Report: Big Ten won’t repeat condensed scheduling format

It won’t happen again.

That’s the message from Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany, who told the Chicago Tribune’s Teddy Greenstein on Friday that the league will not repeat this season’s condensed scheduling format that forced teams to play on short turnarounds.

The altered schedule, drawn up to allow the Big Ten to stage this year’s conference tournament in Madison Square Garden a week earlier than usual, has been subject to debate since the league announced its East Coast push in 2014.

Indiana, for example, played seven games in 18 days earlier this season, while also preparing for seven games on one-day turnarounds across the course of the campaign. After the conclusion of this year’s Big Ten Tournament, which runs Feb. 28 through March 4 in New York City, conference teams will be idle until the next wave of postseason tournaments begin in the middle of March.

Delany told the Tribune:

I appreciate the sacrifices the teams made, the impact it had on our students,” Delany said. “Wasn’t good. Wasn’t healthy. I thought starting (the conference schedule) early was OK, but if you look at our schedules (through the years), we’ve been able to give everybody two-day prep (before games) in 99 percent of the cases.

“We won’t do it again this way, and I take responsibility for asking the coaches. … If we can make it back to the Garden on a regular week, that’s great.

The Big East and Madison Square Garden are locked into a contract through 2026 that allows the conference to hold its postseason tournament during the week that leads into Selection Sunday.


  1. I don’t believe it has been ‘subject to debate’.

    I’m pretty sure most everyone thinks it was asinine.

  2. A real genius! The sad part is the money he’s being paid to make such bone headed decisions.

  3. Was he stupid before he got this job, or has he gotten dumber since taking the position.

    Why the hell would you have the Big Ten Tournament in NYC? That’s just absurd.

  4. Players are chattel. Or, as some have suggested, slaves on a plantation.
    The Big10 and the NCAA don’t give a damn about them as individuals.
    All they care about is the money the players generate for them.

  5. And they obviously don’t care about the fans or attendance at the games, either. The Big Ten is primarily a midwestern conference, with 12 of the 14 schools located in the Midwest. It’s a slap in the face of Big Ten fans to hold the tournament in NYC. Big Ten fans should boycott this tournament until they move it back to the midwest. I’d love to see the stands empty throughout the tournament. Maybe then the idiots making such decisions would schedule the tournament back in Indy, Chicago, Detroit or Minneapolis. Can you imagine the Pac 12 Conference holding its tournament in Houston or New Orleans?

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