Report: Joseph headed to Rutgers

Tom Allen has a new opening to fill on his coaching staff.

Safeties coach Noah Joseph is headed to Rutgers to take a similar position on the Scarlet Knights’ staff, NJ Advance Media reports.

For Joseph, the move East allows him to reunite with longtime connection Chris Ash, who coached Joseph at Drake in the late 1990s when Ash was defensive coordinator at the school. Ash gave Joseph his first coaching job in 2000 as a graduate assistant at Drake.

According to The Herald-Times salary database, Joseph made $240,000 during his fourth season at IU in 2017.


  1. I think a lot of Noah Joseph. He is a very capable coach. His relationship with Ash says much about loyalty. Should be some good prospects in the PAC, Big12 even the MAC who want to focus on coaching S’s in the B1G. Allen will find the right guy for the D.

  2. I was hoping not to read news of any IU Assistant Football Coaches leaving the program for at least another year. I know coaching turnover is a normal part of the business, but it seems turnover amongst IU assistant coaches is higher than it should be, or higher than it is at other Big Ten programs. At the very least, it is disruptive to the players, to recruiting and allows for negative speculation about the stability of IU Football, etc.. It’s a coin toss whether or not Allen will be able to replace Joseph with someone as good or better. I trust Allen’s judgment about coaching talent, especially when it comes to defensive coaches, but I wonder if he has the budget to afford hiring a man who would be an obvious upgrade?

    I might not be concerned about this news if Joseph had taken a job with OSU, PSU, MI, MSU or any other top program in one of the Power Five conferences. But to take a lateral move to a program that is a bottom-feeder in the same conference just looks bad.

    1. This is not a circumstance about dough. There is so many variables involved in a coaching move not understood by shallow thinkers. There is plenty of unencumbered funding at IU available for coaching talent.

      1. I was kinda surprised when I read that the Hoosiers safeties coach made $240k. I would not have guessed that much.

  3. Agree. Just another example which is lack of respect for IU fb tradition/program irregardless of reasons. However, I think T.A. will get someone as good if not better.

  4. I wish Joseph well and hope he doesn’t have another move coming soon if Rutgers doesn’t get turned around soon. I am sure coach Allen will find the right coach to replace him. The relvoving door at IU should come to an end once Coach hires his own guys. I hope the remaining coaches choose to stay and give IU more stability.

    1. The revolving door will never end. Not for IU or anyone else. Assistant coaches come and go for everyone including Alabama. It’s just the nature of the job. Every assistant is looking for the next opportunity.

      I think there is too much hand wringing about it.

  5. Chet- I concur 100%, and 110% about the hand-wringing part. New Jersey may have charms we’ve never even imagined. Asst. coaches shouldn’t even bother to unpack their suitcases.

    1. Part of my family folklore is my Dad turning down a promotion with Colgate-Palmolive because he would have to move the family to New Jersey.

      Thanks, Dad.

  6. Oh god there you people go, you guys just comment for the sake of it with no intelligence and thought behind what you say… FAU just lost 3 coaches does that mean that their turnover is higher than the other C-USA schools because Lane Kiffin cant keep assistants you see how stupid that sounds wazzu lost a few too Mike Leach cant keep coaches either horrible coach

  7. Since this site is read by so many deep thinkers (lol), the following information (i.e., facts) may not be of interest to many of you. According to CBS and an article written by Ralph D. Russo of the Associated Press (check it out) attendance at College Football games in 2017 was down by an average of 1,409 fans per FBS game. That’s the biggest decline in FBS attendance since 1983. The biggest exception to last season’s general decline was Purdue, which lead all FBS schools with an increased home-game attendance of 13,433 fans per game, from an average of 34,451 per game in 2016 to an average of 47,884 in 2017. Purdue’s increased attendance at football games in 2017 increased ticket revenue by $2,563,903, and that does not include revenue from parking, concessions, and sales of Purdue merchandise (who could ware that ugly crap?), which accounted for additional revenue of $2,947,731 in 2017. Maybe I’m not thinking deeply enough, but it looks to me as if hiring Jeff Brohm with a 2017 compensation package worth $3.34 million, making him the 7th highest paid coach in the Big Ten and the 31st highest paid coach in FBS, was a good decision on the part of Purdue’s President and AD (leaders). I wonder if Purdue’s compensation philosophy helped prevent Purdue’s first-year head coach from losing any of his Assistants to lateral transfers to bottom-feeding programs in the same conference? It would be interesting to see how IU’s football coaching compensation compares to Purdue’s football coaching compensation and then compare the two programs’ assistant coaching turnover through a period of years. But it’s good to know that there are huge reserves of cash ready to be spent whenever Glass decides he wants to keep football coaching talent in Bloomington.

