IU women complete 1st Purdue sweep since ’85 #iuwbb

WEST LAFAYETTE — It had been 10 years since the Indiana women’s basketball team won a game at Mackey Arena.

It had been 21 years since the Hoosiers beat Purdue twice in one season.

And it had been 33 years since IU had swept the Boilermakers home and away in a season.

All of those marks were erased on Monday night, as Indiana walked away with the Barnburner Trophy for the third time in four years after a 52-44 road win over Purdue.

“I’m really, really happy for my group,” said IU coach Teri Moren, whose team won the Jan. 6 meeting with the Boilers 72-54 in Bloomington. “We knew when the Big Ten season started, the early road was going to be difficult, but we knew those young kids were going to get better and we were going to rely on our seniors.

“(Tonight) it was collective, it’s all of them.”

Amanda Cahill scored 16 points and grabbed 11 rebounds to pace the Hoosiers (14-12, 7-6 Big Ten), while senior teammate Tyra Buss scored all 13 of her points in the second half as Indiana shut down the Boilermakers in the second half of a defensive struggle.

The game was tied at 22 at halftime and after a Buss free throw, Purdue (16-10, 7-5) used a 7-0 run to take a 29-23 lead with 6:03 mark of the third quarter.

The Boilermakers did not score again for seven minutes and 55 seconds, by which time IU had taken a 35-29 lead with a 12-0 run.

“They have tall, athletic girls. Shots weren’t falling,” Cahill said of the Purdue defense. “The second half we started getting it going.”

The lead was just 35-33 when the Hoosiers got it going one more time, going on a 10-2 run to push the lead to double figures with 4:29 remaining.

Freshman Bendu Yeaney hit a jumper, then got a steal and layup to start the spurt. Cahill followed with a jumper, then Kym Royster scored twice on assists from Cahill and Jaelynn Penn.

“I loved our freshmen,” Moren said. “Jaelynn Penn attacked at the end, and Bendu Yeaney just made plays.”

The Hoosiers closed the door on their sixth straight win behind Buss, who hit a 3 to make it 48-38 and then made 4-of-6 free throws in the final minute.

It was enough to overcome Ae’Rianna Harris’ eight points, 18 rebounds and four blocks, while Karissa McLaughlin was the only Purdue player in double figures with 14 points.


  1. A much needed win, great combined effort. I was thinking if we win 3 of final 4 might have a chance, but if we win out even better. I noticed in the latest bracketology today, creme had Neb out [cant figure that one] and purdue in. With PU two home losses in a row that wont stand up. Keep winning girls you never know- Go Hoosiers!

  2. This was an incredibly great win for this basketball team! IU’s defense was absolutely outstanding holding Purdue to 29% shooting! IU’s defense was smothering tonight! We only shot 37% from the floor but, that was good enough with the strong defense that was exhibited by our girls. Amanda Cahill had a terrific game tonight when Buss was struggling from the floor although Tyra scored all 13 of her points in the second half when they were really needed to pull away. For those who were so critical of this team 3 weeks ago, some of us continued to state that we were going to get better as the freshmen gained experience as the season moved on. We were on death’s door 4 weeks ago sitting in 13th place in the conference standings and now here we are in the middle of the pack continuing to improve. Hope to see a raucous crowd for senior day on Saturday against Nebraska. This will be the last time we get to see Tyra & Amanda at home. Go Hoosiers!!!!!

    1. It is interesting how so many of those who were hyper critical during the team’s struggles early in the season and midway through the season have been largely silent these last few weeks now that the IU women have turned it around. Guess if they can’t have something to criticize, then they have nothing to say.

      Great win in a hostile environment. Mackey Arena is a tough place to play as a visitor and all of those tough early season games have really paid off with how our freshmen played in this game.

    2. Any thoughts on their chances of possibly being selected as one of the sixty four total teams which will eventually be selected to play in the 2018 NCAA Division One Women’s Basketball Tournament coming up next month? I mean so long as they’re somehow able to win their final three games to finish up the regular season as well as performing extremely well in the Big Ten Conference Basketball Tournament which tips off within the following two weeks? Hoping so…Or it’ll be a crying shame for Busd and Cahill to finish their careers without getting another shot at playing in the post season again.

  3. Great win on the road against a good team. That may have been the most complete defensive performance from start to finish I have every witnessed in all my years as a fan of this program. Great job by all! Only 8 turnovers and good time management late shows the growth of this team.

    Nebraska at home Saturday. Senior day. The last game at the Hall for Amanda and Tyra. With a win we will become WNIT eligible (must finish with a .500 or better overall record including conference tournament). Lets pack the Hall and congratulate our seniors on Saturday. I’ll even throw out a “putrid call” just for them.
    Keep on keepin’ on.

