1. RJ is playing his way into a basketball career.

    He won’t see the NBA but he will find work somewhere.

  2. Sans Johnson, our guards are horrific tonight. Newkirk, Green, Durham would be better in NB jerseys. They’d have more assists anyway.

  3. Why the evidence suggests Romeo Langford isn’t coming to Indiana —-title of article that was written 1 day ago. after reading I have to agree with the writer. I think Romeo is afraid of the “Eric Montross reaction”

  4. Newkirk is now the biggest mess in all of college basketball. Never seen more ineptness by a PG.

  5. Green was just as atrocious….What a mess. Any sort of solid guard play and this one was ours to steal.

    Looked like the twenty turnover virus hanging on ’til the bitter end. And another college basketball season in Bloomington flushed downed the toilet.

    Go Houston Cougars. Go Kelvin and Devin!

  6. Why do I get so sick to my stomach when I watch Tim Miles…? Oh, I now why…He acts and looks like Tom’s snarky and dorky circus twin.

  7. Can’t win against a quality team on the road. Need the calls. Back to our players being cry-babies. An unlikeable team. But soon this miserable season will be over!!!!

  8. this is the opinion of a writer on MSN SB nation about R L. You cannot find an account of Langford handling his stardom poorly. Everyone who sees it rants and raves about his maturity and the grace with which he has conducted himself. But would Indiana fans act accordingly if it was announced publicly that Langford was going to Kansas or Vanderbilt? The answer is almost certainly “no.” The gyms would still be full, but it would be a celebratory tour no more. The adulation and applause would be replaced by boos and hatefulness. And why would a kid and a family voluntarily subject themselves to that?
    Why is Langford waiting until the McDonald’s All-American game to make his decision? I’d bet dollars to doughnuts it’s because when that date rolls around, the only games he will ever have to play in this state again are when the Indiana All-Stars play Kentucky this summer and when Langford visits the Pacers a time or two each season during his NBA career. Indeed, I’d contend it’s because Romeo Langford isn’t coming to Indiana.

    1. TJ,
      The Romeo Langford conspiracy theories abound, but you can make a counter argument to each. In this case, why would Romeo Langford want to spend two hours after every game, especially on the road, to sign things when he could save himself a lot of that trouble by going ahead and announcing for Vandy or Kansas. Kris Wilkes didn’t have much trouble after announcing for UCLA last November.

      1. Jeremy,
        You are at the games and I am not but did Cody Zeller, VO, et al, actually spend 2 hours after every game signing autographs? Cody was a much bigger ‘get’ than Romeo.

        1. I was at tons of games when Steve Alford was in the house. There were no autograph marathons.

        2. Chet,
          I’ve not seen anything like the Romeo-mania. Cody was huge, but he was also the third Zeller brother, so maybe that served to temper enthusiasm when he was at Washington. I think Romeo’s pursuit of Damon Bailey’s scoring record (unlikely at best) and the void of in-state talent going to IU since Blackmon have helped conspire to intensify things. Cody was a bigger get, but it came in Crean’s third season. For Archie to get Romeo in his first would be significant.

      2. Kris Wilkes didn’t have the following that Romeo has…but I agree with you as to WHY cultivate the fandom by staying after games; but I also have to ask why wait when his high school career is essentially over and why take another visit to Vandy .

        1. HC, I was at all the games for the ’76 team, I’ve been at Alford’s games, Zeke, lots of stars. Romeo is a great player but the Zellers are like he Indiana basketball version of Kennedy’s in the Hoosier state. Romeo is more like James Blackmon in terms star power.

          I’ve never witnessed more than a few minutes of autograph signing by any of them.

    2. I grew up with Mike Flynn. Mike was Indiana’s Mr. Basketball. He spurned IU for UK.
      He was the starting point guard at for three years at Kentucky (freshman couldn’t play then). He was the star of the game his junior year when UK defeated the ’75 undefeated Hoosiers. It landed him on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

      I never heard him booed by Hoosier fans.

      1. when UK defeated the ’75 undefeated Hoosiers.

        …against an IU without Scott May in tournament who had a broken arm.

        Earlier in the year, IU defeated UK by 24 points(at one time had a 34 point lead on them).

        I’m sure Flynn was marvelous….but you best damn never forget the needed asterisk next to the tournament loss. We have back-to-back banners with a healthy May.

          1. Just thought it was a UK vs. IU detail that should not be ignored…

            I never boo Indiana kids on other teams, said Mitch McGary.

            What do I boo? I boo cowardly administrators who “wrecked” our IU vs. UK border rivalry. I would only boo Mike Flynn because he was on the enemy known as a “bait and tackle shop”(courtesy: Mike Flynn’s classmate).
            Now we are left with playing an NCAA pimped out Prostitute Tech of Louisville. Yippee.