    1. All of that may be true but, in terms of results, I don’t believe he was any more successful than Coach Allen. Swap schedules and Indiana goes to a bowl instead of Purdue.

      It’s too early to differentiate outcomes but the Purdue faithful have put their money where their mouths are. That’s probably why they all have bad breath.

  8. Oh my god you do know coaches also have left Alabama and Georgia right?some guys just feel as if they want to move on period stop making it into more than what it is good lord it must be a scandal cause tom allen lost 2 coaches time for an investigation

  9. PO, I do appreciate your facts, and so far the Pee-yew hire looks pretty good. But was your last sentence that IUFB has “huge reserves of cash” to spend fact or sarcasm? If fact, citation please. I say the cash is just not there ’cause of the historical lack of donor support for IUFB. Fred Glass- just cheap or careful steward? That’s the crux of our disagreement.

  10. davis, that was a reference to that deep thinking but verbally efficient expert on all things IU football, Hoosier Clarion, who wrote in an above post, “There is plenty of unencumbered funding at IU available for coaching talent.” I’m sure HC is right (as always), but I just wonder why IU’s “unencumbered funding” isn’t being made available to the coaching staff. Why is IU’s head coach the lowest or second lowest paid head coach in the Big Ten? I mean, after ten consecutive losing seasons, you’d think Fred Glass would want to change his strategy.

    Hey Fred, your counterpart at Purdue is eating your lunch.

  11. Podunker now hates Fred for firing Crean….

    Though he could never hate Fred for arranging Crean’s hire in order for Crean to hire Fred….

    Quiz next week.

  12. H4H, now you’re telling lies again. I don’t “hate” Fred. He’s a nice man and a decent man (I’ve met him a few times). But he’s just a risk-averse “manager,” politician and glorified Facilities Planner whose top priorities are to manage his department’s budget and keep IU Athletics out of any controversial news. And if you’ve been paying attention, then you would know that I’ve been on Fred’s case about his mismanagement of IU football for years, and long before he fired Crean. As one minor example, you may recall me criticizing Fred for his decision to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a very tall flag pole and giant American flag installed in Memorial Stadium. You may recall my criticism, dating back at least four years, of Fred’s tendency to withhold football coaching compensation until after an assistant coaches announce their resignation, and then coming out in public and saying “we tried to match the other school’s offer, but he’s determined to move on” (a lame, feckless and reactive response that insults the departing employee). You may recall me criticizing Fred for “selling” an IU home football game to Penn State in exchange for a higher payout (like some cash-starved FCS school). IU Football has not had a winning season since Fred Glass became IU’s AD! That’s three coaches over ten years. What’s the common denominator? In most Power-Five Conference schools, that would get the AD fired. But Fred gives Wilson a new and better contract, then fires him a year later and pays him $540,000 to go away without a fuss. He gives Crean a contract extension, then a few years later fires him and has to pay him severance of up to $4 million (a million a year for four years, offset by any income Crean makes from other employment). For ten years, with the exception of the one year after Wilson got the new contract, IU’s head football coach has been the lowest or second lowest compensated football coach in the Big Ten, as Allen is today. And IU’s total coaching compensation budget has been the lowest or second lowest in the conference. Yet Fred wastes a lot of cash paying fired coaches attractive severance packages, hiring search firms when he needs to find a replacement, and erecting the tallest flag pole in college sports. In contrast, Purdue goes out and makes the investment necessary to hire a proven (i.e., winner) head coach, pays him at the mid-point of Big Ten football coaches’ compensation, and then sits back and watches that new coach lead his team to it’s first winning season in many years. Fred, and all proud Hoosiers should be embarrassed. But I’m quiet sure Fred’s not, and that he think’s everything’s just fine.