  4. Toughness won this game both mentally and physically. It is fun to win and the ladies appear to have fun playing defense, taking care of the ball, and rebounding.

  5. I have to hand it to scwartzie.
    He predicted this success was coming weeks ago, and I thought he was dreaming.
    So VERY proud of this team, and so VERY happy to see the look of shear joy on each of their faces after beating Purdue.
    Who knows what might happen now?
    I’m simply amazed at the growth of this team and their obvious incredible team chemistry.
    GO IU!

  6. scwartzie, just wanted to say that my friend Rollie and I always know when” it’s game on” when you yell out “Rookie call”. We just smile at each other when we hear It 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  7. Agreed , best defense start to finish this season. Was a mix of good defense and “Im tired of losing West Laf.” Sweep- first time in over 30 yrs. If we can continue to play this intense defense and add in a little offense who knows where that will take us. Loved Yeaney’s two “pick six’s” at least thats what I call them.

  8. That looked like a high school game last night with the score. Thank god for Cahill because without her we would have lost this game. The low score wasn’t really due to stifling defense like we want to pretend, but more due to inability of a Purdue team to shoot. Versyp doesn’t recruit good shooters. It was a game I thought we would lose but clearly Purdue is worse than I thought. ugly basketball all around, couldn’t wait for the final buzzer. Reminded me of game versus Virginia..a complete lack of fundamental play by either team. That may be the last win of conference. But keep talking about how elite this team is

    1. You should just take the word fan out of your user name hoosier041931 (there, I did it for you) because you never say a single positive thing about this team.
      Virginia is tied for third in the ACC, just behind Notre Dame and Louisville, but I guess that means nothing as long as you can say something bad about the IU women’s team.

      By the way, remember how you said Jorie Allen looked like she was going to be “another project” for Moren. I hope you haven’t been watching the play of BNL as she has been leading them towards a state championship this year with wins over the #3, #7, and #8 teams in Indiana, and has been scoring around a third of her teams total points in each win.
      But hey, all of those teams must have been completely lacking in fundamental play as well.

      Keep on hating everything about this team, since that seems all you can do.

  9. Hoosierfan–Yes I knew we could count on you for a pessimistic comment on the game, exactly what this team needs, right. With 3 very tough games ahead to end reg. season Im sure the team would thank you for your encouragement . Yes it could have been the last conf. win but I will hop on the bandwagon against that thought. Go Hoosiers!

  10. I’m running a special on umbrellas . The umbrellas are good for every day use, for locations where it rains every day.

  11. As usual Hoosierfan has shown up and basically blasted last night’s win. We have won 6 in a row and he needs to poo poo our win last night like it was incidental? He thinks Purdue is not very good, lets see now, they beat Iowa at their place and top 10 ranked Michigan at their place. Teams that aren’t very good don’t do that! Last week Purdue was included in Charlie Crene’s “Brackatology” . Admit it Hoosierfan, you simply will not give IU women credit when it is due? And I don’t recall where anyone on this website has referred to the team as elite? They are simply referring to how much better this team is now at this time of year. Most of us who frequent this website are wondering why you continue to denigrate this program no matter what they do? Just wondering what your agenda is? You continue to criticize the best player and the coach on every occasion. If nothing else you are consistent. When 90% of the posters on this website see what is good with this team’s improvement, you continue to rain on the parade on and on and on? Keep going hoosiers even though there are a very few that won’t give you any credit for your success lately. Just know that the real hoosier fans are behind you and appreciate what you are accomplishing! Go Hoosiers!!

    1. Swartzie, I agree that its a great win. I love how Amanda Cahill competes. She is a special player. I love Tyra Buss and how she always wants to take charge, She is a good facilitator that can get her own shot and score. Kym Royster is going to be key for next year and how we finish the year. I love these Freshman and believe Linsey Marchese, jaylynn Penn and Bendu Yeaney are going to be great players at IU. Looking forward to next year also with the class coming in.

  12. Hoosierguy– Along with the incoming class lets not forget our transfers sitting and waiting. Ali patberg who was indiana miss basketball, voted by espn as #1 at her position and #13 overall in her class, a 5 Star player to boot. Jenna Wise two years experience from Pitt. who has a lot to offer. But in saying that we will miss both Tyra and Amanda next season , who have been record breakers on the floor and off. Those two have certainly helped raise the level of the IU basketball program.

    1. Yes Steve W. we will have Ali and Jenna (the leading scorer for Pitt last season) for next year as well as a great incoming class of recruits. We will actually have depth and some size in the paint. But enough about next season …. lets enjoy the rest of this one!
      Get to the Hall on Saturday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hoosierfan, one other remark you made was the lack of fundamental play in the game. OMG, do you realize that IU had a season low 8 turnovers in this game against one of the top 2 defenses in the conference. I would consider that pretty good fundamental basketball! You continue to spew comments in your posts that are quite inaccurate? Keep up the good work and try to give credit where it is due.

