Former IU assistant Martin named in connection with FBI probe

Former Indiana assistant coach Chuck Martin was named in a Yahoo Sports report on Friday detailing interactions between an agent at the heart of the FBI’s current corruption probe and high-major college coaches.

According to the Yahoo report, Christian Dawkins, an associate at ASM Sports wrote to his boss, Andy Miller, in July 2016 that he had discussions with then-IU assistant coach Martin about steering top recruit Brian Bowen to Indiana in exchange for Martin pushing former Hoosiers Thomas Bryant and OG Anunoby to sign with ASM after entering the NBA Draft.

“Chuck Martin – Trying to close the deal on Brian Bowen for Indiana,” Dawkins wrote to Miller in the email reported by Yahoo. “I told him if we can work together and if he can push for us to get (Hoosiers) Thomas Bryant and OG Anunoby two projected first rounders from IU this year we can work something out.”

Anunoby, who was drafted by the Toronto Raptors with the No. 23 overall pick in last summer’s NBA Draft, signed with Octagon Basketball for his NBA representation.

Bryant, who went in the second round to the Los Angeles Lakers, signed with Catalyst Sports.

“It’s the first we have heard of any of this,” IU spokesman J.D. Campbell said.

A text message sent to Martin from the Herald-Times was not returned.

Dawkins also had interactions with Michigan State and Arizona coaches about Bowen, per the Yahoo report.

Martin, who worked under former IU coach Tom Crean from 2014 through 2017, is currently an assistant coach at South Carolina, where Bowen transferred in January.

Bowen’s original commitment to Louisville was a focal point in the FBI’s initial probe into rampant corruption in the sport.

Although Bowen was not named in the investigation announced by the FBI in September, all details pointed to him as the player Adidas representatives are alleged to have funneled money to in order to secure his commitment to Louisville.

Bowen was also named in a Yahoo report earlier Friday, which revealed documents from ASM Sports detailing illegal benefits given to players.

Also on Friday, ESPN reported that the FBI probe had caught Arizona coach Sean Miller, the brother of IU coach Archie Miller, discussing a $100,000 payment with Dawkins for current standout freshman center De’Andre Ayton in a federal wiretap.


  1. To me this seems like a non- story as far as IU goes. The agent reached out to Martin not the other way around. Bowen was never, ever considering IU. Never even came for a visit. The two players the agent wanted signed with other agencies. Now, if I am Sean Miller, I may be trying to figure out an out strategy.

  2. This appears to exonerate Indiana, if anything. Bowen never had anything to do with Indiana, the former Hoosiers did not sign with ASM, and Martin left for a famously dirty program where his skill set would be appreciated.

    I suppose there could be some conspiracy if they have some IU people involved in some other capacity but, just based on the information above, this appears to actually clear Indiana of anything other than being on some crooked agent’s wish list.

  3. Sometimes, it makes me wonder why assistant coaches may be so readily to move around from one program to another.

  4. Are we going to stop pretending that the Men’s NCAA basketball and football are amature sports now?

    I’m sorry, but if anyone thinks that Sean Miller is the only one involved in this, you’re nuts. FBI doesn’t get involved with a couple of rogue coaches. I bet EVERY SINGLE program who has had some player with NBA potential has issues.

    It’s called a black market. In this case, it is fitting. Yet another example of our society criminalizing black kids for trying to find their value and worth. “But they get a free education!!!” LOL.

    Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in college. Can you imagine Edward and Karen on CNN screaming holy hell that their snowflake son couldn’t collect his billions while he was under “amature” status in college? The crocodile tears would flow and change would happen.

    Allow these kids to sign with agents and get their shoe deals at 18. Bring the black market into the open. This way we can let the FBI get back to investigating kids collecting guns to shoot up their classmates vs wiretapping coaches phone calls.

    Amature sports? What a joke.

    1. Skip college altogether….Eliminate the “one-and-done.” Make those with signed agents go straight to the NBA or NBA camp…or NBA development leagues…Allow them to get whatever the “open market” is willing to pay without college as a proving ground( my guess is not very much).
      It’s amateur athletics and March Madness that fuels the interest in the NBA…and their future ‘stars.’ I really don’t understand how the tail(NBA) has always wagged the dog(intense interest and $$$ in March Madness)….

      Remove the one-and-done and you fix much of this. A ‘scholarship’ for one year is a complete insult. Protect the player via it meaning something…Protect the institution and the concept of ‘student-athlete’ the same.

