Hoosiers sending 5 players to NFL Combine

A handful of Hoosiers scored invitations to the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine.

Indiana receiver Simmie Cobbs, linebacker Tegray Scales, cornerback Rashard Fant, linebacker Chris Covington and tight end Ian Thomas have been selected to participate in the annual scouting event, which runs Feb. 27 through March 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

The five IU participants are tied for the most in program history (1992, 1994) and tied with Iowa and Nebraska for the fourth-most in the Big Ten.

Ohio State leads the league with 11 invitees, Penn State is second with eight and Wisconsin is third with six. Three Michigan players received invitations, as did two each from Maryland and Northwestern. One player each from Michigan State, Purdue and Rutgers received an invitation.

Cobbs, a 2017 consensus first team All-Big Ten selection, shares fourth all-time at Indiana with seven 100-yard games. He is eighth with 139 receptions and ninth with 1,990 receiving yards on the Hoosiers’ career lists. Cobbs finished second in the conference in catches (72), fourth in yardage (841), tied for sixth in receiving touchdowns (8).

Scales finished his IU career third on the Hoosiers’ all-time charts with 46 career tackles for loss. He’s sixth with 18 career sacks and 10th with 325 tackles.

Fant is IU’s all-time leader with 58 passes defended and 53 pass breakups. Covington finished the 2017 season with 85 tackles, 50 solo stops, 12 tackles for loss, three sacks, one fumble recovery and five pass breakups. Thomas finished second among Big Ten tight ends with 15.0 yards per reception.


  1. That is outstanding. Congratulations to those young men and may your dreams of playing in the NFL come true.

    This is really good news for IU Football as Allen works to improve recruiting. And assuming we have a quality QB on next year’s roster, we may finally be able to produce a winning season and attract a higher number of players who eventually get invited to the NFL combine.

    Of these five players, who do you predict will be the highest one drafted? My guess is either Thomas or Cobbs, but Covington is probably the best athlete in the bunch.

    1. I’m consistently wrong about this stuff but Simmie Cobb just seems to scream ‘NFL receiver’.

  2. Good to see these players recognized as NFL level players. We are even sending as many as ND did. It shows why we are close to the level of MSU and UM in the B1G but just need more balance in the roster. I am hopeful Coach Allen’s coming classes measure up and can continue the run of NFL combine players. 2018 combine will probably not be at this level but years after I sure hope we see as many or more.

    The NFL has Thomas rated as the best player based on their rating system. The biggest issues for IU players are Cobbs due to shortcomings we saw with drops and not separating from press coverage. I haven’t seen the numbers for Covington yet but think they will be good.

    1. The best thing that could happen to Cobb would be to join a team with a kind hearted veteran receiver in the twilight of his career. Things such as creating separation are learned skills.

      1. …ya really makes me wonder what Grant Heard’s been doing for almost a year…wasn’t he heralded as the WR coach that gets WR’s trained for the next level…2017 results highlight questionable coaching that fills the offensive staff…has recruiting stepped up only to step back down with mediocre coaching…Cobb’s negatives don’t help the outlook…

  3. Congratulation to these young man…wish them the best. I think this really proves that Kevin Wilson really upgraded the level of talented football players at IU over his six years.

  4. Still IU fb 5 wins 7 losses. K.W. era got to 6 wins 7 losses. Just a little touch better than IU fb tradition.

    1. Wait…what?

      Kevin Wilson was 1-11 at this point. I would be five years before he ever posted a 6-7 record. Tom Allen has been wildly successful by comparison.

  5. A slight backslide is not unusual the season a coaching change is made. The entire offensive coaching staff was replaced and that affected IU’s productivity. The biggest problems were a young/inexperienced offensive line and lower quality running backs. Without an effective running game, IU’s offense was limited. The targets of HC’s disdain (every coach on offense) need at least another year before we’ll know if they’re worth their paychecks. Right now, the good news is that they seem to be effective recruiters.

    1. The fact that there wasn’t really a backside is encouraging. CKW was given a lot of latitude as far as producing results. Coach Allen doesn’t seem to have missed a beat picking up where things left off.

  6. I was not trying to start a controversy, just trying to state that Kevin Wilson did improve recruiting of players while at IU…. (podunker) you are correct “a slight backslide is not unusual the season of coaching changes” esp when you change the entire offensive coaching staff. This is Tom Allen second year, now we can start evaluating his recruiting and coaching ability. Agree with you also that the offensive line was inexperience, but there is plenty of talent among this group. I realize that this team still has a few of Kevin Wilson recruits, so it remains to be seen how much talent is left on this team. I suspect this year 2018 to be a off year for IU football, lucky to win 4 to 5 games, no easy victories (i.e. Illinois) on the schedule

  7. Speaking of head coaches…the Colts dodged a bullet when McDaniels behaved like McDaniels and backed out of their agreement. I watched the slow motion train wreck that he engineered in Denver.

    If you can’t win in Cleveland it’s understandable. If you can’t win in Denver you’re just not good at your job. Historically, not many people have been unsuccessful there.

    Exactly zero of Belichick’s former assistants have proven to be worth a damn as a head coach. Collectively, they have about a .400 winning percentage. None of them are over .500.

  8. If Luck’s shoulder ain’t right (plenty of speculation going around that he may require another surgery), then the Colts are irrelevant regardless of the next hire.

    Sure seems like it would only be fair(and the decent thing to do) to release the assistants who signed with full belief that McDaniels was the next head coach.

  9. McDaniels better hope that he gets a fat raise and has a new long-term contract that guarantees that he’s the successor to Belichick, or it’s likely no other franchise will ever offer him a head coaching job again. He did severe damage to his reputation by the way he handled the Colts’ offer. How unprofessional can you be? If you have serious doubts about taking a job, you simply don’t waste people’s time leading them on by interviewing for the position. If your family does not want to move away from their home, you simply say, “thanks for your interest, but my family has decided that we want to stay in New England, so I’m not going to accept your invitation to interview.”

    Hope McDaniels understands that New England’s dynasty comes to and end the day Tom Brady plays his last game. Having said all that, I really hope New England fails to make it to the playoffs next season.

  10. McDaniels is very professional just like all the so called professionals. It is all just an amusing game to them and that includes the Colts and whoever your greatest hero/s is. Who cares. $millions of dollars to all the professionals who by their earnings should be having a good financial life. It is all those that are not a part of the professional professions, in this case football who are UNPROFESSIONAL. Who should even care about any of it.

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