1. Am I the only one not receiving the game feed? The third game with no comments after the officials for the game named.

    1. Over the past five or six days I’ve had quite a few instances of audio loss on whatever it is that I’ve been watching. I don’t know what’s doing it. I did read something early the other morning about extreme solar flare storm activity happening on the sun recently.

  2. Great win for IU. They made us proud today! Glad to see our senior shooting guard find his touch and have his personal best in scoring. Obviously we needed every one of those points today. We really have to hand it to this group of players. They overcame hot shooting from Iowa to start the game and a size disadvantage and worked really hard to still be within reach at halftime. They demonstrated a coolness and a resolve on the road that was very impressive, and I really think they were simply in better condition than Iowa’s players. Iowa’s energy seemed to fade a few times during this game, but IU just kept grinding. And obviously, Iowa got out-coached today.

    Four in a row! Never thought this roster could do that during the BIG conference schedule. Oh what could have been if we had avoided the losses to ISU, Ft. Wayne, MD and IL. But winning the last two regular season games and then continuing the streak in the BIG tournament will help erase the sting and provide momentum for next year’s team. Who knows, we may go deep in the NIT, which would be great for the young guys on this roster.

    1. I was a student when we won the NIT topping Purdue in a thrilling title game. The atmosphere was similar to that of the NCAA win I was on campus for. It wasn’t JUST the NIT win, I understand, because it was Purdue. But the fans went crazy in town.

      Based on that experience I’m not sure an NIT win isn’t better an early from the Big Dance.

      Who knows what might happen with these guys, though?

  3. Love the progress. Newkirk scares me every time he touches the ball. I really enjoy watching this team buy in to Coach Miller’s program. It is just fun. I am looking forward to games again.

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