1. Got the game on the radio. Sitting in Titusville waiting to see the Falcon Heavy action Tuesday.

        1. Good stuff. Are you familiar with Dixie Crossroads? A Titusville landmark.

          Rock shrimp have really hard shells but they cut them before serving so you can access the meat. Tastes like lobster. I’m sure other places serve them but that’s where I first encountered them.

  2. And this is one of those nights you’re thankful for a newly added member to the Big Ten Bottom-feeders Club.

    Finish 5-0 and we’re in. Think of it as our NCAA tournament starting now. One in the books. Now go 5-0 and hand these boys a banner. It would be a greater achievement than anything our #1 ranked teams ever proved in grit….and team play.
    One at a time….

  3. 3-pt. shooting higher than field goal…or free throw percentages. Hilarious.

    FG % 24-55 / 43.6 %
    3 FG % 9-20 / 45.0%
    FT % 8-18 / 44.4%

  4. Michigan(8-5) Remaining: @WISC, IOWA, OSU, @PSU, @MD
    Nebraska(9-4) Remaining: RUTGERS, MD, @ILLINOIS, INDIANA, PSU
    Penn State(6-6) Remaining: MD, @ILLINOIS, OSU, @PURDUE,MICHIGAN,@NEBRASKA
    Northwestern(6-6) Remaining: @MD, @RUTGERS, MSU, MD, WISC, @IOWA
    Indiana(6-7) Remaining: MINN, ILLINOIS, @IOWA, @NEBRASKA, OSU

    MICHIGAN 10-8
    NEBRASKA 11-7
    PENN STATE 8-10
    INDIANA 10-8

    MSU, PURDUE, & OSU are locked in. Does the committee just take four from the BIG(Nebraska being the likely addition)…or do they take six? Endless scenarios possible for the standings in the middle of the pack…Penn State, Northwestern and Michigan have the most difficult remaining schedules. Nebraska and Indiana set up the best for strong finishes. Should be interesting. We are far from out of this thing. The @Nebraska game is appearing to be the game where most of the drama will unfold.

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