  14. T. Moren and staff have brought this team along as they are a team now from where they began. It is just really interesting and very very enjoyable to watch this version of the IU ladies basketball program (team including coaches) grow and develop. KIM ROYSTER’S and Amanda Cahill ‘s smiles along with Yeaney steals says a 1000 words about IU ladies basketball team.

  15. I was referring to the smiles in the picture above. I know at the end of the game all the IU ladies had big smiles on their faces. Very big win.

  16. Congrats to the IU Women’s team! Beatin’ up on Boilers. It’s a good thing.

  17. I appreciate hoosierfan041931.
    It just makes me so happy to understand that I live in a world different from the one he lives in.
    Fantastic victory!
    Go IU!

  18. Great job….Hooosiers!!! Now hopefully y’all can keep it up by winning out the rest of your conference games left on the schedule and maybe go deep into the conference tournament and who knows pull off a couple of big upsets and actually win it so y’all can make it into the post seasonal selection field of teams coming up next month too. I believe in y’all and will be closely following your progress all alonh the way.

  19. Certainly the IU defense was causing PU some problems as was the opposite. I especially loved Yeaneys game. On the opening tip Im sure Harris at 6’3″ was not expecting the 5’10” Yeaney to get the tip. IU’s great defense most likely helped in the two steals that yeaney had for layups. Im also guessing that yeaney even bated the passer into making those potential errors.

  20. Purdue just beat Maryland 75-65.
    Maryland was 60-4 since joining the BigTen, they are now 60-5.
    How does that grab you, hoosierfan041931?

  21. According to Hoosierfan, Purdue is a terrible team. As usual because we beat them, they are not very good. All he wants to do is degrade IU anyway he can?

  22. IU ladies blogs rivals men’s bb and fb for number and interest now days. Another area of growth in IU ladies basketball program. Just sayin.

    1. Also, we just had a men’s coaching change …We had nine seasons of a men’s program that couldn’t get beyond a Sweet 16…while nine other Midwestern programs played far deeper into March Madness.
      Many fans are fairweather fans. I remember a guy named Seahawk Tom(formerly Husky Tom) who would participate regularly when our basketball team was highly ranked(Zeller/everything hinges years)….But now he’s nowhere to be found. That’s just one example, but you get the point. Lots of fairweather fans who simply lose interest when programs dip..or regress or become stagnant. Some fans may flip back their interest in another college program(possibly a school they studied as undergrads, etc).
      The numbers for men’s blog participation will likely soar once/if(?) Archie gets things rolling and gets his own very talented recruits in candy stripes.

  23. Great to have the interest…but I highly doubt the number of posts on Hoosier Scoop used as a comparative look at men’s and women’s basketball interest could be extrapolated as representative of equal proportional changes in real world numbers.
    Changes in crowd sizes at games(high school, college, and WNBA)….Rating numbers on television…major advertising commitments, ticket prices, salary comparisons, dollars allocated by sports apparel companies to entice programs/recruits(sorry, it’s sort of in the news)….etc, etc. are a bit more indicative of actual shifts/gains/losses in popularity that go beyond Mike C’s mood to produce one or two extra posts causing 50% increases on a women’s basketball thread.

    Unfortunately, Inside the Halitosis doesn’t cover women’s hoops…The number of contributors to their men’s blog is often tenfold the numbers here(maybe fifty fold if you remove H4H, Chet, Clarion, t and Podunker from a Scoop sample set). It would be interesting to see how any women’s numbers would compare to their men’s numbers given their dominance in overall readership/internet activity.

    All the more reason that those who love the women’s game should be grateful for HSR/HT/Scoop providing the free coverage and equal opportunity to express excitement, devotion, and thoughts.

  24. I was referring to giving IU ladies basketball a boost on this blog in a very narrow way only. (Perspective )

    1. It’s all good, t. I get it….I love your perspectives of things happening on the various stages of the world(business, sports, politics). You bring a refreshing take(along with needed rebelliousness) far removed from most of the ultra conservative/apologetic forms of defending the status quo simply because it’s the norm or the way to win a popularity contest.

      Keep on…keepin’ on.

  25. OMG, h4h is getting on me for multiple posts on a women’s article? This is the guy in the past where I have seen 40 posts on a men’s basketball subject and he has had 15 of the 40 posts, really? My God Harvard, pump the brakes.

    1. “pump the brakes”…
      Good one, MikeC. Gave me a chuckle. I think the brakes are broken…maybe even warped.
      Always like a chuckle on a Friday night.

  26. It’s like when any media person/s or politician/s state’s that the media or politician (meaning other media or politicians) says this or that and that same media person or that same politician is the media or politician.

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