    1. However…we still won’t know for a couple years who the better hire was. This season was pretty much a wash. It didn’t hurt that Purdue had a couple viable quarterbacks on the roster when he walked in the door.

      I’m not a big fan Fred’s process but I think Archie was a great hire and football is still a toss up. I can’t imagine anyone want to swap Archie for Matt Painter.

  13. IU Football has not had a winning season since Fred Glass became IU’s AD! That’s three coaches over ten years. What’s the common denominator?

    Come on, man…You know the common denominator. It’s called the nature of limited football schedules, a “division-separated” Big Ten, and having the ‘Murderers’ Row’ of OSU, Michigan, Penn State, and MSU…all in OUR division.

    We’re getting closer…If we were in the weaker division, we would likely still have Wilson and already participated in major bowl games(not the Pinstripe, Foster Farms, and Urinal Cake varieties).

    But I still say you have FGDS (Fred Glass Deficiency Syndrome)…..

  14. Yes, Chet, you are correct. It’s going to take a few years to see who the better hire was. I’d love to conclude at that time that Allen was far better. And I have absolutely no complaints about Fred hiring Archie. But as always, we place all our hopes and aspirations on the men’s basketball program, and continue to treat IU Football as if it is irrelevant, or a second class sport. As long as IU men’s basketball is headed in the right direction, we’re all content, and Fred gets a pass. And that is ultimately the problem.

    HC, you’re projecting again.

    H4H, I don’t have FGDS, I just don’t think Fred is an effective leader of IU’s Athletic Department. He’s a competent manager, but he’s not a leader. IU can do better. We should demand better. But again, Hoosiers are really just a one-sport fan base. As long as men’s basketball is good, the vast majority of Hoosier fans are good. I guess I’m just not a part of that group think.

  15. IU Football is an easy argument to build a losing case….You’ll look very smart along the way. But tell me how Purdue would do in our division?

  16. Players that have been going through the new strength and conditioning routines are saying they can see a difference in results already. Several thought the use of numbers to measure power wouldn’t make a difference but now say they were wrong about that. I hope we can see the difference in the way they finish games in 2018. Coach Allen has also commented that you can see the difference in the way players bodies look already. The new workout system is already bringing about new results.

    1. V13,
      Your posting is of great importance as it is a portend of what I too have been wondering. Is this strength and conditioning program cutting edge and will it give IUFB a similar edge. Really wonder how this program compares to what other programs are doing. For example, if IU has employed a unique strategy which gives 3 star recruits a boost into 4 star status, I think we all can see the benefit. Remember, Allen is looking for body frame types, not necessarily fully developed. If it does really work and produce amazing results everyone needs to be aware of the intense pressure to pirate staff or duplicate if possible.

      On another note regarding the historical IUFB fan base problems, I had a thought for discussion. I am wondering if part of the problem is by and large Hoosiernation has rarely experienced what it means to have a successful FB program. With only a handful of successful years, and nothing sustained over the long haul, it could be part of the problem. If it were say over the last twenty years as with the basketball program, that could be one set of problems. The FB program on the other hand, has over a century of failure and the closest seriously successful season a half a century ago.

      1. I think you are right about the fan base issue. Other schools that sell out do so because the teams are national powers but also because their games are the thing to do on Saturday. If IUFB can become a team that upsets teams at the top of the B1G and wins 8-10 games a year IU games will be the thing to do on Saturday. It takes a season like the Rose Bowl team and following it up with teams that win on a regular basis to get people excited about going to the games. It is tougher today as even the top conferences are seeing a bit of decline in attendance as people’s taste change but IU should be able to fill the stadium if the team can become a factor in the B1G.

