IU gets No. 6 seed in Big Ten Tournament

Indiana’s itinerary for New York City is set.

The Hoosiers will open this week’s Big Ten Tournament at Madison Square Garden as the No. 6 seed on Thursday at approximately 9 p.m. against the winner of Wednesday’s matchup between No. 11 Minnesota and No. 14 Rutgers.

“I think our guys are excited,” IU coach Archie Miller said after Friday’s loss to No. 16 Ohio State. “They’ll be happy to get to New York, having another opportunity to play.”

The results of Indiana’s trip to the East Coast will likely determine whether the Hoosiers extend their season beyond the conference tournament.

To qualify for the NCAA Tournament, Indiana would need to receive the Big Ten’s automatic bid by winning it all in New York. Eighth-seeded Michigan won last year’s Big Ten Tournament in Washington, D.C. The last No. 6 seed to capture the tournament crown was Iowa in 2001.

Indiana is 12-20 all-time in the Big Ten Tournament.

Meanwhile, to position itself for a second consecutive trip to the National Invitation Tournament, IU will likely need at least one win in New York.

The Hoosiers closed the regular season with back-to-back losses to Nebraska and Ohio State, dropping winnable games due to turnovers and missed free throws.

But as IU navigated the back end of its schedule, it showed marked improvement in some key areas.

Across the final 10 games of the regular season, IU posted the No. 13 adjusted defensive efficiency in the nation, according to the advanced statistics at barttorvik.com.

It also saw some of the best play to date from freshman forward Justin Smith, who is averaging 15 points per game across his past four contests.

“For us, we’ve really improved coming down here through the home stretch,” Miller said. “We’re playing pretty good basketball as a group.”


  1. Hope it’s anyone but Iowa in the first contest. I have a nervous feeling about getting the Hawkeyes in such a short span after taking them down on the road.

    Oh well….Once we bow out, I doubt I’ll watch much of any of the tournament. I hope many do the same as form of protest for such despicable so-called leaders and “elite” coaches who have been corrupting the game.

    1. The NIT might prove to be fun.

      Honestly, I’d rather see us play some exciting games in the NIT than to lose the first weekend of the Big Dance.

      I think the Hoosiers could win it. That would be fun.

    2. When Fans talk, in this manner, about the leadership and elite coaches ; how about some content or meaning to your comment. Anyone who has watched IU at all this year can see the improvement in DEFENSE and the offense has started to come around. It shows in the national ratings as well as on the floor. I don’t expect IU to make the NCAA; but the have a good chance for the NIT. When IU started they only had approximately 16 t0 19 points coming back from last year.

  2. Ron, call 9-1-1 immediately.

    But I agree with Chet, not only might it be more fun if IU wins a few games in the NIT, but I think it will be a more valuable experience for the younger members of this team as compared to getting beat by 20 in the first round of the Big Dance. If IU were to win a few games in the BIG tournament, then win two or three in the NIT, it will allow these players to end the season on a high note, with some momentum for next season, and give the freshmen and sophomores some very valuable experience and perspective about playing in the post season, not to mention that much more time to work on their game.

  3. Spare me! This season was for this bunch to learn how to be on a Team.

    Thank goodness this miserable season is finally over…now we get to see the results of what they’ve (hopefully) learned in the Big Ten Tournament. I am not one to be gleeful about the NIT…but if we do get in, let’s hope the posturing stops and the effort begins, as a Team to Win Games.

    1. There were 2 miserable games. But minimal analysis supports this season was about about transition and growth. Both have been accomplished because we can pretty clearly see there are 8 prominent players to take over the game performing rotation next season. Can’t wait for Miller 201.

    2. Miserable? This has been a season to remember for many years. Seeing a new coach introducing a radical new way for IU to compete – Using defense of all things. Watching kids adjust to the new – “way”. The growth of Morgan, seeing the development of Justin Smith, the potential of Green, watching the increasing impact of Zack. Competing with a couple of highly ranked teams. This has been a hell of a year for IU basketball. Frustration at times, but forming the foundation for years to come.

  4. I’m also excited for next year. But are IU’s students? It boggles the mind that so many students did not show up for IU’s last home game of the season. Thousands of empty seats in the student section? What’s wrong with these kids? What better things do they have to do on a Saturday in winter? In the ten years that I attended most IU home BB games, I don’t ever recall seeing that many empty seats in Assembly Hall, let alone on Senior Day. If the students don’t want to show up to cheer on their team, maybe Glass should reduce the number of seats available to students and allow the general public to have access to a greater number of lower-priced seats. I don’t expect a sellout at every home game, but it was not good to see huge swaths of empty seats on Saturday.

    1. Always like to acknowledge unique vocab choices…or a word rarely used that I see in a post/comment.

      Nice job with “swaths,” Podunker.

    2. I’ve never understood having a ticket and not using it or passing it along. I could never have afforded to waste money like that.

  5. Official Attendance: 17222

    Do you have a way to verify ‘thousands’ of empty seats? I don’t remember a lot of camera shots showing empty seats….Don’t remember much commentary on empty seats either. But when a team is out of contention for March Madness(even written off a week ago by “bracketologists”when an outright 5th or 6th place finish was possible), it’s not surprising that such “downer” reporting by national and local media Establishment may have sabotaged some level of passion in the student fan base. I would blame slanted media opinions/pundits before entirely jumping on the asses of students. Emotions play into team performances….and it plays into fan performance as well. They are young and they move about the days on a roller coaster of highs and lows. Many have painted this team as severely “ugly”…”broken”…full of “bad shooters”…etc, etc. Considering the negative press cloud surrounding them, I think their achievements/growth and what remained as fan interest committed to understand quality team hoops vs. the empty propaganda of ‘the Crean misfit era of zero defense and turnover madness’ ….is rather remarkable.

    Our fans will continue to come back…and they’ll be a far more sophisticated lot than those who simply attend to clap for rankings and slogans…..on a bandwagon ride via the propaganda machine of the last decade. The basketball classroom is back at McCracken…..The Assembly Hall absent students are sort of to hoops what a Sampson “thug” were to formal education in Woodburn Hall. Many bandwagon fans of the ‘Clown Clapping Era’ never had much of an education at the game of basketball, so why bother going to a true McCracken lecture now..? Professor Archie is simply above their level of experience…I remain hopeful that interest will grow in Professor Archie as more students appreciate the experience of the “light bulb” finally going on.

  6. I agree, Chet. If I didn’t have a ticket to an IU BB or FB game, I found a way to get one. Never missed a home BB or FB game during my 4 years at IU, even though some of those teams were not great. Not one. I mean, go to the game, cheer for IU, then go party with friends. Great way to burn off stress from studies. I understand that not all IU students are sports fans, but if you bought the tickets, either go or give them to someone who wants to go to the game. It looked to me as if there were so many empty seats, you could not even give them away. If Glass needs more revenue, he can reduce the number of seats made available to students and sell them to anyone who wants season tickets at a lower price.

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