1. Really? After a timeout and Newkirk takes the last shot of the first half..?

    UCLA / Usc was a good game, the best part was TV guy #1 getting fed-up with Walton as TV guy #2

  2. State has used everything but a meat axe and they cannot shake the Hoosiers. May change in the 2nd half but if this team could hit a couple of shots we’d be turning cartwheels.

  3. Gotta love the effort as proven by the offensive rebounds but the talent discrepancy is enormous. We simply suffer from L.O.F.T.

  4. one reason I want this season to hurry up and finish; Josh Newkirk can get the “H” out of town. DD you said if Robert Johnson was a horse the glue factory would be on speed dial. If Newkirk was a horse the Glue factory would ignore the ringing phone. AND for anyone that wonders why CTC was fired ; ask yourself what did he see in Newkirk.

  5. If Archie can do this with this bunch, Imagine the future folks. None of his kids are even here yet.

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