IUWBB: IU finishes perfect homestand with win over Illinois

Indiana finished a perfect 4-of-4 on its homestand with a  70-54 win Thursday over Illinois.

Amanda Cahill finished with a team-high 20 points. Junior forward Kym Royster produced 19 points, including 15 in the second half. Tyra Buss added 15.

IU (13-12, 6-6 Big Ten) is now .500 in conference play, with a road contest at Purdue this coming Monday.

Illinois was able to keep it close with IU for much of the first half. Alex Wittinger went 4-of-4 from the field, including three midrange jumpers in the first quarter to keep the Illini at a 14-10 deficit. But, as a team, Illinois hit 9-of-25 in the first two quarters.

It was 18-16, IU, with 7:13 remaining in the second quarter following Wittinger’s lone basket of the period. Following a 3-pointer from Cahill, Illinois’ Petra Holesinska answered with her own shot from beyond the arc to make it 21-19, but the Hoosiers dominated the rest of the period.

Cahill and Yeaney hit four consecutive free throws, and Buss hit a 3-pointer to 28-21 with 2:15 left. Cahill hit a 3 with 55 seconds remaining to boost the Hoosiers’ edge to 33-23, and Cahill followed that with a buzzer-beating jumper to make it 35-23 at the break.

Illinois chipped away at that lead in the third quarter, with a drive by Brandi Beasley reducing the Hoosiers’ lead to 45-39 with 3:05 left. But two free throws from Royster pushed it to eight. Royster then picked up two offensive rebounds in one possession, scoring on one with 22 seconds remaining to push it to 49-39.

Royster started the fourth quarter with a putback, as well. And the Hoosiers continued to hit 3s, with Cahill hitting one from the corner with less than four minutes to go. Buss followed that with a banked 3-pointer to make it 64-46 with 3:20 left.


  1. I think the refs in this game made so many horrible calls in this game and that helped Illinois keep things close. That call against Royster when the Illinois player ran into her really stands out as one of the most egregious, but there were really too many to count.
    Of course, the really sloppy play by IU helped as well. My wife referred to the play at one time as looking like it was out of a 3 Stooges sketch.
    However, I thought Royster’s play in the 2nd half is what won the game for us. I believe her efforts in that half is what put Illinois on their heels. If she improves as much between this season and the next the way she has improved since last season, she will have an amazing senior year.
    Buss I thought had one of her worst games of the season. Even though she ended up with 15 points, she just seemed off in this game (missing 4 straight free throws). Hopefully it was just a one game funk.
    Glad we ended up with a win, but if IU plays like this against Purdue, we will end up with an ugly loss.

  2. IU ladies need a second, third, or forth wind. Buss is tired. Maybe, T. Buss can regain herself into a final stretch to end her career. I think she will. Unlike, at the start of the season play from others were lacking and now I think it has improved where if teams go after T.B. others are more reliable. Great to see Kim Royster play improve steadily and Amanda Cahill is a welcome sight to score more. However, this nice little win streak can give them much energy, focus, and confidence to propel them throughout the rest of the season. They are going to need it as schedule situation just got tougher.

  3. Another ugly win for the hoosiers. It appeared from the start that we were not really focused and did not have the energy we have had in recent games. In a way this is understandable when you consider we were playing the worst team in the conference. Some times it can be very hard to mentally get up for a team of this caliber? The key to the game was the job defensively that Royster (in the first half) and Cahill in the second half did on Alex Wittinger holding her to 9 points and 4 rebounds. She is a terrific player who leads them in scoring and rebounding and can be a double-double machine. We played very poorly in the first half turning the ball over 10 times but, held a 12 point lead because of us shooting 62% from the field. Amanda Cahill (my fav) had a great game tonight! She had 20 points, 6 rebounds, an assist, 2 blocks and a steal with only 1 turnover while playing 38 minutes. Amanda has been playing the best basketball of her career the last 5 games. As good as Tyra has been through her career, Amanda has been over shadowed by Tyra. Amanda has been the backbone of this team since she arrived on campus. She does the dirty work and supports Tyra in every way she can with points, rebounds, blocked shots, great assists and screens to go along with continual hustle. At the end of her career she will be in the top 6 or 7 in scoring, the top 3 in rebounding, the top 8 in 3 pointers and the top 7 in blocked shots. What a great career she has had! It will be a sad day indeed when Amanda and Tyra end their careers. It is highly unlikely we will ever see two players of this magnitude play together again at Indiana University? What an incredible experience it has been to watch these two help turn our program around! Go Hoosiers!!

  4. Ditto– Another game where we came out flat , good teams do not do this they try to kill you early. There were some questionable calls, but this team had some sloppy early on, plus the lack of attention to Wittenger caused Moren to become livid as you know she was the game plan. In the second half the team woke up thanks to the play of Cahill and Royster {love the micky mouse hair-bob]. Im sure we will come out more ready monday night, but you better believe that team has a big “red circle” on the schedule for us. We embarrassed them here and they want to do the same to us. As for Tyra and Amanda they are slowly coming to the end of their careers at indy and we will surely miss them next year.

  5. Maybe not in the same way, however if the IU ladies are going to become a nationally recognized force they had better have a team of players equal to T.B. and A.C. including a couple dominant players.

  6. Good job holding serve at home the last four games. They were must wins. Now we need at least 2 more wins over these last four regular season games to qualify for any chance of post season play. I believe that this team is capable of winning all 4 games if they don’t turn the ball over but it doesn’t matter what I believe. It only matters what they believe.
    Keep on keepin’ on!

  7. Ive been thinking we need to win 3 of the final 4 games to have a chance of post season. Problem is all 4 games will be very tough teams, all 4 teams are above us in the won/loss cate. and 3 of 4 are on the road. I believe we are improved enough to get the job done, but as stated above, as a team do the players believe it.

  8. Over on iuhoosiers.com you can watch Moren’s interview and if you read between the lines she does not believe IU will win at West Laf. on monday night. Her reference to the emotions, the crowd, the fact they lost to Minn at home and they are looking for revenge against us pretty much reveals her thoughts. Until this team shows they can win over there, she wont believe it either. Emotions most certainly will be evident and hopefully we wont be snowed by the officials, but I have my doubts about that issue,, good luck ladies , give it your best shot, go hoosiers!

  9. Highly unusual that Moren would not give an interview before going to West Laf. instead sends only Cahill out . In almost every other pregame she gives an on camera interview. Sends a message of how much this game means to Moren. The emotions involved in this game at least for her is inmeasurable and may be transferred to her players.

  10. Halftime PU vs. IU ladies. Defense ok…if either of them were playing anyone else they would lose first half. Maybe, IU ladies can work on their shooting @halftime and T.B. can get her head on straight because she is going to have to score double figures for IU ladies to have a chance. (Has T.B. ever been scoreless @ half?).

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