      If you want to make a race argument, then tell me how the NCAA made example out of Sampson for water bottles, backpacks, and 3-way calling. Kelvin was such a criminal….The ESPN talking heads defending those named in the FBI probe certainly do need some perspective…to explain their silence over IU getting “wrecked” over water bottles.

  5. That’s 1 way. During the game last night Elmore stated my thoughts. Get rid of 1 and done.

    1. It’s important to remember the one and done is not an NCAA rule. It’s an NBA rule.

      Colleges are just accomplices.

      1. There lies part of the issue. Agents are certified by the NBA making them think they have an open thoroughfare to colleges. Also the possibility of repaying the part of a scholarship used if you turn pro early has not been raised. Some counter balancing action is needed.

  6. The NCAA men’s basketball is a complete sewer with agents being pimps for the various college programs with high profiles that feed the NBA lottery system. The NBA and the NCAA need to take action for their lack of control of the men’s basketball, that allow players to be bought and sold on an illegal basis. Agents and shoe companies are being dealers in corrupt and ugly situation. I also wonder about NCAA Football if there’s an illegal system there. I don’t think the coaches named so far are the only sinners. It appears, that if you didn’t cheat you weren’t going to be successful Division 1 program and haul in the big time talent that the sewer agents were providing. Looks like the USA has a major moral problem with drugs and college athletics being bought and sold on an illegal underground market.

  7. Why aren’t we cheating more knowing nothing happens to the perpetrators and those taking far bigger advantages of the “black market” to banners?

    Who cares if they take down the banner in 6 or 7 years? We get our bragging rights back and we get more dollars for our athletic program like all those “elite” programs now finally getting called out in the FBI probe.
    Instead, we stay stuck as homer Hoosiers in a Gene Hackman flick. We’re such a silly dumb and honest place….”Because it’s Indiana”? Because we’re righteous fools is more like it.

  8. This particular piece involving Chuck Martin doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Doesn’t mean IU shouldn’t be extremely worried. Where did Bowen end up…South Carolina…where is chuck Martin…south Carolina. This is one computer from one agent. These agents are buying highschool kids and hearding them towards college programs that will steer their NBA kids to use their agency. It’s a revolving door that is probably sustaining recruiting and success at many top NCAA programs.

    This is exactly why Michigan State and Kentucky get top kids every year. Schilling, Flint, Martin all former Calapari assistants and Arch and Sean are related to him. You don’t think they all don’t know how this deal works? Tom Izzo and Crean are great friends and Former coworkers. C’mon!

    2013 we have 2 lottery picks and the Noah Vonleh and Troy Williams show up at our front door. Yea no coincidence there. Look at Bowen…he was thought to be a Michigan State lock then bolted for Louisville. Didn’t Caleb Swanigan go to Michigan State then bolt to Purdue? Hmmm…here is a real coinsidence…Troy Williams and AJ Hammonds are currently ASM guys…hmmm.

    I’m not saying anyone is guilty or innocent. I have no inside information. I just think about how all the coincidences seem to make sense now. Could this be why Langford waited to commit. If so IU, Vandy, and Kansas have all been mentioned in this. He also considered UCLA and UNC and they are in it too.

  9. Thanks Tom Crean for hiring Chuck Martin and Kenny Johnson. Cant wait to hear the apologies for that from our fan base.

  10. We can kiss Romeo goodbye now. People around Romeo will talk very down about “Brothers Miller” and any chance that IU had at landing Langford are toast, and I mean up in smoke. Count him at Vanderbilt, no question in my mind now. Sux for me and Hoosier Nation but oh well, 2018-19 will be another brutal year. He would have been the “franchise”, trust me on that, I saw him play more than 20 times and saw college basketball’s finest coaches there with their eyes open like saucers watching some of the plays he made, including Archie and Coach Drew.

    1. Doubt it. I seen him in candystripes. Vandy has zip to offer other than good academics and he is likely a one and done.

    1. Makes sense that he hasn’t sought out another job after the first fbi probe. It’s a lot easier not being a head basketball coach during this unique time.

  11. Vandy is implicated too and so is Kansas. Not to mention a team in the basement of the SEC and are magically bringing in 2 5* kids with Langford as a 3rd. You seriously think all those 5* kids play at Baylor for Drews brother because they are all baptists that fell in love with Waco Texas after all this FBI stuff? I’d say it may be a reality that any player who has serious NBA talent in next years recruiting class ends up playing overseas like the Ball kid.