  17. think, of course IU’s football history has conditioned many Hoosier fans to believe nothing will change. But that’s why leadership is necessary. All I see Glass doing is following a weaker version of the formula his predecessors used. Minimum financial risk (i.e., expense), try to avoid being humiliated, and hope for the best. I’d like to see the President of the University and the AD sit down with some experts and say, ‘O.K. given what we have to work with, given our crappy history of losing, given the attitude of Hoosier fans, what do we have to do over the next X years to build a winning football program?” Do we have to raise more money for football? O.K., how do we do that? Do we have to improve facilities? O.K., we’re currently doing that in a big way. Do we have to increase coaching compensation so that we can attract and retain the best coaching talent? Do we have to increase the football recruiting budget so we can find more players beyond our traditional recruiting geographies? I have no confidence that such a discussion has occurred. Instead, I’m guessing the Glass reports to McRobbie that, “I’m happy to report that we did not lose all our game and we did not overspend our budget again this year.”

    Wouldn’t it be nice to know that we have an AD that has the drive and the vision to create a plan for transforming IU Football into a winner? Fred Glass is not a bad guy. He’s not incompetent. It’s just that he’s shown no leadership or passion when it comes to making IU Football a winning program. Maybe it’s not Fred’s fault. Maybe the decisions are being made by McRobbie or the Board of Trustees. Maybe it’s a classic case of “group think.” Or maybe it’s our fault! Maybe, if the Hoosier Nation demanded that IU’s Administration make IU football a winner, and then held them (the AD, The President, the Board of Trustees) accountable, we’d get a winning program within the next five years. Instead, we (the Hoosier Nation) seems content as long as we have hope that men’s basketball will compete amongst the elite in the near future. IF the Hoosier Nation had one tenth the passion about football as it does about basketball, IU Football would be going to bowl games five or six times every decade. We can do better.

    1. PO wrote “But as always, we place all our hopes and aspirations on the men’s basketball program, and continue to treat IU Football as if it is irrelevant, or a second class sport. As long as IU men’s basketball is headed in the right direction, we’re all content, and Fred gets a pass. And that is ultimately the problem” and that is SO EXACTLY right on the money. Except for that we’re not all content if IUBB is going in the “right direction.” I couldn’t care less about basketball, and if IUBB going straight down the tubes meant a shift in Hoosier mentality to backing IUFB to the hilt, to me that would be a great trade-off. The $4millions spent to buy out Crean should have been spent on football- but we’re a minority on campus, and a lot of us (at least on this forum) are not content. I wonder how much of the IU donor $$$ is earmarked by said donors for bb as compared to fb- which is a constraint within which Glass must operate.

    2. Po,
      At the risk of being somewhat politically inflammatory, if misunderstood, this could apply to any particular political persuasion. I will go back to something I have said before and call it another tale of two cities. Both cities and universities share similar hyper progressive political leanings, but the difference is one city has smart hyper progressives and the other relatively stupid hyper progressives. Guess which one is located at a place nearby?

      The smart hyper progressives have enlarged their football stadium to nearly 90k and is full at 6 Saturdays every autumn. The stupid hyper progressives have a stadium half the size and usually half full 6 Saturdays every autumn. I understand this political persuasion, in general, has a complicated relationship to certain sports such as football. However the smart hyper progressives have figured out having a very good football program is very profitable for the university and the surrounding city. Lots of spending equal lots of tax monies coming into the local community, not to mention lots of large donations to the university for many things other than football.

      Now up until this current season the smart hyper progressive university had a very successful basketball program for a number of years. On the other hand the stupid hyper progressive university’s program has been hit and miss for a number of years. This being said, even if both programs were extremely success, the amount of economic impact to both cities communities and universities pale in comparison to that of a successful football program. Do the math. Despite having nearly 3 times the number of home games each season, an extremely successful basketball program will not bring in anywhere near the revenue of a successful football program.

      Because I have said this before, some will guess I am referring to Wisconsin versus IU. No doubt Wisky receives comparably more revenue from proceeds each year from their football program, than IU ever received from even the best of basketball years.

