building it would be stupid. There is nothing wrong with the remodeled AH.

      I’ve been to quite a few games at the Dean Dome. Other than the ability to put large numbers of people in a room it isn’t anywhere near as nice as Assembly Hall for the game experience. You need binoculars to see the game from the distant seats at the Dean Dome. Seriously, you are that far away from the game.

  11. There’s a point when plaid sport jackets just weren’t worn anymore…And there’s a point when a stadium, no matter the level of updates/facelifts/remodeling, looks of a style mistake….or a 1950’s ranch. Spending for mere sake of spending is always an excuse for lazy regard to image and perceptions. The profits have lined many pockets including paying coaches who have been rather incompetent…Those capitalizing and lining their own pockets would never want to see dollars “wasted” on a new stadium…They would rather waste the profits on their own salaries and McMansions….because they’ll be dead long before IU’s lingering lost elite status will be forever six feet under.

  12. The ability to beat teams in assembly hall that we probably shouldn’t beat most of the time is one of our few advantages. I personally don’t see a reason to tear it down.

    1. …while riding pine. Yippee. But the college game was Downing’s game. He was a different physical specimen than McGinnis.
      I’m sure Downing values his Final Four much more. McGinnis is on the record for regretting being absent that stage with Downing vs. UCLA. Like McGary, Downing played clutch when it mattered most. Though Walton has the NBA career, he has nothing that can take away from Dowining’s performance in their head-to-head. And the same can be said for McGary. No one can take away his stupendous taking of an NCAA tournament by storm….and as a FRESHMAN! Nearly unheard of….Was Downing a senior at his Final Four? I believe so.
      There are plenty of NBA guys who don’t have much in the way of clutch performances from the biggest stages of college ball. They have plenty in riches and plenty of individual ability, but they are empty the steadfast resiliency that places the clutch performers in Final Fours. And if you listen to the way Downing speaks of his lessons learned under Knight, the college experience is what left the lasting impression.

      1. The quotes from Bob Ryan are brutal…maybe even more brutal than those thrown at Gutterball Mitch. lol. It certainly speaks to the desire Knight could extract/cajole/force/choke from a kid. Many Hoosiers who looked great under the General’s commands would later look as if they lost entire command of their skills once in the NBA without their mentor. Some part of me would like to think they were simply too well-schooled in team play to be useful in the NBA….These weren’t circus act guys. They fed off each other and captured something irreplaceable in moments of perfection meeting with the pinnacle of their specialized skill sets.
        But man, oh, man….Bob Ryan is brutal on Downing to the point of entertainment. As a Hoosier, a lion…As a Celtic, a lamb. OUCH.


        1. It never ceases to amaze me how you relish bashing former Hoosier greats and laud after a Michigan player whose sole accomplishment was playing well in a couple tournament games while never winning anything. He then went on to fail more at the next level. Downing has an NBA Championship ring. Gutterballs has a pair of bowling shoes.

          There is nothing about you that says ‘Indiana’. I think I’ll grab my ‘I’ out of the drawer and reminisce. Hoosiers do that while recalling former IU greats and the accomplishments they went on to achieve.

  13. Why would that advantage leave in a new stadium? No university in this state is bigger than the game…Knight was a genius of a coach who could harness the passion already present. The love of basketball in Indiana began long before candy stripes, Assembly Hall, or Bob Knight. Thinking it’s all about Bobby sort of ignores the lore of our statewide h.s. tournament that was all-inclusive and beyond unique….Crispus Attucks High School and the Big O….and other future Globetrotters coming out of storied gyms happened long before any heyday in Assembly Hall.
    The passion for the game here breathed into Knight …and into Assembly from Indiana hometowns and gymnasiums. We get a bit big-headed and think it’s the other way around. Knight and everything at IU Basketball is nothing without the one-of-a-kind bond to the game a place like Indiana could bring to McCracken .
    We always talk of honoring Knight…with a new stadium. Or we have those spectacular reunions and cherish the banners in loving ceremonies over…and over…and over again. A new stadium is for the fans and inhabitants of this great state who made it all possible. Somebody’s dad nails that backboard to a barn…Somebody’s mom cheers for the next ‘Big O’ in the stands…Somebody’s uncle gives the next Larry Bird a basketball for his 10th birthday.

    Go to some high school sectional tournaments….You’ll quickly learn who owns the game of basketball in the state of Indiana. It ain’t IU. It ain’t Brad Stevens. It ain’t Bobby Knight.