    1. Baylor is Louisville with murders.

      The inevitiable Vandy scandal may result in them dropping basketball to intramural status. They lose money as it is. They are not going to tolerate things that would be just another Tuesday at Louisville or Kentucky.

      Vandy is one of the most vunerable programs out there if there is a whiff of this in their program.

      1. You know Chet I’m kind of a proponent for the state Texas(less since all the transplants, No. or So.)but Waco is something else again.

      2. But isn’t the HGTV ‘Fixer Upper’ couple, the Gaines, a Waco tale of success? And didn’t Scoop’s very own, Geoff of Maine, go to high school with millionaire, Chip Gaines? There goes my damn memory again. And where in the hell has Geoff been. I’m pretty sure I know he’d be taking the Jay Bilas position concerning the tiny little controversy in college hoops right now. But I guess we’ll never know…

        But back to Waco…Waco is sadly also the home of one of the ugliest moments in religious cult history where so many innocent families and children lost their lives. …David Koresh?

        1. Hi…. yes. Good memory. This team is interesting, but I’m busy and ultimately it’s just the beginning of the Archie-era.

          My take is that the NCAA is corrupt and I think this is all a joke. This stuff is just regular business dealings forced underground so the dudes at the top can keep all the money and declare themselves the saints at heavan’s gate. Is that similar to Bilas’s take?

          As much as I was ready for Crean to go the past few seasons, I don’t think he is the type to get very caught up in this stuff. I could honestly care less except that I know it would stain IU’s rep with some people.

          Hope everyone is well. We’re enjoying a FL vacation with my IU-prof parents…

          1. Yeah, Tom Crean made 30 million over nine put guys like Tim Priller into a senior night at IU. Why on earth would he need to do something underground..or pay a hundred thousand bucks in small change for a top recruit when most fans were content with Sweet 16’s? I get where you’re comin’ from….More demanding fan bases put more pressure on “regular business” to get done. At IU, we don’t need regular business….We leave regular underground business to the elite college basketball programs with fan bases demanding more. ….thus boosters demanding more…thus shoe agents and NBA agents getting more, etc, etc.

            Hope all is well. Got any photo shots of you cheering behind the Rhode Island bench? Ambi-Stan!!! Have fun in Florida.

          2. Hope you have a better time than I did. On the way south I found a motel in Valdosta for $139 that cost me $2100.00. Guess my card data and licence info was forwarded to someone in NYC. Than, two weeks with a 2 and 3 year old. Otherwise the weather was nice, maybe too hot. Came back bruised, broke & sunburned.

          3. After living most of my life in the southeast I just don’t go there anymore. Way too much mental (social?) illness. I still visit Asheville but it is about as southern in attitude as Denmark.

            Working as a paramedic in South Carolina was like filming ‘Mississippi Burning’.

            Life is too short for that.

            Ron, your bank should cover the fraud charges.

          4. Whenever heading to Florida(which, other than St. Petersburg area, isn’t much anymore), I do one stop in Atlanta. Do dinner at Houston’s…
            Day 2: Straight to Vinoy Renaissance(pricey but a beautiful historic hotel). Day 3: Pass-a-Grille Beach…Hit the deli near the beach before heading for the sand. Day 3(nighttime): Guppies in Indian Rocks for dinner. Make sure to request the outside/front porch seating.
            Wing the rest of the trip…because I’m basically good after that. Stay away from the super-heavy tourist destinations(Treasure Island, Clearwater). Did find a fantastic restaurant on Longboat Key quite a few years ago….Again, quite expensive but a lot of charm and delicious eggplant parm(Euphemia Haye & Haye Loft).

          5. oh, and maybe one day reserved for Busch Gardens…(pretty quick trip going up from St. Petersburg)…Gotta get some coasters in. I like Busch Gardens…Clean, nice array of coasters, manageable size to get all you need in 3-5 hours, better food than most theme parks, and BEER!

  12. Why would Romeo hold Archie accountable for something his older brother may have done last year? Archie left AZ seven years ago! And I don’t think anyone is suggesting that Dayton has ever been involved with any of this type of corruption. If anything, Archie is probably seen as being amongst the cleanest coaches in college basketball. I don’t see any logical reason that Sean’s problems would prevent Romeo from signing with IU. Romeo may or may not sign with IU, but I doubt Sean Miller will factor into Romeo’s decision. That’s like saying recruits will turn away from Minnesota because its coach is the son of a coach whose assistants paid for hookers at an on-campus recruiting function.