      1. Until MS frequently becomes sold out IU best endeavor to maintain max attendance in AH.

  18. Po and Davis, I agree about the fan base with IUFB. There is not the passion needed to really drive the program from the fans. That is why I really like coach Allen’s passion because that is what is needed to get the program changed. Will he be good enough to get the job done, we will have to wait and see. He has the passion about IUFB that is needed and I hope he develops into passion for the community to rally around IUFB. Fred Glass helped bring the Colts to Indy because he understood the role it would play in improving Indy. He has talked about the importance of in the finances of the athletic school so I think he cares enough about IUFB. It seems to me that there are outside constraints that are in play. Hopefully, coach Allen has the drive and enthusiasm to overcome the constraints and make fans passionate about IUFB.

    1. Fred Glass helped bring the Colts to Indianapolis?

      Fred Glass was less than one year out of law school when the Colts moved to Indy. That would have meant he was still a student when it was arranged.

      Hard to see how he had much of a role.

    2. V13, Agree with near all you’ve stated. Wilson broke the old soft IUFB culture. Allen has the roots and personality to ring the bell of success built through him promoting excitement and energy. He can accomplish in Indiana what Pat Fitzgerald could only get done in Chicago if he were Ditka.

  19. Chet, Fred Glass was part of the committee in Indy to build arenas to keep and bring in sports teams. He did this right out of college and even if he wasn’t the driving force he understood the importance of INDY having the Colts and Pacers.

    HC, I agree coach Wilson developed a tougher attitude that offered no excuses.

  20. The Colts came to Indy as a hijacking from the city of Baltimore….I wouldn’t be real proud to say I was any part of the conspiratorial actors taking part in loading trucks at midnight.
    Sports teams obviously move about and deals are used to lure teams to different/stronger markets via transparent means. The Baltimore Colts were a legendary team and it was far from any proud moment to see those trucks pulling into Indy in the dark of night as if a bank robbery had just occurred.

    Pretty sure Fred Glass had nothing to do with that hijacking of the Colts…He was part of the negotiation processes between city and state in securing the funding(or, tax burden) to build Lucas Oil. But most of us know it was Peyton Manning that built football in Indy. Without Manning, that giant brick dollhouse known as Lucas is left on the drawing board.

    1. Harv- the big joke back then was “Which ungulate moves only at night?” “The Colts.” At least it was big in the Johns Hopkins biology department. The English dept. hated it; subject verb agreement and all that.

      1. That’s funny…..As I said, organizations evolve and move with full transparency… but they rarely sneak out of a town at midnight with their mistress. Colts? Should have been renamed the Indianapolis Mayflowers. …or Sprungs?…Hoof Heisters…?…or the Indianapolis Bolts(lightning not included)?

        I’ve seen a hurry-up offense, but this is ridiculous?
        Talk about passing the buck..?
        Baltimore punted but Indy never signaled ‘fair catch’…?
        The last time a colt ran that long and fast he won the Preakness?
        And Namath said they had no running game…?
        Baltimore is over it…It’s not like their fans still wish Indy any bad Luck…?

        1. All above jokes shall not be released as the property of Mike Miller….without written and full consent of yours truly.

    2. Oh,pulleeeze.

      George Halas ‘stole’ the Bears from Decatur where they were named the Staleys. Or does it only count if it happened in your lifetime?

      Almost every team in the NFL came from somewhere else.

  21. It’s called capitalism. It is a business owners duty to enhance and promote his business. Even relocation.

    1. Except in the case of sports franchises, it’s welfare capitalism. Taxpayers foot the bill (or very large portions thereo) to subsidize the stadiums. The current White Sox park (whatever vanity name it has these days) is a prime example; the Sox owners threatened to move to Fla., so the govt. (i.e., people like me who live in Illinois) caved and created a semi-governmental body that has and will cost us millions and millions and millions and is full of patronage jobs and contracts for the connected. Hardly a unique story.

