IUWBB: Hoosiers back to .500 with win over Northwestern

Indiana made it back to .500 with a 78-73 overtime win over Northwestern on Sunday at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

IU blew a 15-point, fourth-quarter lead, as Northwestern forced overtime with some big shots by freshman Lindsey Pulliam. Pulliam scored 31 points, hitting a jumper to make it 69-66 with about a minute left in the game. Then a steal by Abi Sheid, dropping off to Oceana Galernik for a 3, tied it at 69-all with 12.9 seconds left.

Northwestern had a chance at the last shot after a Tyra Buss turnover gave the ball back to the Wildcats with 3.6 seconds left. But Northwestern was called for traveling on its shot attempt. Amanda Cahill got a shot off with .5 seconds left, but it was short.

In overtime, Kym Royster picked up a Buss blocked layup to make it 76-73. Buss hit two free throws to extend it to five points with five seconds left.

Buss led the Hoosiers with 31 points, while Cahill scored 17.

IU (12-12, 5-6 Big Ten) came out strong in the first quarter, hitting 8-of-15 from the floor and forcing five Northwestern turnovers. The Wildcats hit just 3-of-12 from the field as they fell behind 20-8.

But the visitors used the second quarter to cut into the Hoosiers’ advantage. Northwestern hit 9-of-10 from the field and went to the break behind 35-29. Lindsey Pulliam hit all four of her shots in the period, all pull-up jumpers, on her way to 14 points at half.

Buss led the Hoosiers with 16 points going into the locker room. In the third quarter, more big plays from the senior point guard helped the Hoosiers keep the Wildcats at arm’s length. Buss whipped a pass to Linsey Marchese, nearly behind the back, for a lay-in. After a Pulliam jumper and a Jordan Hamilton 3, Buss followed that up with a three-point play to push the advantage to 49-40.

Cahill also came up with her share of clutch baskets, including a 3-pointer to make it 52-43 late in the third quarter. It was 56-46 heading into the fourth. 

The Hoosiers only continued to pull away in the final period. Buss hit a 3-pointer with 7:20 left to make it 63-49 just 40 seconds into the quarter.


  1. Silly girls lost focus and with officiating help ever so slightly, allowed ladies to regain focus climbed to 500. Good win. They really played well defensively almost all of first half and it really sparked their offense. However, after working hard to get solid double digit leads during game the ladies gave leads up way to easily and quickly. It almost cost them. Congratulations to IU ladies on a good win. Where I thought IU ladies had a slight officiating advantage were on a couple travel calls that went against Northwestern. I thought two of them could have been no calls even though technically they may have been travels. As far as fouls I thought that was pretty equal. Northwestern got bumped around a little as well as Buss and Cahill getting knocked around a little themselves. However, IU ladies did get a couple calls that could have been no calls against Northwestern. In my opinion it would not have been an issue if the IU ladies would not have kept losing big leads so easily and quickly throughout the game after working hard to get them.

    1. That travel they called at the end of regulation wasn’t a travel at all and was the only reason iuwbb had a chance to win this game. Thank goodness for home cookin. That girl traveled a lot..but that was a very bad call at a very crucial point in the game. Silly mental errors we made down the stretch are clearly due to fatigue and eventually its going to be something worse than just little errors..someone is going to get hurt

  2. And overall during non conference and conference IU ladies have definitely had their share of calls that did not go their way. My observation was for this game only.

  3. As much as I like TB. if IU had lost this game I would have placed it squarely on Buss ‘s shoulders giving the ball away twice in a row at the end which allowed NW to tie the game in regulation. Give credit to NW ‘s Pulliam for being so hot and pulling her team back almost single handedly with no one seeming to be able to guard the Freshman.

  4. SteveW, I still think some of Tyra’s issues at times are due to her playing so many minutes every game. Last week she was leading the nation in minutes played. Coach simply has no confidence in any one else taking her place to give her much needed rest? At halftime with a 6 point lead, I told my friend sitting next to me that I hope we come out playing well in the 3rd quarter because we normally stink coming out of the dressing room. All went well and then the 4th quarter we stunk the place up! But, we were clutch in the over time showing a little grit and determination. This is the thing that has changed in our team over the last 3 weeks. we make tough plays when we need to.
    Excluding the 2 turn overs late in the 4th quarter, we played very well with the ball only having 10 to’s in the game. Nice crowd today which was great! The crowds have been getting larger towards the end of the season, I am sure it is because of Amanda and Tyra. Only two more home games to see these two great players. Go Hoosiers!!

  5. T.B. at end of games is exhausted and tired playing on adrenaline. To late to change now. A few more weeks it will become IU ladies basketball history.

  6. Why are they “IU ladies”? The guys aren’t “IU gentlemen”. Why not IU women; there’s nothing wrong with that. And good for them for winning!

  7. My age says lady, woman, ladies, or women referring to the same species. It never crossed my mind.

  8. I’ve honestly felt just awful for T. Buss throughout her whole entire basketball career for not having enough talented player’s surrounding her that could’ve helped her transform the Hoosiers from an average/mediocre basketball program into a top ten ranked type of a basketball team especially during this season in particular. She’s way to good of a basketball player to had
    been on a team that managed to end up making it only once into the post seasonal playoff bracket field of teams that are selected to compete in the season ending NCAA Division One Women’s
    College Basketball National Championship Tournament. And by no means whatsoever is it her fault that the Hoosiers weren’t able to achieve any further level of success than they’ve done thus far during her career because that responsibility lies squarely upon the shoulders of Coach Moren herself and her alone. The whole entire coaching staff needs to start doing a lot better job at successfully recruiting top notch level high school basketball player’s throughout the whole entire country including on a global scale as well if they’re going to ever be successful in transforming Indiana women’s basketball program into an elite national power program.

    1. This is the golden age of IU women’s basketball.

      Go ahead and criticize the coaching, recruiting, what have you, but the fact remains that this is the most successful era of women’s basketball in Bloomington since the 1980s.

      That is not an opinion, it’s the historical record.

  9. Walk , dont feel sorry for Buss she is doing her thing.

    Also, what you said about recruiting pertains to 98% of all college sports.

    Talk about this team and how they have never lost there courage and always fought with every ounce of grit ..

  10. Also, if Buss was on a top 10 team she wouldn’t get billion minutes, too score a billion points, too dish a billion assists , to throw down a billion free throws , too pick pocket a billion steals , too be the best women player in IU history, plus so much more. She is and will always be in the right place as far as her college hoop career.

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