    1. Well if your a one and done and there are over 300 teams to choose from you’d probably want to go to a school that is going to the tournament. His school was Louisville. Louisville was implicated and almost immediately not considered in his recruitment. Like I said Vandy, Kansas, and IU are all mentioned to varying degrees in this.

  13. Should I go searching for the posts in which you had such glowing remarks for all the Miller family….and, particularly, Sean.
    It’s so unfortunate that I have a phenomenal memory. It pretty much appears Sean’s coaching career is over. Direct wiretaps of him discussing 100 grand for an agent to secure a player..? Yup….He’s done.

    I must have known something when I was saying to go after a very low profile coach…e.g. Bill Coen….or the guy at Princeton.

    This doesn’t make Archie guilty by association….but, my god, it’s his brother. It’s about as close to home as you can get. Could be quite the dark cloud hanging over the family business.

    1. Harvard – you say Sean Miller, but let’s hope Archie wasn’t involved, he did a lot of recruiting for his brother, knows sean’s tendencies and temperament, he almost certainly saw some of the low-handed behavior. I’m sure Archie is not involved deep in my IU heart, I want to believe that. I also want to believe that none of this will have an affect on recruits that have already committed to IU….but if one falls out….the others will follow and it will be a nightmare for IU to recover from. Let’s see how the recruits react to this. We already saw how Shaq’s son reacted—granted he was going to Arizona….but now that the former IU assistant coach is implicated… we could be in for a long ride. Archie looked completely like a ghost at the senior speeches.

      1. Archie looked completely like a ghost at the senior speeches

        Yeah, but he’s already sorta pale. Everything will be fine. The cheaters have Jay Bilas on their side. He’s a lawyer. He’s very smart. He likes programs burning down over water bottles….But paying agents 100 grand to land players at your university? Hell, we all knew that was happening. It’s the water bottles that have destroyed college basketball….not to mention Bob Knight.

      1. Not you, Chet. My comment was directed at the 6:05 poster. He’s never stopped blabbering about how “elite” and honorable the entire Miller coaching name/tree. Price can be complimented for the time delay and where my posts get dragged.

  14. Jay Cutler went to Vandy…That’s reason enough to stay away.

    And Chet’s favorite sports tv personality….Skip Bayless? Also a Vandy guy.
    Then again, I do love Frontera Grill…in Chicago(restaurant of Skip’s brother).

    Oh, my damn memory. There it goes again.

  15. The former IU assistant wasn’t “implicated,” he was listed as a person who was contacted by the corrupt agent. There’s no proof that the former IU assistant or anyone at IU did anything. This scumbag Agency rep was trolling every coaching staff in college basketball. Being on the receiving end of an email or a phone call does not make one guilty of corruption.

    Being the brother and former Assistant of a coach who crossed the line and made a massive, career ending mistake does not mean people are going to hold Archie accountable. Guilt by association? That’s pretty thin. Unless it can be proven that Archie was a cheater when he worked at AZ or at Dayton, I don’t think he’ll pay for the sins of his older brother. And as for Sean, my guess is that as the years past without making it to the final four, and as the criticisms of him being an under-achiever increased, he became increasingly desperate and fell item to temptation. It’s a terrible shame for him, his entire family, and for Arizona. And there’s no doubt he’s going to pay an enormous penalty for that mistake. But his brother, if as I suspect, is innocent, will survive.

    1. There’s temptation to get on a 3-way call with a recruit …..and there’s temptation to buy a player with 100 grand. Hmm? I’d say the 3-way calling coach should be expelled from college basketball for five years…Call that dude a “wrecker” while we allow the other 10 elite programs who all threw boatloads of money at recruits to simply get a slap on the wrist.

      I think it’s painful to watch people spin temptation….

      1. Worked for Crean when he was chasing anyone within a fart wind of college basketball’s most notorious “wrecker.”
        But we all know Martin will be seen as operating completely removed from the shields of holiness encompassing Crean and moving about his daily existence.

        Why would any crooked coach not use his assistants as a buffer.

        Yup…not being “guilty by association” worked real well for Jeff Meyer and Ray McCallum. I do believe the guilt by association is more dependent on the hierarchical starting point. The guilt rarely trickles upward…

        But if the allegations against Sean are true, 1/2 of the Miller coaching family just became very stained. These men are brothers…They know secrets of each other they’ll take to the grave. Let’s quit acting so naive. You weren’t naive with anyone who sat down for a dinner with Kelvin(and that was 3-way calling and not 100 grand for an agent to secure a recruit).

        You guys spin…spin…spin….with never admitting just how ridiculous the Indiana witch hunt was(then and retrospectively). Where was sweet Jay Bilas then giving his reasonable thoughts and perspective?