      1. That’s your fault. Not the franchise ownership. They are free to negotiate for as much as they can just as they’re free to relocate to greener grass. Just as you are free to vote. As for mentioning Illinois the water has been swirling in that toilet bowl for my entire lifetime. That’s a long time and it’s still the same.

        1. HC, if by “your” fault you mean the voters of Illinois, I can’t argue with you. If you mean “your” singular as in me, well, at least I grumbled in my beer after I voted. The longer I live here the more I understand why some people don’t vote.

          1. davis, correct on both counts. Deep respect for the direction you’ve taken to come back at me. You’re in a hell of a predicament. I detest even driving through the state as I know for certain the levies of anything I purchase will be mostly squandered by crooked bastards in government. I’m too red, white and blue to tell you not to vote. But if it was me I’d not vote there from another state. Best of luck.

          2. Yeah, there’s no corruption in Indianapolis …or Indiana government.

            There are only bigots who draft laws to spread thicker layers of bigotry My guess is Indiana’s farmer mafia government forged in total Right wing protectionism has contracts built in enough thick nepotism to rival anywhere in the country. But never thick enough to frost a wedding cake for a gay couple.
            And it’s taxation without representation just like everywhere else…because there are simply too many dollars slipped in envelopes to make representing what’s right(not to be confused with “Right”) for the people worth the value of the greed it competes against.
            Capitalism, my ass. There is no such thing in boardrooms. In America, it’s now known as Keepitalism…1% keeps 99% of the wealth from everyone else. And now with their tax break, they’ll simply keep more.

            Let’s quit acting like Indiana walks on some sort of holy water different than anywhere else. There’s rarely a government by the people and for the people anywhere …Flag waving the “red, white, and blue” is merely a cheap way to accept what most suits the narrowest of view.

  22. It was performed as if it were a bank robbery. I remember it as if it were yesterday…I remember the utter outrage and stunned people of Baltimore. Cowardly capitalists with zero regard for loyal fans…If another city pulled the Colts away from Indy in similar slimy fashion, the outrage would be a fitting taste of karma capitalism.

  23. And it’s not the duty of a state to tax the living daylights out of its residents to fund a stadium. Three years ago, they were in crisis mode to simply make the interest payments on the debt for Lucas Oil. More capitalism….on the taxpayers’ backs.

    1. Do something meaningful to change it. Pounding your chest on here won’t cut it. But I’ll bet not. You’re known only for your ranting endless, incessant, biased narratives.

  24. HC don’t forget that Baltimore “stole” the Browns from Cleveland and turned them into the Colts; it is just part of the NFL that happens.

  25. The way to turn IU Football from a loser into a winner is through leadership, from the top of the University to the lowest levels of administration. Hoosier fans are not allergic to football, and because of Peyton Manning and the Colts, the state of Indiana has been enthusiastic about football for decades now. Just look at how fired up Colts fans were when the team was winning. But Hoosiers have been conditioned from birth to believe that IU has always been and will always be bad at football. It’s not written in stone and it does not have to be that way. I get so sick of people saying “we’re a basketball school,” as if having had success in basketball decades ago precludes us from having a winning football program. My snarky response is usually something like, “well, how has that worked out over the last 25 years?” The way you attract enough fans to fill Memorial Stadium is by building a winner. In order to build a winner, you must hire a proven coach. In order to hire a proven coach, you must be able to offer him and his assistants above-average compensation and provide total support. Yes, facilities are important, but without the right coach, nice facilities won’t win games, and fans won’t buy tickets just to admire the architecture and superior limestone construction.