  14. Did anyone who is still complaining about Assembly Hall write a check to IU or start a fund-raising campaign that would contribute to the enormous cost of building an entirely new stadium? No, I didn’t think so. It is what it is, and as a result of the upgrades and renovation, Assembly Hall will be a great place to experience IU Basketball for decades to come. The history of the building and the energy and noise that 17,000-plus excited Hoosier fans make is what makes it a great basketball arena.

  15. I just caught the game this morning. Not many comments about the game.

    Since there isn’t much discussion there, I’ll keep my comments brief. I’m with Ben_M, we finally have ourselves a ball coach. For the first time in a long long time, I see an Indiana team that is getting better and better as the season progresses. Early in the season, it was hard to see the buy-in. But over the course of the season, we have seen a team that lacked any real NBA ready talent (JM is working his way there, but wasn’t at the start of the seaon), do all the things it takes to be a March ready team: play tough defense, take care of the ball, and gel as a team.

    Without a run in the B1G tournament, we are likely going to spend our time at home in March. But this team is going to give it a fighting chance. It’s beautiful to see them get better and more talent is coming in next year. This team will have leaders and guys that have developed and bought into AM’s program and style. I wouldn’t be so fast in predicting that we couldn’t be very very dangerous to any team in the country in the next two years.

  16. That’s the thing, isn’t it? We have grown accustomed to seeing the team get worse as the season progresses. By tournament time they limped through early round games before the inevitable loss.

    I think that has changed.

    1. Indeed. This team has had its share of injuries. How many times has that came up as an excuse this year? None. Plus, we’ve played our most challenging Big Ten schedule since ’12-’13. Well, we aren’t a great squad and I still say the Big Ten is down. But the time between games has been rough. The Big Ten Championship of ’15-’16 should come with a giant asterisk. Only played the top 4 of top 5 teams in the division once (MSU, Maryland, Purdue, Wisc) and had Iowa 2x. Then we lost to 8 seed Michigan in the first round. Our “Big Ten” Championship was so highly regarded, we snagged a 4 seed in the tournament. At least we beat Kentucky. 🙂 I digress, this was about schedule.

      I don’t see how one can’t factor this in. I have no dog in these races. This isn’t about preferring Archies “style of play,” as it is an aesthetic. Some guys are butt guys others are….you get it. No, it has nothing to do with that. It’s that this kind of basketball being played is ultra competitive, builds team cohesion and delivers sustainable results. It goes beyond scheme. You can see him working with each of these kids and pushing them to get better in their own way. AM would probably never have recruited Green. But look at what he’s doing with him. it’s amazing.

      The recruiting is going to be top notch, you watch. You know that Romeo sat in the stands and saw all the open looks that were created by AMs offense. His dad has been gushing about how impressed his been by how AM coaches beyond just his outstanding Xs and Os.

      1. The Big Ten Championship of ’15-’16 should come with a giant asterisk. Only played the top 4 of top 5 teams in the division once (MSU, Maryland, Purdue, Wisc) and had Iowa 2x. Then we lost to 8 seed Michigan in the first round. Our “Big Ten” Championship was so highly regarded, we snagged a 4 seed in the tournament. At least we beat Kentucky. I digress, this was about schedule.

        Amazing observation….I stated such obvious facts when they were happening. Nobody cared. It was a gift from Delany.

        Hope we can pull of a mini miracle and win four straight. We have one of the easier remaining schedules of all middle-of-the-pack Big Ten contenders. Anything is possible. 11-7 if we win out. But even going 3-1 down the stretch(10-8 overall) could put us in a very interesting position going into Selection Sunday(especially the case if we can knock off OSU in the final reg season contest and win a couple games in the Big tournament). Everyone is beating up on everyone right now…which helps our chances. Wins against PSU and Nebraska used to mean a hill of beans. This year they look much bigger. They are the new kids on the block.

        It’s too early to merely talk NIT. Illinois, @ Iowa, @ Nebraska, OSU. All winnable games.

        1. That is what we used to calling ‘yanking your chain’ and you fell for it.

          The thing about Archie’s style is…defense will always be there. You can have good shooting nights and bad shooting nights but you can always play defense. CTC’s teams pulled off some big wins on hot shooting nights but they were incapable of grinding it out when nothing was falling. These guys are used to nothing falling.

        2. What are you talking about? Nobody cared? I only mentioned the weak schedule 30 – 40 times during that season and another 6 billion times in talking about why I felt Crean should get fired. Many people around here felt the same way, too.

