1. Newkirk just can’t process very fast the info that flashes across his vision. His mistakes are monumental enough to be the opposite of Sports Center playmaker highlights.

    1. He’s pretty impulsive. That works if you have the cat like reflexes to pull it off but those skip passes through 4 sets of legs fail more often than not.

      Love his effort. Love his fearlessness going to the hole.

      Don’t care for his decision making.

  2. Newkirk makes me scream at the TV more than any other IU player in history. He should be forbidden from attempting a pass over 15 feet. And while it happens to all players, I’ve never seen a guy throw the ball to people on the bench or in the stands more than Newkirk does. Having said that, I gave him credit last night for staying focused and making some very timely and important shots. His 3-pointer in the second half was huge, and he had a couple of excellent drives to the basket too. But good Lord Almighty, can we find a way, in the remainder of the season, to get him to stop attempting so many terrible passes? He must know by now that the downside to those passes exceeds the upside, and that they are more likely to result in a turnover than in a score. If Miller can find a solution to that tendency, this team might actually produce a happy ending to an otherwise painful season.

      1. Indeed. Green had a tough game and it was Josh that actually stepped up on both ends of the floor.

        Also, it was RJ who had 6 turnovers last night. In fact throughout the season, Newkirk gets the lionshare of abuse, but RJ is the team leader in turnovers. 2.5 per game. Newkirk and Green TPG are 1.8 each. You could argue that RJ makes up for it with more scoring, and perhaps some of those TOs come from playing more aggressively. Either way, he gives up a lot of possessions. Has consistently done so throughout his career.

        1. The cold, hard truth is that RJ just isn’t very fast. How many backcourt passes has he thrown this season that were just picked off…frequently resulting in a layup? For every pass he has picked off he has another 4 that are almost picked off as they float across the floor.

          I’ve always been a big RJ fan but you can’t teach someone to be quicker.

  3. “Painful season”…? The pain is gone. The pain is gone! Archie is teaching basketball rather than vomiting up podium gibberish.
    I just wish I didn’t have to get reminded of the last nine years of excruciatingly painful basketball we used to watch when I hear the ole master squealing for some form of personal redemption on ESPN.

    You’re wrecking ESPN! You’re wrecking ESPN!

  4. Season Record High Ranking
    2012: 27 – 9 7th
    2013: 29 – 7 1st Big Ten Champions
    2015: 20 – 14 22nd
    2016: 27 – 8 14th Big Ten Champions
    How soon we forget!
    Winning is fun. Losing is painful. Those seasons were fun. The others, like this one, were painful.
    Here’s to having a lot more fun in the seasons to come.

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