        Wonder if Brad Stevens or any of his assistants ever paid an agent big bucks for a recruit?

  16. They’ll all survive…Jay Bilas had UNC’s back during Caspergate Ghost Classes at UNC….Jay has the cheaters and the corrupted backs of college basketball’s most
    elite” scumbags now.

    But there is still sort of a black cloud….Nobody wants their brother to face this sort of public humiliation. And how does he dance around it? Does he condemn his brother’s behavior…or defuse and say it’s just part of the game? The 50 yard line just got much wider.

    1. Bilas is calling for Sean’s head, yet Duke is clearly on the screen of teams implicated by the FBI on the network that employs him, and Duke is playing their players. I used to think coach K took everything positive from knight and ditched all the negatives to channel success in college ball. Not the case at all. Coach K sold out. Bilas should be calling for his head if he’s calling for Sean’s.

      1. Here’s what I will bet. He asked Coach K if Duke was involved. Coach said ‘no’. Bilas believed him to his core.

        Now, he’s trapped.

        1. I have no problem believing Coach K. He is a product of the Bob Knight Code of Morality. I find him innocent by association. I also find many of his stolen banners innocent via association with the genius of Knight.
          Besides, anyone who looks like an anteater has to have a clean nose.

  17. Jay is known for having a displaced ‘l’ in his name….He is formerly Jay L. Bias.

    1. The arrogance after the probe from 1 agent out of like 100 is just ridiculous. More than likely very few are innocent.

  18. It was surreal to not hear Bill Walton spout his “Conference of Champions” broken record for tonight’s Arizona vs. Washington game …He decided to go with Conference of Handcuffs.

  19. This will be like the baseball steroids scandal. Everybody was doing it, few will get caught. But those who do, will be big names and pretty smelly do-do will hit the fan. Can you imagine what we don’t know? The stuff that went on in Kansas with Larry Brown and other stories you have already heard about long ago is just a small pile of dung in a baby diaper. If they can excavate a crater worth of dung or even a mammoth amount of it, we could be ready some really damning, juicy, and career ending stories by the end of this year.

  20. This will be like the baseball steroids scandal. Everybody was doing it, few will get caught. But those who do, will be big names and pretty smelly do-do will hit the fan. Can you imagine what we don’t know? The stuff that went on in Kansas with Larry Brown and other stories you have already heard about long ago is just a small pile of dung in a baby diaper. If they can excavate a crater worth of dung or even a mammoth amount of it, we could be really seeing some damning, juicy, and career ending stories by the end of this year.

  21. Any program that ultimately is found guilty of ‘Pay to Play’ should receive the death penalty. No scholarships, no television revenue, no conference profit sharing, and no play of any kind for two seasons ( see University of Southwestern Louisiana basketball, 1973 ). Of course none of this matters if the program is connected to Hillary Clinton.

      1. I think we’ll find out that many of these college basketball agents were working with the Russians….
        Is March Madness not one of America’s greatest institutions?
        Lady Liberty never looked so stained with greed while wrapped in Pitino’s bed sheets.
        Arizona needs more than a wall at the Mexico border….They need a very high one at their state university to keep out the sports mafia.

    1. Along with SW Louisiana (aka Louisiana Monroe) yet quite a bit more high profile, the other two D1 schools to get the ‘Death Penalty’ were SMU in football and some school named Kentucky in basketball.

      Until this century Kentucky basketball had the distinction of both receiving the Death Penalty and being the only program to have been sanction by the NCAA during every decade of its existence.

      They are a model of consistency.

      1. It is worth noting that, although the Kentucky players were found to have taken bribes from gamblers for point shaving and comitting perjury, among other things, they were allowed to retain the national championship they won that year.

  22. And some think Crean’s buyout was too momentous a year or two previous to his firing? It appears Arizona will have to pay Sean Miller 10 million if fired with “cause.”

    He’s worth more being fired with “cause” than without. Hilarious.

  23. According to a recent news report, Andre Ayton’s parents have hired a lawyer. Their lawyer came out with an aggressive statement on behalf of the family that said, “we didn’t get any money for our son signing with AZ and Andre did not take any money, either.” They are demanding the FBI release information that clear’s them and their son of any suspicion of wrong-doing and to protect their family’s reputation. Interesting! But it seems to me that you don’t do and say those things if you’re guilty of taking a payoff/bribe. If nothing else, their lawyer’s comments remind us that we do not have all the information. It looks and smells really bad for a lot of programs, especially Sean Miller and AZ, but we have yet to get all the facts.

