1. Just a few random thoughts…

    Did McRoberts hit most of our 3-pt. shots? RJ hit one..? Newkirk one? Morgan one? …and McRoberts a pair? No deep threats other than RJ killed this team all season long(along with pathetic free throw shooting).

    I sorta hope Green transfers…Take Durham’s game over him any day of the week. Green is too much the jokester for my taste. His game too herky-jerky. Didn’t seem to care one iota about being benched for his many silly mistakes.

    Justin Smith and Morgan will grow into quite the tandem….Hope Morgan comes back for a final season.

    Good luck to all the seniors.

  2. why, WHY doesn’t Archie or anyone else associated with IU BBteam address the Elephant in the room and that is lack of size . Wesson is just a muscle man posing as a basketball player. Ever since Davis went down this team has had to battle on the front line from 4 to 6 inches in height. Its no excuse when you play in a physical league like the Big10 and your “short” big men get beat on from likes of “Moose” Haas or “Moosie” Harms or Wesson, Tate, Diop , and or Potter. IM surprised Archie didn’t send the stating 5 out to the floor looking More like the “Walking Wounded” than the “Hurrin’ Hoosiers”

  3. I want Green to stay. He has matured a lot from last season and will continue in that direction under Miller and Schilling. The improvement of JM, JS, JMc and FM are proof enough to me of Green elevating his play.

    1. I agree. Green is a kid with a ton of talent. Trying to assess a talented teenager’s potential after dropping them into a whole new environment and two different coaches is a fool’s errand.

      He could be a great player.

      Not to pick on anyone but we aren’t looking at Tijan or Priller at 19 and trying to see how they might fit. Green has mad skills that simply need to be directed.

  4. He could be a great player

    No doubt he’s certainly athletically gifted enough…And he is the quintessential Tom Crean recruit; a vision for a future highlight on SportsCenter and on our former Coach Galileo’s resume. We will see Green’s game mature like a fine wine(potential meets basketball IQ..meets shooting touch…meets his athleticism) just in time for his 5th season in the NBA.
    But as a college player, like 99% of Crean’s experiments not ‘Bigs’(outside of Zeller, the ‘Bigs’ were just disasters), he’ll leave the same as most; herky-jerky ballers with more than suspect jumpers who could just as easily be recruited to Cirque de Soule…as the NBA. They do little to improve teams now(meaning the 2-3 window they stay in candy stripes).

    Archie will not recruit experiments with those sort of long timetables. Archie is interested in making the Indiana Hoosiers a basketball unit quickly without the disjointed phenom experiments causing critical meltdowns in critical possession resulting in broken team chemistry and broken possessions.
    Rolling the dice at our expense for “under the radar” phenoms(or connected NBA names merely recruited because of their name) is wonderful for future bragging rights and resume highlights for the recruiter’s ability in identifying essential athletic skills that may make for a future “next level” guy. It’s heartwarming how we helped be the proving ground for 3 future NBA millionaires in the last 10 years. Meanwhile, not a single Elite Eight trip….while nine other Midwestern schools achieved Elite Eights and beyond. Yippee.

    I’m confident and grateful that Archie is first and foremost interested in taking Indiana to the next level….Our name, our traditions…and our statewide lore has been used enough for everyone else success. It was never “Because it’s Indiana”…It was “Because it’s my Resume.”

    I have nothing against Green…We simply aren’t deep enough or mature enough to keep allowing McCracken to be NBA clinical trial labs for potential….or some sort of proving ground for a Galileo finding one or two names defying Rivals obvious “stars” who will always be a charlatan as a coach.

  5. All the returning players need to take 1,000 free throws a day, every day, after the season ends. Has there ever been an IU team that was worse at shooting free throws? And after they practice their free throws, they should all practice finishing at the rim. Like several others this season, missing free throws and shots at the rim cost IU the game last night. It was PAINFUL to watch!

    1. When I was in high school the basketball players had to be at the gym and hit 200 free throws before classes every morning.

      They did miss many or lose much.

      1. …didn’t…

        Stupid autocorrect. Is it my imagination or has autocorrect become more aggressive?

      2. Crean’s teams should have gone to the gym before classes to get to know their teammates…Maybe work on identifying certain facial characteristics because the outfit must have never looked familiar while throwing balls to opponents during games.

  6. Everything is so frequently ‘”painful to watch” for you, I’m thinking you enjoy pain(which explains your long obsessions to IU Football).
    But this was painless?

    Hmmm? Watch an IU game or lay on a bed of nails?

  7. So, I take it that watching IU lose basketball games due to terrible free throw shooting and missing shots at the rim gives you pleasure.

  8. Crean being gone gives me pleasure….Most of the bricklayers are his recruits. Archie has done a magnificent job to get them to play far more as a team. I’ll accept a fraction of free throw pain for a mountain of pleasure. Were you on quaalude during all those Crean 20-turnover games?

    I seem to recall many instances Crean’s players were struggling from the stripe. Don’t remember your pain back then …but I do remember a dude named Harvard saying about 100 times over that we should contact Virgil Sweet. Look up the name. Learn something.
    Take some Advil before watching the next Hoosier game. Meanwhile, I’ll get my hundred posts for you….

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