  9. Grown men and conspiracy theories over an obsession with kids who aren’t old enough to buy lottery tickets.


  10. Speaking of Steve Alford. His team is barely on the bubble — last 4 out on a few brackets.

    Hopefully Dan Dakich will continue to beclown himself by claiming that Alford should have gotten the IU job over Archie.

  11. Didn’t Alford lose a few decent players after China Syndrome…?

    Never wanted Alford back as coach of IU, but let’s keep it real.

  12. Hopefully Dakich finally realizes that Alford is water under the bridge, that IU has it’s coach, and will move on to other topics. As I’ve heard Dakich say, it was all about getting an “Indiana guy” to be IU’s coach. For some reason he thought that was important, but he never really made sense explaining why getting “an Indiana guy” was so important, to either us or to himself. In the comments I heard him make, Dakich implied that Glass was opposed to hiring an “Indiana guy,” but never offered any explanation as to why he believed Glass might have such a bias. I mean Knight was not “an Indiana guy” when he arrived in Bloomington. I assume that if the best candidate available had been an “Indiana guy,” Glass would have hired him. In my opinion, while I think Alford is a good coach, Archie has as much upside as Alford does without any of the baggage. My guess is that the way Alford handled his star-player’s situation at Iowa (the rape allegations) made him radioactive to the risk-averse and controlling Glass. Not to mention it would have cost IU a lot more money to hire Alford (his UCLA buyout is a whopper) than it did to hire Archie. Sorry Dakich, in this case, I think Glass made the right choice and hired an excellent coach. Please move on.

    1. The last ‘Indiana guy’ to be full time head coach of the Hoosiers was Lou Watson from Jeffersonville.

      1. Indiana basketball has always bled into Ohio…..And Matta has no Final
        Fours without key Indiana talent lured during our fumbling around with witch hunts and whatever(e.g. Make Hoosier Football Great Again!). And we may not have one without Scott May.

        Knight? Indiana is close enough. But there is no state in the land that produces basketball talent on a per capita basis to that of Indiana. It is truly in our roots…and when they say “Indiana guy” ..it’s basically synonymous with somebody who loves the game enough to teach it at the highest level of competence available.

  13. The “Indiana guy” possible before the caddyshack committee room coup d’état of Fred and Tom ….was Brad Stevens.

    Also, if by some crazy chance Romeo chooses Vanderbilt, he’ll be playing for an Indiana guy. That should really quiet Dakich.

    At the end of the day, I’m just happy we’ll never see a Harbaugh inside Assembly Hall again.
    I’m also elated in knowing we’ll never again hear Calipari spouting additional intended sabotage our way: “Tom Crean deserves ‘Coach of the Year.’

  14. That’s not what Dakich was referring to when he referenced an “Indiana guy.” Brad Stevens was NEVER a candidate for the IU job or any other college coaching job once he got to Boston. NEVER! Stevens became the John Gruden of basketball coaches. He’s was a fantasy, a knight in shining armor, the hero and savior that would ride in on a white horse and return the program to glory. Every time a job opened up, Stevens was “rumored” to be the leading candidate for that job. Those rumors were 100% pure BS and ridiculous, and none of the rumors were ever based in reality. Until he gets fired by the Boston Celtics, I doubt Stevens will ever consider going back to coaching college ball. And even then, he’ll probably be the top candidate for the next NBA team that needs to upgrade their head coach. Maybe when the Duke job opens up, and Duke agrees to pay Stevens the same or even more than what they’ve been paying Coach K. But other than that, he’s not coming back to coach college basketball.

    1. Absolutely correct.

      The guys who leave the NBA for college jobs are the guys who crashed and burned as NBA coaches such as Calipari and Pitino.

      The only successful coach I recall returning to the college ranks was Larry Brown and that was because he found some place he hadn’t coached yet.

    2. We’re not discussing ‘once he got to Boston’…..The timetable(possible window0 to get Stevens was when Glass was tossing asinine extensions at Crean.

      Not that I care….I’ve never required an “Indiana guy.” I require a competent coach; a guy who recruits Indiana and the bordering states vigorously. ..but mostly, just a competent coach who is accountable(rather than completely evasive) and demands team play. I think we have that right now…Is he the best that was available at the time? Is he the lightning in a bottle to get this program back on track and back in the hearts of Indiana kids who were ignored by our program? We’ll see….Jury out. I do love his honest and forthright approach on the podium and addressing the fans. Archie is a sincere man and seems very driven to adhere to team basketball.

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