    I’ve written this before on this site. When I was a student at IU, we’d take road trips to other Big Ten Schools to watch IU play football and basketball games. For football, we always made the long drive up to Madison. Our motivation was to watch IU win a Big Ten football game, and the odds were in our favor that IU would beat Wisconsin in those days. Now look at the two programs! Wisconsin is a juggernaut and IU continues to struggle. What was it that transformed Wisconsin football from being a doormat in the Big Ten to a perennial powerhouse that regularly competes for Big Ten Championships and goes to major bowl games as if its their birthright? Leadership! And oh by the way, they’ve had a damn good basketball program for a long time, too! It was Donna Shalala’s leadership that began the transformation of Wisconsin football, which lead to success in other sports. She had the skills, vision and leadership necessary to make it happen. If you are dubious about the impact of her leadership at Wisconsin, you can read up on the impact she had there and again at University of Miami. It wasn’t a coincidence! The women was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

    I really hope Allen breaks through and builds a winner. But if he does, it will be in spite of his boss and not because of his leadership. Even blind squirrels find an acorn once in a while, so let’s hope Allen is Fred Glass’s acorn.

    1. So revealing, so informative, so philosophical and just so astounding it is mind numbing. Even for the 132nd time.

    2. Omitted: Secretary Shalala was the Pres. at U Miami while a financial fraudster showered yacht parties, money, prostitutes, and at least one abortion for a player’s girlfriend on scores of Ms. Shalala’s student-athletes. For which the NCAA ended the U Miami football program. Oh, wait, the program was just suspended. Wait, no not even that. I guess Ms. Shalala was right in tune with the organization charged with minding college sports. Do they give medals for that?

  26. Guess you’re simply erasing Mike Davis’s Hoosiers who made it to a Final Four/Championship game. Pretty sure that wasn’t 25 years ago. It was actually only six years preceding Crean taking the IU job. Crean has added the biggest gap in years of getting back Final Four weekend. He added almost 10 years to the, not so terrible, six year drought.

    Butler is a football school…and somehow during the Crean years they went to back-to-back Final Fours…No reason we can’t do the same.

    1. …he had Knight’s team(chock full of leadership) for that and never assembled another 1 on his own or coached 1 like it again…when it comes to recruiting the state of Indiana he was so lost he couldn’t point to it on a map…he couldn’t talk…he couldn’t communicate or relate to Hoosier HS ballers or fans…his most famous ‘coherent’ statement while at IU was “I can’t get the boys to practice hard”…damn what an image…

      1. For all those flaws, he could still beat #1 Duke and take a team to a championship game….and it was only six years preceding the hiring of Tom Crean.
        Of course, it seems a long time ago now.
        Other than Zeller(who came mostly because of shared Sunday school studies with the charlatan). Crean was just as lost as Davis in recruiting Indiana. “The Movement” via Zeller was turned to diarrhea because of Mr. Personality’s incompetence…The rest of the spots on a bench were a bargain made with Mark Adams that hung us with nearly half a dozen A-Hope projects who never belonged in a Hoosier uniform. What a disaster in what should have been our greatest momentum in 40 years….One shot wasted because we hired one giant air gun.

        1. Davis beat no one. Knight’s players accomplished that. He is the IU equivalent of Darrell Hazzell. DUD! DUD!

          1. If Davis was a a couple million dollar Final Four DUD, I guess that makes Crean a 10-year, 30 million dollar Sweet 16 smoke bomb.
            At least the DUD didn’t sabotage Knight’s talent…and make them worse on the hardwood court than on ‘Draft Night’ stock resume paper.
            They were so shackled by an inept micro-manager coach that they couldn’t even begin to coach themselves. You couldn’t unlearn the game any better….

      2. I don’t think there was anything ‘bad’ about Mike Davis. I believe he was just terribly inexperienced and, as a result, made some bad decisions.

        I’m pretty sure he would concur with that.

  27. Is changing the name of anything with ‘Mark Cuban’ on the signage now under consideration? Fox News now falls to 2nd place for most primitive and misogynistic top-tier boardroom corporate culture in America.

    Strange how you can buyout a Kelvin contract(so the rumor goes) but keep a woman abuser to head up your “Mavs Insider” television show.

    Well, if we can strip Louisville basketball records because of recruits offered prostitutes, what should we offer to NBA teams with the sort of despicable sexual harassers and abusers that permeated the entire top floors of Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks? Other than burn it to the ground, maybe strip their NBA title?

  28. If I was any player wearing the jersey of that organization, I’d want out of there yesterday…

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