    1. That’s exactly what people do if they are guilty. Watch about five minutes of the news most days.

      They have little choice. I kinda feel bad for them.

      There’s also a pretty good chance that things happened that they currently know nothing about. I’m guessing they are going to learn a lot more than they know now.

      1. That reminds me of an article I was reading an article about Robert Mueller yesterday. They referenced how he did not stay in the private sector very long after leaving law enforcement the first time.

        Apparently, when a potential client described their situation it was not uncommon for him to say, “It sounds like you should go to jail.”

        That probably wasn’t what they were hoping to hear.

  24. Every time I reread the story above by Miller, my jaw still drops….By all appearances to me, I believed Chuck Martin to be a man of seeming integrity. Funny how we can so easily be fooled by articulate speakers and appearance. I thought he was the coaching brains on our sideline….Now it appears he was also a fraud of sorts. Very sad.
    It’s also rather unveiling to see how closing deals with certain recruits can also mean pushing guys out of college faster than their NBA level of readiness so they can get in the hands of the unscrupulous agent. Deals…deals…deals…and more deals. Sickening stuff. None of these people were ever interested in banners or making Indiana Basketball an elite program. Users and abusers. Hope they get jail time.

  25. Wow, the cynicism on display in this thread is off the charts. So much for innocent until proven guilty. So you hire a lawyer that demands the FBI release information proving that neither you or your son got any money because your guilty? Sounds like a pretty stupid tactic to me if you took the money. But regardless, if your son’s going to be worth millions in a year, why risk your reputation for what will be, within a short amount of time, pocket change?

    1. Sounds like the most effective way to find out what the FBI knows before they wanted to reveal it.

  26. Andre Ayton told the FBI directly that neither he or his parents ever solicited or received money from AZ, any shoe company, any agent or anyone else to play for AZ. So you think his parents got a lawyer and the lawyer allowed or encouraged him to lie to the FBI? I don’t think so.

  27. Attorney Paul Kelly added that Ayton has “abided by all applicable rules and regulations and is fully eligible to participate as a member of the Men’s Basketball team.”

    “I am aware of media reports and public reaction suggesting that University of Arizona Men’s Basketball student-athlete Deandre Ayton should not be deemed eligible to compete due to a perception that he or his family received money or other benefits in connection with his recruitment at Arizona. These reports are false and unfounded.

    “Over the past several months, Mr. Ayton has voluntarily submitted to several interviews, by federal prosecutors and the FBI, but University and Pac-12 compliance official, by representatives of the NCAA, and by Steptoe and Johnson, the independent firm engaged by the University to review these matters. In each of these interviews, Mr. Ayton has credibly and consistently maintained that neither he or nor any member of his family, nor any representative thereof, received any money or extra benefit to influence his decision to attend the University of Arizona. Not a shred of evidence has been adduced suggesting otherwise, which federal investigators and NCAA officials have acknowledged.

    “As a former Assistant U.S. Attorney with a deep understanding of the criminal investigative process, and as an NCAA legal practitioner, I can say with confidence that Deandre Ayton has abided by all applicable rules and regulations and is fully eligible to participate as a member of the Men’s Basketball team.

    “On a personal note, we have found Deandre to be an outstanding and honorable young man who has been truthful and cooperative in all of our dealings with him.”

  28. You seem awfully invested….I can understand why. You never stopped blabbering about how every college basketball program was elite other than IU. We havent’ been elite for 25 years…blah…blah…blah(intentionally discounting the great achievement by a Final Four team in 2002)…Always taking digs at IU in order to sell just how lucky we were to have Crean…I mean, with our past, we were delusional to think we could get an outstanding coach like Donovan…or Sean…or Brad..etc, etc. And Sean Miller and Arizona was always at the top of your “elite” list. This was the manner you apologized for the incompetent coach we were hung with for 10 years. We weren’t worthy of “top” coaches….You know, those same top coaches at top “elite” programs now on FBI wiretaps.
    And now we have his brother…I’m sure his brother has never known any of this existed. I’m 100% certain everyone is innocent and the FBI simply has nothing better to do with their grotesque budgets than to chase good guys.

    How dare you call any of us cynical…when all you’ve ever done is take digs at IU…and their fan base. It makes you look the fool when all those you have been slobbering all over aren’t looking very morally “elite.” How blessed is Crean for getting axed before this Martin stuff was unveiled. Makes one wonder, doesn’t it? Some guys always get to keep their fat noses clean(pardon my cynicism).