          1. Double Down he is only interested in his postings. That’s why the incessant ramblings.

  17. I will vouch for Double Down’s claim that he posted comments about the weak schedule a countless number of times on this site. Others may have posted similar comments, but people read Double Down’s posts.

  18. You got on board earlier than most, DD. The softness in the non-conference was evident year after year as well. And just when Crean’s back was against the wall(a couple years out from the Zeller years), Delany handed him the softest conference schedule in the history of our program.

    Do you think the Establishment guys(UNC grads like Delany) wanted us to get a real coach….? Or, do you think they loved the false positives? It was always false positives with Crean. Without Zeller and the soft schedules to save his butt for too many years after, he would have been the worst coach to ever get near McCracken. What do you think he could do with this team? Do you think you’d see this sort of defense and transformation?

    Sure, you were ahead of most the apologists here….Hell, they’d sing Oladipo’s name until the cows come home before admitting just what a horrible state of basketball affairs we were heading into because of Crean’s ineptitude. And that ineptitude was protected for more reasons than will ever be honestly revealed. Protected via soft scheduling, bragging on lottery picks, exaggerations regarding Sampson…blah…blah…blah. Overkill. Overkill. Overkill.
    Did I mention the protection that comes via hiring your own AD? …until the AD knew his job was finally on the line and fans were at the end of their rope in patience with TC. Then, and only then, did Glass abandon the loyalty so gushingly found in his son’s love letter for Crean in the Marquette Wire( long before any of these bozos formed their coup d’état, overthrew Kelvin, and seized IU Athletics) for their own love of greed and power.
    Soft scheduling? Soft humans.

  19. Best ask who brought/found the Joey Glass letter [to the attention of Scoop readers]…

    Won’t be long before some journalist at HT will be claiming they found it…or some washed-up dimwit that once worked for IDS.

    Scheduling? That’s all that ever bothered any of you in such a corrupt overthrow of IU Basketball and the protective walls built to throw 30 million at an inept coach who no one has any desire to now hire? Wow…You should all get a Scoop medal pinned to the corners of your comment boxes.

  20. More Retro Scoop…? It is sort of fun. I miss Aruss….May he be resting in peace. He certainly kept it real. And he didn’t need 9 years of Crean to know how to keep it real. So let’s go RETRO!

    Aruss says:
    December 29, 2008 at 9:10 am

    You’re really blaming Sampson because Crean can’t beat Northeastern and Lipscomb? Crean watched Hoosiers too many times not realizing it was a work of fiction and took pride i gutting the program. So we all need to take our medicine.

    Crean got a two year extension before coaching a game so how about showing some integrity and giving some of his salary for this year back because he hasn’t earned it.

    As for Dumes, our offense is terrible and he’s the only one who can create his own shot with the shot clock running down. The ballhog stuff is over the line. Maybe our coach should do some coaching and teach a motion offense that actually gets people open.

    2008! Wow…Crystal balls got nothin’ on Aruss.

  21. So, I guess Indiana beat Minnesota. Thank god there’s an article attached to this wankfest.

  22. D-Fifth says:
    August 20, 2011 at 2:42 am

    It’s hard to speculate if Knight could have had the same early success without the good fortune of starting his career with Downing already in a Hoosier uniform. He thoroughly outplayed Walton in the ’73 Final Four game against UCLA when he propelled the Hoosiers to an incredible second half comeback against the mighty Bruins and the big redheaded center all expected to dominate Downing…How wrong they were….Only a very controversial whistle from an official determined to not let two top centers play it out to the finish in the final minutes a war prevented a trip to a championship game. When I read the garbage in the recent headlines unveiling the seedy behavior that went on at the University of Miami, it makes me miss the days of young men that played with dignity and devotion to the team they represented. Nothing braggadocios or in-your-face about Downing..He just went onto the court and quietly dominated your a$$.



    That makes two threads found..(a) Downing’s induction into IU Hall of Fame(2009)…and (b) Downing’s return to Indy as Marian AD.

    How strange…’The New Coke’ and ‘D-Fifth’….? I recognize Tsao at the intro, but do you know the IP addresses of the ‘New Coke’ or ‘D-Fifth’, Jeremy? What terrible thoughts both had for Downing. Now that is certainly no Hoosier fan…That must be some soft Californian or a Walton apologist. lol.

    And wow….So many of the regular Scoop Yacht Club players here today absent entirely from those two threads(and it’s not like they weren’t around back then…I can assure you, they were posting that long ago as well)…All completely absent of finding any words to acknowledge such a stupendous Hoosier as Downing.

    Sincerely yours,

    Downing’s 5th

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