  29. Chet- Not for you…For the Grand Apologist..and the big Sean fan.
    Let’s all settle down a bit…Everyone in sports mafia is innocent until proven guilty…
    We should always hold a presumption of innocence in our hearts…We should give kids the benefit of the doubt..We should never label people or call them “wreckers” unless it’s crimes so hideous as a water bottle, backpack and too many 3-way calls on an AT&T bill..Ban that a-hole from college hoops for 5 years!

    Ghost classes?….Pretty sure that’s been proven. Hookers for recruits? Pretty sure that’s been proven. At least one recruit working through a scumbag agent certain to have received an offer of 100 grand to attend Louisville? Pretty sure that’s proven. A now multiple wiretaps by the FBI unveiling only the tip of the corruption iceberg likely to come?
    But water bottles for a recruit? Burn dem Hoosiers to the ground!
    Outside of having a frontal lobotomy, how on god’s earth can you not be cynical…?

  30. Po, rule of law, a person’s due process is being passed over in today’s society. Public opinion and personal charges against a person catch the headlines, the a person is charged and convicted in the high speed media frenzy. The real story comes out much too late for the people being publicly charged and it is a forgotten issue by the time the real facts are known. We now have a “Salem Witch Hunt” going on some witches will get burned at the stake and some non witches will also be erroneously be burned . Personally, I’m NOT going to try and figure whose innocent or not, the real issue is all the parties involved, NCAA, shoe companies, agents and the players(or their relatives) are all chasing the big dollars and don’t give a damn about the rest of us.

    1. There’s nothing new about that and it certainly never required ‘high speed media’.

      There have been witch burnings and lynchings for a long time.

      As I said about the claims and counter claiims before, “We’ll see.”

      1. The Atlanta bombing at Olympic park? Richard Jewell? Janet Reno FBI leaks?

        Despite never being charged, he underwent a “trial by media” with great toll on his personal and professional life. Jewell was eventually completely exonerated, and Eric Rudolph was later found to have been the bomber. In 2006, Governor Sonny Perdue publicly thanked Jewell on behalf of the State of Georgia for saving the lives of those at the Olympics.[6] Jewell died on August 29, 2007 of heart failure from complications of diabetes at age 44 (courtesy: Wikipedia)

  31. I generally agree with you, IU South….but the last people to talk disparagingly about witch hunts is the IU fan base. The blanket judgments made and the labels aimed at all…? 17th and Fee should have been renamed “Salem Hall.” And all condemned for lifetime sentences upon reputations because of failing grades, a water bottle, backpack, and 3-way calls…?
    Ghost classes to protect degenerates from failing courses, prostitutes for recruits, NBA agents, shoe company reps acting as basketball mafia insiders, and corrupted coaches paying big dollars to secure recruits..?
    So which deserves more the witch hunt? The way I remember it, Sampson and IU certainly never got Jay Bilas defusing or marginalizing the “wreckers” at IU while knowing full well the despicable “underbelly” of corruption getting off scot-free. The Establishment in the media protecting their “elite” alma maters are the biggest hypocrites of all.
    Who deserves more the banning from basketball for 5 years and program death sentences…if found guilty? So we declare innocence for the massive numbers of morally degenerates paying recruits under the table…because so many are doing it and the system is flawed. Meanwhile, drag the 3-way caller(a rules violation that was subsequently removed after Kelvingate) easily caught to the gallows as example of the worst criminal in college basketball?
    And the IU fan base got right in the same frenzied crowd of the media elite to build the bonfire….rather than seek the reasonable defenses and perspectives so many a reaching for when it’s the “big names” (mostly, the white and elite coaching names) now facing much uglier accusations of deep-seated corruption permeating their programs(all the while having “assistant” coaches acting as a buffer to cover their asses).

  32. Basically, if you are too stupid, purposefully aloof, uninformed, out-of-touch, or determined to look the other way to any wrongdoing of an assistant working directly under your guidance? My opinion? You’re dumb as a rock or the worse of the criminal. Head coaches need to be fully accountable for all activity within the scope(recruiting methods) of securing talent to their program.
    The MSU scandal involving a doctor at MSU molesting young girls had repercussions going all the way to the top…eventually causing the removal of the athletic director and president.
    But when a coach is embroiled in a corruption scandal involving recruiting, they are given the benefit of the doubt for being stupid of the facts…It’s the immediate assistants or the player recruited made to look the criminal. Somebody please explain why these coaches are free of guilt by association while assistants and players are running for the borders?….This isn’t cynicism. It’s pretty simple what it is. It’s full out hypocrisy protecting the old guard. The God Fathers of college athletics are the head “elite” coaches….They are nearly untouchable and always allowed the fallguy and the buffers others are never afforded or given as benefit of the doubt. They are never accountable for those who work directly on the same courts, on the same bench, on the same phones, and within the same offices in same hallways. You’ll clean up basketball in a heartbeat when you begin to make the God Fathers, the head coaches, accountable for all basketball operations…Many are getting paid 3 to 6 million per year. They should be fully accountable to any means of securing talent and their entire basketball culture(top to bottom…equipment manager to top assistant).

  33. Chet, the statement sounds “lawyerly” because the man who made the statement is a lawyer. In fact, he’s a former U.S. Prosecutor who worked very closely with the FBI for many, many years. I don’t think a lawyer like that is A) going to make such a statement unless he is very confident that it’s the truth, and B) he’s going to recommend to AZ that Ayton be allowed to continue playing unless he’s very confident that Ayton is innocent. I mean he comes out and flatly said, “These reports are false and unfounded.” AZ, through this lawyer (former Federal District Attorney) had investigated Ayton long before this Yahoo “news” story broke, and he’s convinced that Ayton is clean.

    Kind of ironic how, on one hand, people have far less trust in the news media these days, but on the other are so quick to assume someone mentioned in a “news” story is guilty of misconduct. And as IU South writes above, so many people join in a “Salem Witch Hunt.”

    1. Come on. That is his only job. That is the only reason he has a nice house and his kids no doubt attend private schools. That is what he is paid to do.

      If the criteria for innocence is a well worded statement from your attorney we can fire all the investigators and close down the court system.

      You know better.

      1. I commented earlier about Robert Mueller’s foray as a defense attorney. He couldn’t bring himself to write those letters so he gave up the big bucks to become an Federal investigator and, later, a prosecutor again.

        There is not a shortage of people who will write those letters.

        1. If every word his attorney wrote in that letter is false do you know what will happen to the attorney?


      2. ^^^Exactly.
        Dunker, JSD has treated Sean Miller as if he attended at the Last Supper. This is more to do about protecting his old assumptions(the litany on Scoop) about his “elite” coaching status and his “elite” character than any presumption of innocence surrounding anyone attached to the Arizona ongoing scandal.
        There is no history of Sean cheating on his wife…blah..blah..blah…he attends all Sunday services…blah…blah…blah….and has never won a championship and is, thus, an easy target(which put him in the favorable category of our recently departed angel)….blah…blah…blah. All the aforementioned certainly guarantees a man of exceptional integrity …blah…blah…blah. Black and white world. Sampson? Burn baby burn.

  34. so many people join in a “Salem Witch Hunt”

    ,said Jeff Meyer. lol.

    Somebody Ayton tellin’ the truth….that’s for sure. We’re sort of missing the point anyway. If he was offered money….and denies he has received any money, it doesn’t exonerate those offering or attempting…or hiding possible future means to illegally compensate.
    Nor does it speak of any other future promises/arrangements that an agent may imply/offer that could be considered criminal interstate activities …or bribery attempts. Just because dollars aren’t currently in bank accounts doesn’t necessarily mean recruits were not bribed…or coaches are not implicated.
    Many criminals are very astute at laundering the money…Maybe it’s in a off-shore account in the Cayman Islands?

    Black cloud over Archie’s brother…That’s pretty undeniable. And Sean is done as Arizona coach…Pitino isn’t the only head that’s going to roll in all of these probes. Hard to imagine the FBI has wiretaps they can’t thoroughly confirm. I think that’s a given. The recruits will be more difficult to implicate…but the tactics used are based in criminal purpose and criminal activity(bribery, tax evasion, etc).

    1. I doubt the FBI does anything to the players.

      They will probably provide the NCAA with plenty of damning evidence, though.

      1. Agree again…I’m agreeing with you too much.

        Trying to bribe a 17-year-old whose parents have often endured hard circumstances and harder streets is too easy a conviction/target while the real disposable characters walk away. If it was in the hands of simply the NCAA, the typical low fruit would be the example and pay the harshest prices.
        But this is the FBI. They won’t bother with the low fruit. They head straight for the trunk of the diseased tree….and they’ll find the rot.

  35. Everyone, just wait until the NCAA goes the way of the NFL, and demands a slice of the money being bet on the NCAA football and basketbal games to put more money into their bank account.

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